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Relatos Zapatistas

Autonomía y Austeridad / Relatos Zapatistas en junio

This month’s program, broadcast on June 5, tries to think through the relationship between two concepts: autonomy and austerity. Here we’ve uploaded two interviews as separate segments/files that can be easily downloaded and listened to. The first (both in Spanish and translated into English) deals with the so-called “Spanish Revolution,” the massive popular mobilizations against the electoral system that have been taking place in Spain since May. The second focuses on a series of actions organized against austerity politics and their local manifestations. The two interviews also reflect on the question of how best to articulate an anti-austerity politics that’s at the same time anti-state.

The audios are also available on the Indybay website: 15-M Español, 15-M English, and austerity.

Nomads XM24 / Nodo Solidale / Colectivo Zapatista "Marisol"

La Otra Europa Info 6.0 – radio news

  • Vittorio lives, a message for the murder of a compañero
  • Greece: Demonstration and combats for protest against the government.
  • Italy: 16 March 2001 – Eight years without you, eight years with you
  • Croacia: Libertarian block protests against the country’s government
  • Italy: Repression against anarchist groups
  • Greece: Movement “I don’t pay.” A Greek initiative to “stop paying for other people’s crisis”
  • Greece: Rebel briefs
  • The Arab rebelion and strategic thought. Extract from an article by Raul Zibechi
  • Italy: Fascists won’t pass!
  • UK: The battle Stokes Croft and the anti-anarchist attacks
  • UK: Anti-anarchist attacks in London
  • Hungry: Self-organized Rom face fascit groups.
Radio Zapatista

Agroecological Revolution

Presentación del libro Revolución agroecológica: El Movimiento de Campesino a Campesino de la ANAP en Cuba, organizado por el Seminario Permanente Internacional sobre Medio Ambiente, Agricultura, Género y Movimientos Sociales de CIESAS-Sureste y el Centro Cultural TierrAdentro Café, en San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, 30 de mayo de 2011.

Presentación de María Elena Martínez Torres, CIESAS-Sureste(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Rosset, La Vía Campesina (co-autor del libro)(Descarga aquí)  
Jorge Santiago Santiago, DESMI(Descarga aquí)  
Xochitl Leyva Solano, CIESAS-Sureste(Descarga aquí)  
Helda Morales, ECOSUR(Descarga aquí)  
Preguntas del público(Descarga aquí)  
Respuestas de los ponentes(Descarga aquí)  
(Continuar leyendo…)

Editorial Lucina

Agustín García Calvo en la Puerta del Sol

Spanish philosopher Agustín García Calvo gave the following speech to a massive crowd during the occupation of the Puerta del Sol, the central plaza of Madrid, on May 19, 2011. A complete transcript in Spanish is available from Editorial Lucina; a small chunk of the speech is translated into English here.

“You are joy, the joy of the unexpected, of the unpredictable. Neither the authorities and governments, nor the political parties of any color expected this. . . .”


News by KeHuelga

In this program you can listen to, among other topics:

  • The march passed, the struggle is only begining
  • Amnesty too
  • Mexico City: against CFE
  • Mexico City: Hunger strike at the Zócalo
  • Teacher’s day; day of struggle
  • Oaxaca: construction of Venta III halted
  • New York: Protest against Wall Street
  • Also in Spain
  • The war in Libia
Radio Zapatista

II International Seminar: Global Crisis and ‘Other’ Social Movements

II International Seminar
(Tanzania, Turkey, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, USA)
12 May 2011 / CIDECI-Unitierra Chiapas

Global Crisis and “Other” Social Movements

In Memoriam:
Don Samuel Ruiz García
Felipe de J. Toussaint Loera

First Part

In Memoriam: Resemblances

Estela Barco / Jorge Santiago / Guillermo Villaseñor(Descarga aquí)  

General Introduction: Gustavo Esteva

Moderator: Oliver Fröhling (México)

Derek Shaw (Canada)(Descarga aquí)  

Sonal Mehta (India) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Sonal Mehta (India) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Horsley (New Zealand) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Horsley (New Zealand) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Alice Brooks Wilson (USA) – Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Second Part

Moderator: Gustavo Esteva (México)

Jennifer Jones (USA) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Jennifer Jones (USA) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Fatma Alloo (Tanzania) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Fatma Alloo (Tanzania) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Sibel Ozbudun (Turkey) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Sibel Ozbudun (Turkey) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Final words: Gustavo Esteva(Descarga aquí)   (Continuar leyendo…)

Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas May Show

The first of May is recognized all over the world as international workers day.  For a century working people throughout the world have come together on May 1st to oppose state oppression, call out bosses for poor working conditions and also celebrate their solidarity and the power of their labor. Having been sparked by massive labor rallies calling for an 8 hour work day in Chicago’s Haymarket Square in 1886, May 1st or May Day has escalated to level of an internationally celebrated day for those fighting for human rights.

Today in the United States many of these marches and protests being held on this day are in support of civil and labor rights for migrants. A significant part of the US working class comprises of migrants and this is a discussion we want to continue on today’s show.  So today on Relatos Zapatistas we will be playing clips from interviews taken today from San Francisco’s May Day march. In addition, we will be discussing the actions taken place in Tucson Arizona against the school board which is attempting to implement a band on ethnic studies. We will also update folks on the current hunger strike at UC Berkeley that began on Tuesday  of this week in defense of ethnic studies.

All of these cases represent different positions within the same kind of struggle. Different forms of struggle that have to do with the over arching umbrella theme of immigrants rights or migrants rights; people fighting to maintain their dignity in the face of exploitation and oppression.

Movimiento por Justicia del Barrio

Call for “5 more days of worldwide action for the Bachajón 5”

A compañera from the Movement for Justice in El Barrio invites to the global action for the freedom of the 5 political prisoners from San Sebastián Bachajón, which will take place from April 24 to 28.

Relatos Zapatistas

Interview about People’s Hearing on Racial Profiling and Police Violence

We interview Mike Flynn  the President of the National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Chapter about the recent People’s Hearing on Racial Profiling and Police Violence that happened this month on Feb 19th and 20th. Mike was one of many organizers who made this space possible. Mike speaks about the history of the organizing efforts and specifically what made this critical space possible, the structure of the people’s hearing, why such a strategy is necessary a midst a low intensity war happening in communities of color here in oakland, and the success of this specific space.

Complete Video and Audio of the People’s Hearing can be found at

La Otra Europa

The Other Europe News Report (Oct 2010 – Jan 2011)