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The Afrobolivian Struggle: a conversation with activists from the movement

Movimiento por Justicia del Barrio

From New York: As migrants, we are also sick of this shit


We are Movement for Justice in El Barrio, an organization of Mexican immigrants that fights for human dignity and against neoliberal displacement in East Harlem, New York. We fight for the liberation of women, indigenous peoples, lesbians, gays, the transgender community, and immigrants. We, too, as immigrants are sick of this shit (estamos hasta la madre)… as are all those from below in our beloved Mexico.

Our pain and solidarity indignation is with all the people who, due to the bad government’s war – deceitfully disguised as a “war against narco-trafficking”—, have lost their sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, relatives, and friends.

As immigrants, we are also the targets of the bad government’s wars and we are being attacked from all sides. First, by the capitalist system and the political class of Mexico that, through the PAN, PRD, and PRI political parties, forms the bad government. They have launched a war against our Mexico. Like all our fellow Mexican immigrants who are here on the “other side,” we migrated for this very reason. It is a war against the poor caused by the multinational corporations and their political lackeys.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the bad governments, from both sides of the border, and the transnational corporations are colluding in the destruction of our peoples and our lands by changing laws to allow the further exploitation and enslavement of humanity.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because unemployment and slavery jobs force us to leave our beloved people of Mexico.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the bad government’s war is killing off our culture; they want to destroy every facet of us as a community and as human beings.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the only option our country leaves for us is to risk our lives a thousand times over and leave everything behind in order to arrive in this country, the U.S., which plunders our natural resources and in this way enjoys a level of life infinitely higher than our country.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because it all occurs due to our corrupt governments, who are the lackeys of transnational corporations and who continue to kiss their feet so that they may get fat off of our poverty.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the bad government of Mexico and its employees laugh in our faces as they force us to say goodbye to our families, our community, and our beloved Mexico, when those from above exile us.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because here on the other side, we are turned into cheap labor to the benefit of the bosses, the wealthy and, in the same way, in service of the State—all of which profit from the savage exploitation of our community.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the political and economic system continues to degrade us as human beings.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because, in exchange for our labor, they implement new anti-immigrant and racist laws, murderous border walls, barriers on the Evros River, floating detention centers and armies in the Aegean Sea, assault battalions in the cities and large-scale deportations.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because we have seen how the politicians have degraded, exploited, looted, plundered, and murdered our people in Mexico and our fellow immigrant compañeros.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the transnational corporations, aided by the bad government’s war, are destroying the lands and natural resources that belong to the original peoples of our Mexico.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because we are discriminated against, humiliated, marginalized, and oppressed for being women, lesbians, transgender, gays and indigenous peoples.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio holds the bad government of Mexico and the world capitalist system directly responsible for the war that keeps us in the conditions we face as immigrants; for the war that seeks to destroy our families, children, women, men, elderly, and youth who, in reality, sustain the economy of the big cities to the benefit of the transnational corporations and bad governments in power on both sides of the border.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the war of those from above uses the mass media, controlled as they are by the bad government, to manipulate public opinion and to conceal the exploitation and true information, always to accommodate the interests of the corrupt governments.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the political and economic system, which wages a war against our population to destroy us, is the root cause and culprit for the exploitation of human beings as cheap labor.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the bad government’s war is degrading our humanity, is killing our culture, desires to enslave us in its image, and wishes to obliterate us in ever facet as a community and as human beings.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because the capitalist system moves its money from one country to another, from one continent to another, because for money there are no walls, there are no borders, there are no immigration laws. For money: freedom exists. For us: only persecution and exploitation.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because those from above want to convince workers that we represent a threat to them; that we are responsible for the oppression that their very own governments inflict upon them.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because they implement all of this to deny us our right to live a dignified life as human beings with all the rights that they don’t want us to exercise.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because we were displaced and evicted from our beloved Mexico and here we are now facing and fighting yet again displacement from our homes and community. Or, in other words, we are being doubly displaced, and for this reason, our struggle will not be stopped: it is strengthened together with our sisters and brothers of The Other Campaign.

As Mexican immigrants, we are part of The Other Campaign, the national Mexican movement – initiated by our Zapatista sisters and brothers from Chiapas, Mexico – that aims to unify all the struggles from below and to the left. This movement changes the way of doing politics by having the community as a base. We want to get rid of those thieving, corrupt, and dirty politicians from our Mexico, since all they do is plunder and leave our country in ruins. But, as our Zapatista sisters and brothers say, “If there is no world for us, by respecting our differences, we will build one in which many worlds fit.”

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because whenever the people, those from below, unite and fight against the capitalist system and political class, those from above attempt to squash our struggles as organized and autonomous peoples with repression, as they have done to members of The Other Campaign, such as our beloved sisters and brothers Zapatistas and our beloved compas from San Sebastián Bachajón.

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because instead of shelter, land, jobs, food, health, education, independence, democracy, freedom, and peace, there is superfluous brutality, violence, displacement, poverty, hunger, and repression. Instead of life, there is death.

Now, the bad government with the help of the capitalist mass media disguises this as a “war against narco-trafficking.”

As immigrants, we are sick of this shit because we know that the narco-trafficking, protected by the State, requires economic and social inequality to be able to exist, and it is precisely this inequality that has forced us to flee our country. In this way, the government makes its most subtle connection in its war against the people.

Because of all this, Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York, will join the actions that will take place from May 5-8 in Mexico and around the world against the violence perpetrated by the State.

Our protest will occur at the Mexican Consulate in New York, on Friday, May 6.

