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(Español) Campaña por la Libertad de Luis Fernando Sotelo.

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War and Resistance Dispatch #44

To the peoples of the world:
To the alternative, free, autonomous, or whatever-you-call-it media:
To the National and International Sixth:

War and Resistance Dispatch #44

And what about the other 43? And the ones that follow?

This country has not been the same since the bad government committed one of its most heinous crimes in disappearing 43 young indigenous students of the teaching college Raúl Isidro Burgos in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, two years ago. This event forced us to acknowledge the profound darkness in which we find ourselves today, stirring our individual and collective hearts and spirit. The rage, pain, and hope embodied in the families and compañeros of the 43 illuminate that darkness and shine on the faces of millions of people of every geography below in Mexico and around the world, as well as among a conscientious international civil society in solidarity.

As originary barrios, tribes, nations, and peoples, we begin from the collective heart that we are and turn our gaze into words.

From the geographies and calendars below that reflect the resistances, rebellions, and autonomies of those of us who make up the National Indigenous Congress; from the places and paths from where we as originary peoples see and understand the world: from the ancient geographies within which we have never ceased to see, understand, and resist this same violent war that the powerful wage against all of us who suffer and resist with all of our individual or collective being: we use our gaze and our words to take as our own the faces of the 43 disappeared which travel through every corner of the country in search of truth and justice, faces that are reflected in millions of others and that show us, in the dark of night, the way of the sacred, because pain and hope are sacred. That collective face multiplies and focuses its gaze on the geographies of resistance and rebellion.

From the Geographies of Below

The disappearance of the 43 students from Ayotzinapa lives on in impunity. To search for truth from within the putrefaction of power is to search within the worst of this country, in the cynicism and perversion of the political class. The political class not only continues to pretend to keep up the search for the disappeared compañeros, but, in the face of growing evidence pointing to the culpability of the terrorist narco-state, it actually rewards those in charge of lying and distorting the truth. This is what they did in moving Tomás Zerón [ex-head of the Attorney General’s Criminal Investigation Agency]—the person responsible for planting false evidence to back up his historical lie about the Cocula garbage dumpi—to Technical Secretary of the National Security Council. It is one more confirmation of the criminal nature of the bad government.

On top of lies, deceit, and impunity, the bad government heaps abuses and injustices against those who have shown solidarity with and support for the struggle of the families and compañeros of the 43. This includes Luis Fernando Sotelo Sambrano, a young person who has always been supportive of originary peoples’ struggles, including that of Cherán, of the Yaqui Tribe, of indigenous prisoners, and of the Zapatista communities. He has been sentenced by a judge to 33 years and 5 months for the sextuple crime of being young, poor, a student, in solidarity, rebellious, and a person of integrity.
This is what we see from those in power above: those who murder are covered for by lies and rewarded with protection; those who protest injustice receive beatings and imprisonment.


When we look toward:

The south: the peoples’ struggle in defense of their territories against political bosses and large companies is dissolved by the struggle for security and justice against organized crime cartels whose intimate relationship with the entire political class is the only certainty that we as a people have about any state body.

The formation of shock troops that attack citizen protests have permeated towns and villages, and the government purposely generates conflicts that destroy the internal fabric of a community. That is, the government tries to create mirrors of its own war by sowing conflict in the communities and betting on the destruction of the most sensitive parts of the social fabric. There is nothing more dangerous and explosive for this nation than this practice.

The west: the struggles for land, security, and justice occur in the midst of administrative management for the drug cartels, disguised by the state as crime-fighting initiatives or development policies. On the other hand, the peoples who have resisted and even combatted criminal activity through organization from below have to struggle against constant attempts by the bad government to reestablish territorial control by organized crime cartels—and their respective preferred political parties.

The autonomous organization of the communities and their unwavering struggles for sacred sites and ancestral lands do not cease. The defense of our Mother Earth is not negotiable. We are watching the struggle of the Wixárika community of Wauta-San Sebastián Teponahuaxtlán for the recovery of almost ten thousand hectares bordering the town of Huajimic, Nayarit. There, despite the fact that the community has established their rights in agrarian courts, the judicial authorities have been remiss. The bad governments use the false official geographies that divide the states as a pretext to incentivize the displacement of indigenous peoples. To the Wixárika people, with regard to their rebellion and autonomy, we say: we are with you.

