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If you have not received an email with a “pass” to the second grade, it could be because…

…the email address you used to register for first grade has expired, or was erased, or you have forgotten your password.

…you have the same email but you haven’t received a “pass” because we got mixed up and we need your information again…or because you didn’t pass to second grade. If after following the instructions we detail below you don’t receive a “pass” email within a month, then it’s because you didn’t pass first grade.

In either case, the way to resolve the issue is simple: it is sufficient to send a new email to this address:, from a new email account with the following information:

  • your full name and date of birth
  • where you live
  • your registration code if you remember it or have it
  • the dates in which you went to first grade
  • the place where you went to first grade (if you went to a community, the name of the community and the caracol it corresponds to); (if it was by videoconference, the name of the place, neighborhood, city, country, and continent where you had the videoconference)
  • the name of your Votán.

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SupMoi y SupGaleano

Second Grade of the Zapatista School

Second Grade of the Zapatista Little School


July 27, 2015

To the National and International Sixth:
To the former students of the Zapatista Little School:

The date for the second grade (only for those who passed the first) of the Zapatista Little School is approaching.

As we had previously announced, the dates are July 31 and August 1 and 2 of 2015.

No, don’t rush. This time it isn’t about coming to Zapatista territory. Rather, this time it is about not coming here, at least not for the Little School. The second grade will be everywhere, outside of Zapatista territories.

Let us explain:

(Continuar leyendo…)

Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano

En el tablón de avisos. El conserje.

On the Bulletin Board

The Concierge.


March 2015.

Early morning in reality.

Just here, as usual: watching and listening. The crack in the wall is barely visible from the other side. On our side it expands with persistence.

In the classrooms and in the huts of the thousands of Zapatista families who received, housed, fed, and cared for thousands of others,[1] men, women, and children from the five continents, the evaluations made by the teachers and votanes after you all left still resound.

Some of the evaluations were harsh, it’s true, but that probably won’t matter to those who claimed to had been moved by the experience and then continued on with their lives as if nothing had happened, avoiding looking in the mirror or editing that glance at their whim. Despite this, according to what I’ve heard, there were some, a few, that were evaluated as “pretty good.”

“Pretty good” is how the compas describe something good without making a fuss. “How are you?” “Well, I’m here, pretty good,” is how we greet each other.

Meanwhile time marches on just as we do, without fuss, just moving along, like shadows…

And the compa Galeano, who lit up these classrooms, houses, and schools with his word, now fallen and silent, murdered.

(Continuar leyendo…)

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

Little School, Peace Camp, Sharing, and Rebuilding: Communiqué by Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés


May 27, 2014.

To the compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth Declaration in Mexico and the World:
To our sisters and brothers of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and indigenous peoples in our country:


This is Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, greeting you to communicate a few things:

First.- THE LITTLE SCHOOL. Compañer@s of the Sixth Declaration in Mexico and the world. We want to tell you that for now we think that we will continue the work of the little school, both the first grade for those who did not arrive yet and the second grade for those who passed, but there are only a few who passed and can move on, because not everyone complied fully with what they committed to as students. Later we’ll tell you the date for the first grade of the little school. Same thing with the second grade, but not for everyone.

Second.- PEACE CAMP. Compañeras and compañeros of the Sixth Declaration in Mexico and the World. We have received the words and ideas from the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center suggesting that we set up a Civilian Camp for Peace at the community of La Realidad, where the crime against our compañero Galeano took place. We already told Fayba that their thoughts are welcome, so they can be witnesses and observers and listeners, since the situation hasn’t been solved yet. Because the murderers are still free and the strength they have and that drives them to do anything is alcohol, in addition to the fact that some of them have a history of drug use. The compañeros and compañeras zapatista bases of support have to return to their homes, because they can’t stay forever at the caracol, since they have to work in order to provide for their families. So the civilian camp for peace is very important. To that end, we ask you to coordinate yourselves with the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center. They have informed us that the first camp will be set up on Wednesday, June 4, 2014.

Third.- SHARING. We will also resume the sharing with our brothers and sisters from the National Indigenous Congress, but we will communicate on that separately.

Fourth.- REBUILDING. As you know, the paramilitaries at the service of the bad governments destroyed the school and the clinic of the zapatista bases of support. Just like we brought compa Galeano back from the grave, we have to rebuild the school and the clinic. The compañeras and compañeros bases of support from La Realidad already found a new place to build them. So we invite you to see if you can obtain building materials, so we can build the school and the clinic.

