Seventeenth part: Never more…
Tercios compass and the Captain

Memory is not only the food of dignified rage, it is also the root of the tree of dignity and rebellion. In the case of the indigenous peoples, it is a root that sinks into centuries of darkness, and that, with the peoples of the world, says and is said: “never again.”

Those at the top look at the past with the same nostalgia with which a mature humans sees photos of his/her birth and childhood.

Those below look at the past with rage. As if every humiliation, every wound, every affront, every mockery and every death were part of a present wound that must be healed.

Those at the top thus choose their heroes, and they split and distribute history where they are the culmination of the whole thing. They disguise as “justice” what is nothing more than alms.

Those at the bottom see history as a single page that has not yet been finished writing yet, and there are no heroes, only a constant rewriting where the hand that scribbles changes, but not the collective heart that dictates horrors and errors, and, of course, accounts receivable.

When Zapatista towns look to the past, they look and speak to their dead. They ask them to question the present – themselves included. And this is how they pick into the future.

This is how the Zapatista communities fight and live, who have not read Walter Benjamin. And I think they don’t need it…


Zapatista youngsters practicing a play that describes, not a distant past, but something that happened on a common basis just about 40 years ago in Chiapas. In other parts of Mexico and the World, it is the present… and perhaps the future. When Zapatismo says that it is against the patriarchal system, it does not do so because it is fashionable, a novelty or a matter of political correctness. It does so because of memory. And, dear friends and enemies, few things are as subversive as memory… and dignity.

Preparatory rehearsal for the celebration of the 30 years since the beginning of the war against oblivion. Images courtesy of Tercios Compas, copyleft December 2023. Music by León Gieco “La Memoria”, voices by León Gieco and Víctor Heredia. Embracing all of ‘latin america’, the one that is written and lived with lowercase letters, the one from below, the sister despite borders and neoliberal and progressive governments.

The Captain
Mexico, December 2023. 40, 30, 20, 10, 2, 1 year, a month after.