Responding to the call to name innocent victims, we name a dignified family that died while crossing the border:

Rosa Guzmán
Antonio Guzmán
Daniel Guzmán

This is the word of the simple and humble community of El Barrio, NYC.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio
The Other Campaign New York




Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano

VIA CRUCIS MIGRANTE – Del Suchiate a Ixtepec (20 a 22 de abril)

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A los medios de comunicación

A las organizaciones no gubernamentales

A los defensores de derechos humanos

A la comunidad internacional

Al pueblo de México

México ya ha acreditado fehacientemente su carácter reconocido y documentado de violador sistemático de los derechos humanos. El criminal descuido y complicidad de las autoridades mexicanas frente al fenómeno de la migración en tránsito en nuestro país da cuenta de su responsabilidad, complicidad y omisiones como consta en informes y exhortos múltiples de la Corte y la Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos, informes reiterados de Amnistía Internacional, de Human Rights Watch, de la Comisión Civil Internacional de Observación de los Derechos Humanos de ciudadano/as independientes de la Unión Europea, del Parlamento Europeo, y de las organizaciones mexicanas defensoras de los derechos humanos etc.

Por eso escenificaremos el Vía Crucis que padecen los migrantes en su tránsito por México resaltando:

—Los retenes, operativos, arrestos y deportaciones de migrantes en México donde no hay el mas mínimo respeto de los  derechos de movilidad humana, refugio y no desplazamiento forzoso, así como del derecho a la sobrevivencia y a ser bienvenidos a cualquier lugar a donde lleguen.

—Los peligros que enfrentan los defensores de derechos humanos, en especial de los albergues de Chiapas, Oaxaca, Coahuila y otros, dedicados a la protección de los migrantes centroamericanos, quienes en su tránsito por México, son víctimas de atropellos, asaltos y secuestros, donde están coludidas autoridades federales, estatales y municipales, violando la legalidad, la integridad física, la dignidad, los derechos humanos de las personas en tránsito y de quienes les prestan ayuda humanitaria.

—La trata de personas: A las atrocidades mas ventiladas en los medios masivos de comunicación, como los secuestros, las desapariciones, los asesinatos, las extorsiones, el tráfico de órganos, se agrega la magnitud de la trata de personas, obligando a jovencitas migrantes a prostituirse, que no sólo ocurre en el estado de Chiapas  en gran escala , también se conoce que los estados de Veracruz, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Baja California, tabasco  y otros, están involucrados en operaciones de trata de personas. Las autoridades mexicanas ya no pueden continuar dando excusas ni intentando tapar el sol con un dedo.

—El desinterés de los diputados para promulgar una ley migratoria que obligue a respetar y garantizar los derechos humanos de los migrantes.

—La masacre en San Fernando del 2010 y los nuevos descubrimientos que involucran a mas de 150 migrantes más, donde ya se ha confirmado que hay migrantes mexicanos y también centroamericanos. Son demasiadas muertes las de los migrantes en tránsito por México y en nuestra frontera norte. Una sola sería demasiado, pero la magnitud de esta tragedia la convierten en un inaceptable y real holocausto migrante.

—El Gobierno de Mexico que insiste en culpar al “crimen organizado” por las muertes, secuestros, extorsiones, violaciones y todo tipo de vejaciones inhumanas que México obsequia a los migrantes mexicanos y centroamericanos, sin asumir su responsabilidad por las omisiones y complicidades oficiales y no se captura ni procesa a los culpables, sean estos funcionarios y/o policías de todos los niveles, fuerzas armadas o criminales fuera de nomina oficial. San Fernando es sólo la punta del tempano de hielo: Ya no engañan a nadie. Calderón sigue poniendo los pretextos y los migrantes siguen poniendo los muertos.

Convocantes: “ Caravana Paso a Paso Hacia la Paz”, ‘Nuestros Lazos de Sangre”, “Familia Latina Unida” “Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano” “Albergue Hermanos en el Camino”, “Alianza Braceros del Norte”, “Albergue Hogar de la Misericordia”, Rubén Figueroa, Padre Heyman Vázquez, Padre Luis Ángel Nieto, Padre Alejandro Solalinde, Elvira Arellano, Marta Sánchez Soler, José Jacques Medina, Irineo Mujica, Conchy Avendaño,


Rubén Figueroa,;  Irineo Mujica, Albergue Hermanos en el Camino 97 171 3264/971 104 8218

Marta Sánchez Soler
Movimiento Migrante Mesoamericano

Cuando todo el sistema se preocupa tanto de los derechos humanos
parece evidente que en ese caso, derecho no significa facultad o atributo o libre albedrío,
sino diestro o anti-zurdo o flanco opuesto al corazón, lado derecho en fin. En consecuencia
¿no sería hora de que iniciáramos una amplia campaña internacional por los izquierdos humanos?

Europa Zapatista

Greece: Hunger strike of the 300 in its 19th día

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“La huelga de hambre de los inmigrantes”, dice Raul Zibechi en su mensaje de solidaridad, “merece todo nuestro apoyo y solidaridad, admiración y respeto. Porque rompe silencios. Porque abre caminos”.

En estos caminos que abren los más de abajo apostando su vida debemos no dejarles solos. Porque la vida y la dignidad, de tod@s que luchando apostamos por un mundo justo, es sagrada. Y el camino pasa por la solidaridad y la hermandad. Solos no pueden, solos no podemos….

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Migration in Spain

In May 2009, Radio Zapatista interviewed compañer@s from organizations and collectives which are struggling for the rights of migrants in Spain. This documentary looks at the work of some of these groups and, through their commentaries, reflects upon migration in Spain from the perspective of California.
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