(Continuar leyendo…)


CGT : EZLN 30 y 20 (Publicación íntegra)

CGT / Radio Pozol

Second round of the Zapatista School (First Grade). Videos on organization and self-government by the EZLN

Visualize and share! Long live the Zapatista School! Long live the EZLN!

Zapatista School DVD 1: Freedom according to the zapatistas HERE

Zapatista School DVD 2: Freedom according to the zapatistas HERE

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November 2013.

To the students who took or want to take the first grade course of the Zapatista Little School:

To whom it may concern:

Compañeros, compañeras and compañeroas

As is now custom, I have been designated to give you the bad news. So here goes.

FIRST – The accounts (and here I advise you to double check the additions, subtractions, and divisions because math isn’t one of my strengths. That is, it also isn’t one of my strengths):

A) Expenses from the first grade course in August of 2013 for 1281 students:

– Support materials (4 textbooks and 2 DVDs) for 1281 students: $100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Mexican pesos).

– Food and transport for 1281 students to go from CIDECI to the communities where their course was held and back: $339,778.27 (three hundred thirty-nine thousand seven hundred and eight pesos and 27 cents), which breaks down as the following:

Expenses for each zone to take students in vehicles from CIDECI to their host communities and back to CIDECI, in addition to food for the children of the students.

Realidad ————-  $    64,126.00

Oventik—————- $   46,794.00

Garrucha————–  $ 122,184.77

Morelia—————-  $   36,227.50

Roberto Barrios—-     $   70,446.00

Total overall —–        $ 339,778.27

Note: Yeah that “77 cents” also caught my eye, but that’s how it appeared in the report. Meaning, we don’t do any rounding up around here.

-Transportation for 200 guardians to CIDECI, where they gave a course, and home again: $40,000.00 (forty thousand pesos). Their food was covered by the compañer@s of CIDECI-Unitierra. Thank you to Dr. Raymundo and all of the compas of CIDECI, especially those in the kitchen (note: you still owe me some tamales).

Total expenses for the Zapatista communities for the first grade course in August of 2013 for 1281 students: $479,778.27 (four hundred seventy-nine thousand seven hundred and eight pesos and 26 cents). Average expense per student: $374.53 (three hundred seventy-four Mexican pesos and 53 cents).

B) Income for the Zapatista Little School: Registration payments (from the donation container that was in CIDECI): $409,955.00 (four hundred nine thousand nine hundred and fifty-five Mexican pesos).

National pesos: $391,721.00

Dollars: $1,160.00

Euros: $175.00

Average per student payment at registration: $320.02 (three hundred twenty pesos and 20 cents).

SECOND— Summary and consequences:

On average, the remaining $54.51 (fifty-four Mexican pesos and 51 cents) per student was covered through solidarity donations. That is, some students covered others. But that means that the numbers don’t work out, compas. It was thanks to some students who gave more than the 100 required pesos (and some didn’t give anything), as well as to generous donations from others that we could more or less break even.

For those who gave more and those who made extra large donations, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And we should also thank those who didn’t pay the full 100 pesos or didn’t give anything at all.

But we know very well that we can’t expect this to work out again this way, where some students pay the course for others, which leaves us with the following options:

a) – We close the Little School.

b) – We reduce the number of students to what we Zapatistas can pay for ourselves. Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés tells me this would be about 100 per caracol, or 500 total.

c) – We raise the cost and make it obligatory.

We think that we shouldn’t close the Little School because it has permitted us to meet more people and for other people to meet us, people who we didn’t know before and who didn’t know us.

We think that if we reduce the number who can come, many people will be sad or mad because they already have everything ready to attend and it could be that they wouldn’t make the list. And above all, as you now know, the essence of the course is found in the communities and the guardians and guardianas, and if we reduced the number of students I would have to give them the bad news, and I would get the backlash.

So the only solution is to ask that you pay for your own transport and food. We know that this, in addition to bothering some people, might leave others out. That is why we are letting you know ahead of time so that you can find a way to pay your fee and/or the fee for other compas who want to come but can’t pay.

The cost now will be $380.00 (three hundred eighty Mexican pesos) per student, and should be paid at registration in CIDECI on the designated registration days. If on top of that you want to bring a pound of rice and a pound of beans, we would appreciate that too.

And please, we beg you, we plead with you, we implore you to clarify who is coming with you, how many of you there are, and each person’s age. The thing is that we get emails that say “I’m coming with my kids” and then they arrive and well, it’s like the cast for the “The Walking Dead.” All those who are going to attend must register ahead of time, this includes kids, adults, elders, and the walking dead.

