El Bosque, Chiapas, June 6, 2012.

Movement of the People of El Bosque,
For the freedom of Alberto Gomez Pátishtan.

From the community of El Bosque, Chiapas, the birthplace of Professor Alberto Gomez Pátishtan, we thank you very much with all our hearts for the support and solidarity of thousands of compañeros and compañeras who have joined the movement for the freedom of our brother Alberto Pátishtan.

As the Movement of the People of El Bosque, Chiapas, we support the call for the second week of worldwide struggle for the freedom of the political prisoners in Chiapas: Alberto Pátishtan and Francisco Sántiz López (from 8 to 15 June).

We would like to send greetings to the compañeros:

-To the Movement for Justice in El Barrio, New York
-Human Rights Defenders
-International Organizations
-And to all our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Freedom for Political Prisoners!

The Movement of the People of El Bosque is with you both here and there.