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(Español) La muerte de un torturador: Nazar Haro


The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation released six more involved in the masacre of Acteal

The first court decided yesterday to resume its original jurisdiction and determine the innocence of Juan Santis Vasquez, Lorenzo Gómez Jiménez, Mariano Pérez Jiménez, Agustín Pérez Gómez, José Ruiz Tzucut, and Bartolo Luna López Pérez or Bartolo Pérez, sentenced for the crimes of homicide and aggravated assault.

Indymedia Chiapas

Mexican government continues covering up the massacre at Viejo Velasco

A member of the organization Xinich explains how the government has obstructed the identification of the 4 people missing in the massacre and eviction from Viejo Velasco, in November 2006. He also explains that there are 15 evicted families still waiting to return to their lands.

Read about the case: Gobierno mexicano desaparece osamentas de Viejo Velasco
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