The north: where the struggles for recognition of territorial rights continue against threats by mining companies, agrarian displacement, the theft of natural resources, and the subjugation of resistance by narco-paramilitaries, the originary peoples continue to make and remake themselves every day.

Among the originary peoples of the tribes of the north, the Sioux nation weaves its own geographies that go beyond the false official geographies that locate them in another country; for us, we are all children of the same mother. They are resisting the invasion of their sacred lands, cemeteries, and ceremonial sites by an oil pipeline under contruction by the company Energy Transfer Partners. That company intends to transport oil obtained through fracking in the Bakken region in North Dakota through their territories. This struggle has generated solidarity and unity among the originary peoples of the north. To them we say that their rage is ours, and as the National Indigenous Congress, we raise our voice with them and will continue to do so. Their dignified struggle is also ours.

The peninsula: The Mayan peoples resist the attempt to disappear them by decree, defending their territories against attack by tourism and real estate interests. A proliferation of hired hitmen operate in impunity to displace the indigenous peoples. The agroindustry of genetically modified organisms threatens the existence of the Mayan peoples, and those magnates, with vile dishonesty, take over agrarian territories, cultural and archeological sites, and even indigenous identity itself, trying to convert a vital people into a commercial fetish. The communities who struggle against the high electricity costs are persecuted and criminalized.

The center [of the country]: Infrastructure projects including highways, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, and residential developments are being imposed through violent means and human rights are increasingly vague and removed in the law applied. Powerful groups use strategies of criminalization, cooptation, and division, all of them close—in corrupt and obscene ways—to that criminal who thinks he governs this country: Enrique Peña Nieto.

In the east of the country, violence, fracking, mining, migrant trafficking, corruption, and government madness are the currents that run against the struggle of the peoples, all playing out in the midst of entire regions taken over by violent criminal groups controlled from the highest levels of government.

From Dialogue to Betrayal

Just as the teachers in struggle have done, we as originary peoples have sought dialogue with the bad government regarding our urgent demands for respect of our territories, the return of the disappeared, the freeing of prisoners, justice for those killed, the removal of the police or military from our lands, and our own security and justice, but the government has refused. Instead, it has arrested our spokespeople all over the country; the army has fired on children in Ostula; bulldozers have destroyed the homes of those who resist in Xochicuautla, and federal police have shot at the dignified community accompanying the teachers in Nochixtlán. The bad governments pretend to dialogue; they simulated interest in agreements with the Wixárika people for years in order to pacify the territory while they planned a violent reordering of the region.

Later the government talks like nothing has happened and offers its willingness to make concessions, as long as both parties come to an agreement. Then the government cedes one small part of what it has just destroyed, frees one prisoner, pays damages to the family of one murder victim, and pretends to look for the disappeared. In exchange it asks the originary peoples to cede their collective patrimony—their dignity, their autonomous organization, and their territory.

In various geographies across our country we are holding referendums where we say that we don’t want their mines, their oil pipelines, their GMOs, their dams, and we demand that they consult the people. But the bad government always responds by pretending “to consult as to how to consult on whether to or not to consult on the form of the consultation” (or something like that), what is really a calculated simulation, the erasure of our voice, the manipulation and cooptation of our people, as well as threats and repression. And so it goes until they say it’s done; they proclaim that we agreed to their death projects or that we were divided and they must thus attend to all points of view.

Meanwhile, as they try to keep us quiet with their deceitful consultation agenda and while the NGOs that are “experts” in “consultation” fatten their wallets, they race ahead to concretize—before the supposed consultation has even begun—the theft of the water from the Yaqui River, the destruction of Wirikuta through mining concessions, the construction of oil pipelines that invade the entire Isthmus, and the GMOs imposed in the Riviera Maya.

Our geographies are the paths of the world; this is where we will meet and recognize each other, because we know that the struggle is not just today nor is it just for today. We do not struggle for power or the folklore offered by deceitful campaigns, but rather to weave and reweave what we are, what we were, and what we will be as originary peoples.

The face of the 43 missing and the tenacity of their families and compañeros are the other 43 dispatches on war and resistance. To them we add the pain, rage, and resistance of the originary peoples and the rebellions of millions all over Mexico and around the world.

On top of that we add the dispatches of war and resistance from the other who is persecuted and stigmatized, women who have been abused, disappeared, and murdered, children made into commodities, young people criminalized, nature disgraced, humanity in pain.

