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Radio Zapatista

Protesta contra el ecocidio en San Cristóbal de Las Casas y Tuxtla

The population of Las Peras and the Hutitepec Alcanfores neighbourhood in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, and Cahuaré in Chiapa de Corzo, Tuxtla, have decided to unite their struggle against environmental degredation and pollution created by extractive industries. Children, old people, women – in other words the whole community- are suffering from respiratory illnesses and allergies. These are the result of industrial activities which affect the community´s health at the same time as making others rich (in this case, business-owners working hand in glove with the local authorities) on the back of the suffering of others. Nonetheless, the community has organised itself to struggle together for a dignified life and an environment that is healthy for everyone.(Descarga aquí)   (Continuar leyendo…)

Democracy Now!

Small Farmers Gather for Alternative Global Forum on Climate Change and Social Justice

While climate negotiators, NGOs and delegates gather at the walled-off U.N. Climate Change Conference at the plush Moon Palace Hotel in Cancún, Mexico, those who were not invited have organized their own meetings. The international small farmers movement La Via Campesina and other grassroots organizations are holding the alternative Global Forum for Life and Environmental and Social Justice, with participants attending from across Latin America.

Aldo Gonzalez (Descarga aquí)  

Antonio Candelario (Descarga aquí)  

Mujer de Cacahueatepec (Descarga aquí)  

Jorge Castilla (Descarga aquí)  

Jesus Lara Chavarria (Descarga aquí)  

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