Also please clarify the dates on which you will come. There are two dates now, one at the end of December and another at the beginning of January. It is important for us to know which one you are signing up for because, as you know, there is an indigenous family that is preparing to host and attend to you, a guardian or guardiana that is preparing to orient you, a driver who is getting his or her vehicle ready to transport you, and a whole village preparing to receive you. And clarify if you want to take the course in a community or in CIDECI in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.

Oh also, come to listen and learn, because there are some who came to give seminars on feminism, vegetarianism, Marxism, and other “isms.” And now they’re upset because we Zapatistas don’t obey them, these people who came to tell us that we should change the revolutionary law for women to their liking and not as determined by the Zapatista women, that we don’t understand the advantages of marijuana, that we shouldn’t make our houses out of cement because it’s better to make them out of adobe and palm, or that we shouldn’t wear shoes because by going barefoot we would be better in touch with mother earth. In sum, that we should obey those who come to give us orders… that is, that we should not be Zapatistas.

SPECIAL CASES: the Anarchists

Given the anti-anarchist campaign launched by those of “good conscience” and the well-behaved left united in a holy crusade with the old right to accuse the anarchists, young and old, of challenging the system (as if anarchism had another option), including the dismantling of their shows (this thing about turning the lights off, was that so we wouldn’t see the anarchists?), and the repetition ad nauseum of epithets such as “anarcho-hardliners,” “anarcho-provocateur,” “anarcho-thugs,” “anarcho-etcetera” (somewhere I read the epithet “anarcho-anarchist,” isn’t that sublime?), the Zapatista men and women cannot ignore the climate of hysteria that so firmly demands respect for windowpanes (which don’t reveal but rather hide what happens just behind the counter: slave-like work conditions, a total lack of hygiene, poor quality, low nutritional value, money laundering, tax evasion, and capital flight).

Because now, apparently, the robbery poorly disguised as “structural reform,” the assault on the teachers union, the national patrimony “outlet” sale, the theft imposed by the government on the governed through taxation, and the fiscal asphyxiation – which only favors the large monopolies – is the anarchists’ fault.

This includes blame for the fact that now “decent people” don’t go out into the street to protest anymore (“hey but what about the marches, sit-ins, roadblocks, graffiti, flyers…” “Yes, but those are teachers-bus drivers-vendors-students, that is, country bumpkins, and I’m talking people really-truly-from-the Federal District.” “Ah, the mythical middle class, so courted and yet so despised and cheated by the entire political spectrum and all of the media…”), the fact that the institutional left also evicts the protest rallies, the fact that the “only opposition to the regime”[i] has been overshadowed by the nameless again and again, the fact that the arbitrary imposition is now called “dialogue and negotiation,”[ii] the fact that the murder of migrants, women, youth, workers, children – all of this is the anarchists’ fault.

For those who fight as and claim the “A,” a flag without a nation or frontiers, and who are part of the SIXTH—but who really are in the struggle, not just as a fashion or a fad—we have, in addition to an embrace of solidarity, a special request.

Anarchist Compas: We Zapatista men and women aren’t going to blame you for our shortcomings (or lack of imagination), nor are we going to hold you responsible for our mistakes, much less persecute you for being who you are. Actually, I should tell you that various invitees to the August course cancelled because, they said, they couldn’t share the classroom with “young people who are anarchist, ragged, punk, pierced, and tattoo-covered,” and that they (those who are not young, nor anarchist, nor ragged, nor punk, nor pierced, nor tattoo-covered) expected an apology and a purging of the registry. They continue to wait in vain.

What we would like to request is that when you register, you submit a text, maximum one-page in length, where you respond to the criticism and accusations that they have leveled against you in the for-profit media. That text will be published in a special section of our website ( and in a magazine-fanzine-or-whatever-it’s-called soon to appear in the globally global world, written and run by indigenous Zapatistas. It will be an honor for us to have your word together with ours in our first issue.


Yes, even a page with a single word taking up the whole space counts: something like “LIARS!!” Or something longer, such as “We would explain to you what Anarchism is if we thought you would understand;” or, “Anarchism is incomprehensible to those with little brains;” or, “Real change first appears in the police blotter;” or, “I shit on the thought police;” or the following citation from the book “Golpe y contragolpe” by Miguel Amorós: “Everyone should know that the Black Bloc is not an organization but a tactic of street struggle similar to “Street Fighting [Kale Baroka] that a constellation of libertarian, “autonomous” or alternative groups have been using since the struggles for the squats (“okupations”) in the 1980s in various German cities,” and add something like, “if you are going to criticize something, first do your research. Well-written ignorance is like well-pronounced idiocy: equally useless.”