We reiterate today, alongside that humanity, along with this earth that we are, that truth and justice are an inalienable demand and that punishment for the culpable—all of those responsible—will be born from the struggle from below. Now more than ever, as originary peoples of the National Indigenous Congress, we know that in this struggle there is no room to give up, sell out, or give in.

Truth and Justice for Ayotzinapa!

Free Luis Fernando Sotelo Zambrano!

Free all of the political prisoners!

For the holistic reconstitution of our peoples.

Never Again a Mexico Without Us.

National Indigenous Congress

Zapatista Army for National Liberation

Mexico, September 2016

Jornadas por Ayotzinapa 2:43

(Español) Sedes y horarios de las Jornadas por Ayotzinapa 2:43

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En el marco de la  XXIV acción global por Ayotzinapa y a 24 meses de la desaparición forzada de nuestros 43 compañeros normalistas; diversos colectivos llamamos a participar en las actividades que se desarrollaran en las “jornadas por Ayotzinapa 2:43” durantes los días 19, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 y 26 de Septiembre, en sedes como el Cafe Zapata vive, el colectivo Chanti Ollin, Los pedregales de Coyoacán y Cineclub 43 en la (Cineteca Nacional).

Así mismo, se llevara a cabo un concierto en honor a los normalistas nombrado Hasta encontrarlos el día 25 de Septiembre en la explanada de Bellas Artes y finalmente estamos llamando a participar en la marcha nacional y mundial por Ayotzinapa y por la inmediata presentación de nuestros compañeros.

¡Por que vivos se los llevaron, Vivos los queremos!
A continuación las sedes y actividades:
* 19 de septiembre
10:00 Hrs. Conferencia de Prensa, con los padres y madres de Ayotzinapa, en el Café “Zapata Vive” (Certificados 6, Col. Alamos)
* 21 de septiembre
2:43 Hrs. Inauguracion de las “Jornadas por Ayotzinapa 243″ con la participación de los padres y madres, en el Café “Zapata Vive”
* 22 de septiembre
17:00 Hrs. Proyección, “AYOTZINAPA, CRÓNICA DE UN CRIMEN DE ESTADO”, en el Café “Zapata Vive”
* 23 de septiembre
09:00 Hrs. Danza y reflexión colectiva por nuestros 43, en el Chanti Ollin (Circuito interior Melchor Ocampo 424, CDMX). Patio de atrás
17:00 Hrs. Rodada colectiva del Chanti Ollin a los Pedregales Coyoacán
18:00 Hrs. Proyección del Documental, “DESAPARECIDOS”, en los Pedregales de Coyoacán. (Avenida Aztecas 215, Col. Lo Reyes)
* 24 de septiembre
10:00 Hrs. Música, Foro y proyección del documental “AYOTZINAPA EN MÍ, en la Cineteca Nacional (Av. México Coyoacán 389, Colonia Xoco, CDMX)
*25 de septiembre
12:00 Hrs. CONCIERTO DE MÚSICA, en la explanada de Bellas Artes.
*26 de septiembre
10:00 Hrs. VUELTA AYOT2I. rodada solidaria ayot2inapa.24×43
16:00 Hrs. Marcha por Ayot2inapa. del Ángel al Zócalo.

Radio Zapatista

(Español) Brasil: Nelson Maca y la Gramática de la Ira

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El Sarao Bem Black fue uno de los espacios donde se realizó el festival CompARTE por la Humanidad en Salvador, Bahía, Brasil. En el aeropuerto de Salvador, entrevistamos al poeta Nelson Maca, quien nos habló sobre el Sarao Bem Black, encuentro poético del movimiento literario negro que se ha vuelto referencia no sólo en Bahía, sino en Brasil.

Nelson es también el creador del concepto de “literatura divergente” y del manifiesto llamado “Manifestación de la literatura divergente o manifiesto encrucijador de caminos”. En la entrevista, nos habla sobre lo que significa para él la literatura divergente y su relación con la politización de la diferencia.

Finalmente, nos habla sobre su nuevo libro Gramática de la Ira y su relación con la digna rabia.

Escucha la entrevista en portugués aquí: (Descarga aquí)  

Lee la traducción al español abajo.


(Continuar leyendo…)

Radio Zapatista

(Español) Jornada por la libertad de los defensores del agua y la vida de San Pedro Tlanixco.

