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Bachajón: 12 police trucks on their way to Agua Azul toll booth.

URGENT – Please publish widely

Ejido members of the other campaign from San Sebastián Bachajón inform us that 12 police trucks are on their way to Crucero Agua Azul. Right now they are detained on the highway because of a car accident with 2 fatalities. Ejido members believe that as soon as the road clears up they’ll continue to Agua Azul. Represion is feared.

We  as all friends to spread the word and stay attentive to whatever may happen.

Relatos Zapatistas

The Politics of Victimhood

THE POLITICS OF VICTIMHOOD: Special podcast featuring interviews with Zach Levenson, a UC Berkeley student involved in protests around police brutality and the murder of Oscar Grant, and the privatization of public education; and John Gibler, a reporter who’s extensively covered Mexican social movements and conflicts including the Zapatistas’ “Other Campaign,” the Oaxaca rebellion of 2006, and the Mexican government’s narco-wars.

Full introduction available at Indybay.

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