Convocation for the Worldwide Day of Action for the Liberation of the Political Prisoners of San Sebastian Bachajón and the International Day in Honor of the Women of The Other Campaign
To our sisters and brothers of the Ejido of San Sebastian Bachajón:

To our Zapatista sisters and brothers:

To our compañer@s of The Other Campaign:

To our compañer@s of the Zezta Internazional:

To the adherents of the International Campaign in Defense of El Barrio and our allies across the world:

To the civil society in Mexico and the world:

Movement for Justice in El Barrio calls for a:

Worldwide Day of Action for the Liberation of the Political Prisoners of San Sebastián Bachajón

and an

International Day in Honor of the Women of The Other Campaign,

on March 7 and 8, respectively.
Receive greetings and embraces of solidarity from New York. We are
Movement for Justice in El Barrio, an organization of immigrants in El
Barrio, New York City that fights for human dignity and against community
displacement. We fight for the liberation of every marginalized group,
including immigrants, people of color, women, gays, lesbians,
transgender communities, and all the poor of the world. We are part of The Other Campaign.

We thank you for allowing us to share this humble proposal. From where we are at in New York, on the other side, it fills us with pain and rage to know of the situation that our brothers and sisters of San Sebastian Bachajón, fellow adherents of The Other Campaign, are confronting.

On February 3, a group of ejidatarios defending their lands, space, and birthplace of San Sebastián Bachajón, Chiapas, Mexico, was attacked and deprived of their freedom. Ten ejidatarios, who fought to defend the Agua Azul waterfall from the avarice of transnational corporations, remain illegally imprisoned.

These compañeros were taken hostage, as part of a strategy to enable the bad government and multinational corporations to seize the natural resources from their ejido (communal farming land). And now they must face a judicial system that imparts not justice but vengeance upon those who do not bow to the bad government’s interests.

For this reason, sisters and brothers, we urgently request your understanding and generosity in demanding that the repressive governorJuan Sabines Guerrero free the ten, unjustly incarcerated, prisoners.

To that end, we propose that, on Monday, March 7, 2011, we unite our forces and organize actions – from our particular locations and different forms of struggle – such as demonstrations, marches, informative street actions, flyering, public forums, theatre, teach-ins, and any other activity to realize the Worldwide Day of Action for the Liberation of the Political Prisoners of San Sebastian Bachajón.

In addition, we propose that this Tuesday, March 8, be a day to celebrate all the women of The Other Campaign for their dignified struggle, from below and to the left, for a new world. We invite everyone to organize activities for the International Day in Honor of the Women of The Other Campaign. On this day, we will celebrate the brave women of San Sebastián Bachajón; the women from autonomous Zapatista communities who resist with dignity the state and federal governments’ repression; the women of East Harlem, NYC who from here resist and fight against displacement and the avarice of transnational corporations; and ALL the women fighters of The Other Campaign.

We ask that you please let us know as soon as possible if you accept our proposal and will participate. You may contact us by email at

Justice, Land, and Liberty for the
Ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón!
Freedom for the Political Prisoners of San Sebastián Bachajón!
Stop the Aggressions against the Adherents of the Other Campaign!

Long Live the Women of San Sebastian Bachajón!

Long Live the Zapatista Women!
Long Live the Women of The Other Campaign!

With Love and Solidarity,

Movement for Justice in El Barrio
The Other Campaign New York