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Integrantes del movimiento por la libertad de los defensores del agua y la vida de San Pedro Tlanixco , municipio de Tenango  del Valle,  Estado de México,  Inauguraron en  el auditorio José Revueltas en Ciudad Universitaria,  “La Jornada por la libertad de los  defensores del agua y la  vida de San Pedro Tlanixco”.


Escuchar audio de la conferencia: (Descarga aquí)  

La jornada inicio con la lectura de un pronunciamiento en voz de Yolanda Álvarez, esposa   de uno de los defensores del agua y la vida, actualmente preso;   depués  continuo con  Rosario Peralta, (vocero de la comunidad), quien realizó un recuento de los acontecimientos que dieron lugar al conflicto, pues desde el año de 1998, la comunidad se ha organizado para resistir el despojo de su recurso vital.  Producto de ésta lucha organizada y autónoma, en el año 2003, seis de los guardianes del agua, fueron detenidos y encarcelados en el Penal de Santiaguito Almoloya de Juárez. Es por lo anterior que la comunidad de San pedro Tlanixco,   se ha organizado una vez más para convocar a una jornada de lucha,  y exigir  la libertad de Pedro Sánchez Berriozábal, Teófilo Pérez González, Rómulo Arias Mireles, Marco Antonio Pérez, Lorenzo Sánchez y Dominga González,  cuyo único  agravio cometido ante el mal gobierno,   es ser   guardianes del agua  y la  vida de su comunidad.

Radio Zapatista

(Español) La mala educación de la reforma educativa

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Mural zapatista. Foto tomada de:

Por: Eugenia Gutiérrez, colectivo Radio Zapatista.

México, agosto de 2016.

“Omnes omnia omnino”, propuso Juan Amós Comenio. Hace ya cuatro siglos que el profesor checo redactó su Didáctica Magna, abrió las escuelas a niñas y niños por igual y les diseñó una guía educativa divertidamente ilustrada para incentivar su sed de conocimiento, bajo el lema en latín de “todo, para todas y todos, totalmente”. Hace doscientos años que el maestro francés Joseph Jacotot aplicó el método de la emancipación intelectual que nos iguala. Hace más de cien años que la profesora italiana María Montessori, en medio de dos guerras mundiales, se percató de la importancia de crear espacios de estudio para la infancia, entendidos y construidos como casas de libertad y confianza. Pero el gobierno de México sigue reprobado en Historia, Ética, Lógica y Decencia. Siglos van y siglos vienen sin que las niñas y los niños puedan ejercer plenamente su derecho al conocimiento, pues hoy, más que nunca, los programas educativos se encuentran atados a intereses mercantiles.

(Continuar leyendo…)


(Español) Individuos, Colectivos y Organizaciones de Chiapas, México, y del mundo denuncian la incursión militar en el ejido Tila

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Tila Banderas y manos unidas
Tila, Chiapas, México. Foto: RZ


Comunicado de los ejidatari@s de Tila
Comunicado de apoyo del Congreso Nacional Indigena

Compañeras, Compañeros,
Hermanas, Hermanos,

Desde nuestras geografías hemos aprendido lo sucedido en el ejido Tila con la llegada del ejercito en sus tierras a unos tres días de su aniversario de ejido. 82 años!

El día martes 2 de agosto entraron tres vehículos militares de la marina del ejercito federal mexicano en el ejido tila, por la tarde, para fotografiar lo que queda de la presidencia municipal que tomaron ya hace unos 8 meses, lo que provoco intimidación y temor de los compañeros y compañeras del digno pueblo chol del ejido de Tila.

La organización autónoma de su ejido y las guardias que han puesto en los varios barrios y puntos estratégicos de Tila permitieron alertar con tiempo al pueblo, y así el pueblo se organizo y se junto lo que hizo huir a esos militares confirmando la ilegalidad de su presencia en su territorio.

Bien sabemos los esfuerzos de organización que ustedes hicieron desde que tomaron la presidencia municipal el día 16 de diciembre para echar a las y los de arriba que rechazan reconocer a sus derechos. La presidencia municipal fue construida sin acuerdo de la asamblea ejidatarial y solo provoco injusticias, discriminación y hostigamiento, buscando destruir su colectividad, su organización. Desde la fecha, se organizaron para trabajar la autonomía ejidal, el autogobierno, el pueblo se junto para hacer las tareas que no hacia el mal gobierno, mas preocupado por robar el dinero del ayuntamiento que servir al pueblo.

