Anselm Jappe was born and raised in Germany and studied philosophy in Italy and France. He has written several books, among them Guy Debord (Anagrama), The Adventure of Merchandise: For a New Critique of Value (Pepitas de Calabaza, in press), Credit to Death y The Absurd Market of Men without Qualities (same publisher). He has collaborated with the German journals Krisis and Exit (founded by Robert Kurz), which develop the “critique of value.” On 17 December 2015, he was at Cideci/Universidad de la Tierra, Chiapas, with the conference “In search of the roots of evil.”

In an interview with free media collectives of Chiapas, Anselm Jappe speaks here about how certain Marxist concepts, in particular the critique of value, are essential to understand today’s reality, especially in regard to what he calls “capitalism’s terminal crisis.” He also reflects on the implications this has on today’s emancipatory movements.

Below, the interview in audio and video and the complete text in Spanish.

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See also: Participation in the International Seminar of Reflection and Analysis, Cideci/UniTierra, March 2012.

Full text of the interview (in Spanish):

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