We have the pleasure of sharing with our readers the book De despojos y luchas por la vida, recently published by Cooperativa Editorial de la Red Transnacional Otros Saberes (RETOS) and available for download here:

We composed this book in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, which traverses us and makes us think or rethink how humanity is trapped within systems of oppresion, exploitation, and violence consubstantial with global, neoliberal capitalism, modernity/coloniality, Western cisgeneric heterosexual regime, patriarchy, and racism. To offer our grain of sand to the political/theoretical/practical debates that cross over these intersections, this book examines how those from below and the middle live those oppresions, exploitations, violences, and dispossessions, not only during Covid times, but before, during, and in what is to come.

As members of communities, collectives, movements and alter-, anti- and for- movements have denounced, the Covid-19 pandemic is contributing to reinforce violence against women, criminalization and repression of indigenous and Afro-desdendant peoples, as well as sex/gender disident communities; but, paradoxically, it is also nurturing the emergence and reemergence of resistance and alternatives located at the intersection of anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-cis-hetero-patriarchal struggles. It is at that intersection that this book contributes with a polyphony of Indian-Afro-Mestizo disident and rebellious testimonies, reflections, and incarnated theories.”

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