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Radio Pozol

(Español) CNTE Chiapas toma el aeropuerto internacional Ángel Albino Corzo. 1 de agosto

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Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas. 1 de agosto. La Coordinadora Nacional de los Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE), realizó el día de hoy tres bloqueos a los accesos principales al aeropuerto internacional Ángel Albino Corzo de la capital chiapaneca, para coberturar la mesa de negociación entre el magisterio y la secretaría de gobernación en la ciudad de México. A 80 días de haber iniciado un paro total de labores, los educadores mantienen firme su exigencia de la abrogación de la autodenominada “reforma educativa”, que la administración de Peña Nieto intenta implementar y que vulnera sus derechos laborales y a la educación pública, denuncian.

Las y los docentes chiapanecos aseguran que la huelga no se levantará hasta que no se resuelvan las demandas por las que se originó el conflicto, el pasado 15 de mayo. Los maestros disidentes afirman que si el gobierno federal se empecina en su doble discurso, en las negociaciones que se llevan a cabo en la ciudad de México, se corre el riesgo de que no inicie el próximo siglo escolar 2016-2017.

(Continuar leyendo…)

Subcomandante Moisés, Subcomandante Galeano

Open letter on the aggressions against the people’s movement in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas


July 21, 2016

To the current governor and the other overseers of the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas:

Ladies (ha) and Gentlemen (double ha):

We do not send greetings.

Before it occurs to you to try (as the PGR[i] is already attempting in Nochixtlán) to blame the cowardly aggression against the people’s resistance encampment in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas on ISIS, we would like to provide you, at no charge, the information we have collected on the subject.

The following is the testimony of an indigenous partidista[ii] (PRI) brother from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas, Mexico:

“At 9am (on July 20, 2016) the Verde party followers were called to the governor’s palace. They went and were told to do again what they had done the other day.”

(NOTE: he is referring to the incident in which a group of indigenous people affiliated with the Partido Verde Ecologista (Green Ecology Party) put on ski masks and went to create chaos at the [teachers’] blockade between San Cristóbal and Tuxtla Gutiérrez, the capital of Chiapas. When they were detained by the CNTE’s [teachers’ union] security, they first said they were Zapatistas (they weren’t, aren’t, and never will be), and later admitted they were partidistas.

But this time they were supposed to dialogue so that the people at the blockade would let the trucks from Chamula that do business in Tuxtla go through. The municipal president (who belongs to the Verde Ecologista Party) sent police patrols and local ambulances. The municipal president of San Cristóbal sent some more police. The governing officials in Tuxtla sent a bunch more. See, they [the people from Chamula] had made a deal with the police—they already had a plan. So they went in there like they were going to dialogue but one group went into the blockade’s encampment and started destroying things, stealing or burning everything they found. Then they started shooting—the Verdes are indeed armed—but shooting like a bunch of drunks and druggies. The police were acting like their security detail, their backup. We don’t agree with what the Verdes did. Now the tourists are scared to come to the municipal center (of San Juan Chamula) and this screws everybody over because it really hurts our businesses. It’s not the blockade but rather the fucking Verdes that are fucking us over. Now we’re going to go protest in Tuxtla and demand they remove that asshole of a president. And if they won’t listen to us, well then we’ll see what we have to do.”

With regard to that clumsy attempt to dress paramilitaries in ski masks and say they were Zapatistas, it was a total failure (in addition to being a tired old trick that has been tried before by Croquetas Albores).[iii] Questioned on whether they thought it had been Zapatistas who destroyed the blockade and committed these outrageous acts, here are the comments of two townspeople, without any known political affiliation:

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Pueblo Creyente

(Español) Pueblo Creyente de Simojovel peregrina en solidaridad con el magisterio – 8 de junio

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Pueblo Creyente de Simojovel se levanta en solidaridad al magisterio en pie de lucha

Convoca a peregrinar el día 8 de junio en Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas

Concentración: A las 10:00 horas, en la central de Abastos para caminar al parque central donde se dará lectura a un pronunciamiento

“Ante la represión del mal gobierno al magisterio, y las reformas que empobrecen más a los mexicanos que solo enriquecen a unos pocos empresarios nacionales y extranjeros”.

Como pueblos mexicanos, ¿Podemos estar indiferentes con los brazos cruzados?

Escuchar invitación:
(Descarga aquí)  


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