In any case, I’m sure that you won’t be lacking in ideas.

THIRD – Some not-so-bad-news: a reminder of the dates and how to request your invitation and registration code.

Dates for the second round of the Little School:

Registration: December 23rd and 24th, 2013.

Classes: from December 25th until December 29th of this year. Return on the 30th.

For those who want to stay for the 20th anniversary of the Zapatista uprising, to celebrate and commemorate the dawn of January 1st, 1994, the party will be on December 31st and January 1st.

Dates for the third round of the Little School:

Registration: January 1st and 2nd, 2014.

Classes: from January 3rd through 7th, 2014. Return on January 8th, 2013, everybody back to their corners of the world.

To request your invitation and registration, send an email to:

FOURTH – More not-so-bad-news is that I was going to begin this phase with a very different text, saluting our dead, SubPedro, Tata Juan Chávez, Chapis, the children of the ABC daycare, the teachers in resistance, and also with a story by Durito and the Cat-dog. But they told me that this business about the accounts and the finalization of the dates was urgent, so it will have to wait for another time. As you can see, the urgent leaves no time for the important. And so you have escaped reading about things that are not “significant-for-the-present-conjuncture”…for now.

Vale. Cheers and, believe it or not, the world is bigger than the most scandalous media conglomerate. It is a question of broadening the step, the gaze, the sound…and the embrace.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.


Little School Concierge, in charge of giving bad news.

Mexico, November 2013


Listen to and watch the videos that accompany this text.

Keny Arkana with this rap titled “V pour Verités.” In one part he says, “Blessed are those who stand up for something, those who construct something else.”

A clip from the movie “V for Vendetta” about the relationship between the media and obedience, and another way of understanding the words “justice” and “liberty.”


Pedro Infante with the song “I am who I am” by Manuel Esperón and Felibe Bermejo, in the movie “The Third Word” with Marga López, Sara García, and Prudencia Grifell, 1955, directed by Julián Soler. I’m including this one just to piss off those who want to make us do things their way.

[i] Translators’ note: The reference here is to Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, ex PRD politician (former Mexico City mayor and PRD presidential candidate) and now leader of MORENA, the “National Regeneration Movement.”

[ii] Translators’ note: The “arbitrary imposition” refers to the installation of PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto as president in 2012 in what was widely denounced as a fraudulent election. The “dialogue and negotiation” refers to Peña Nieto’s initiative for an agreement or “pact” between the three major political parties in Mexico, the PRI, PAN, and PRD, regarding how best to roll out the latest round of privatizations.


(Español) L@s condiscípul@s. No estarán nuestros maestros



June 2013.

To the adherents of the Sixth in Mexico and the world:

To the students of the Zapatista Little School:

Compañeros, compañeroas, and compañeras:

The following people won’t be your classmates in the little school, because we didn’t invite them:

The legislators who made up the Peace and Reconciliation Commission (COCOPA) in 1996-1997. It would, however, have been beneficial for them to realize that they had not been mistaken in their initiative for the constitutional recognition of indigenous rights and culture, which was betrayed by all of the political parties, as well as the legislature, the executive, and the judiciary.

The current legislators of COCOPA. Although it would have helped them to discover where the door to reactivate dialogue with the EZLN is located.

The presidents of the registered political parties (PRI, PAN, PRD, PVEM, PT, MC and NA). Because we don’t have enough antacids to alleviate the outrage it would cause them to see the evidence of what can be done, not only without the political parties, but despite them.

The chairmen of the legislature committees and the coordinators of the parliamentary factions. Although it would have been good for them to see what even their counter-reform of the indigenous law could not prevent.

The Secretary of National Defense, the Secretary of the Navy, the Center for Research and National Security (CISEN), the Attorney General (PGR), the National Security Commission, the Secretary of Social Development, and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation. Although they would have been able to confirm their intelligence reports, which tell them that the standard of living in the Zapatista indigenous communities has risen significantly despite their counterinsurgent efforts, their support for paramilitary groups, and their policing approach to a just and legitimate struggle. Beyond that, they could have confirmed first hand the persistence of that which they have tried so hard to destroy: indigenous autonomy.

The North American State Department, the CIA, the FBI. Although it would have helped them understand their repeated failures…and those yet to come.

The various espionage agencies languishing in boredom in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, where their only occupation is to encourage the raging gossip among the local [Coleta] NGOs.

The Boss,[i] who really gives orders to all of them, and to whom they bow and flatter. Although he would have shuddered to see that his recurrent nightmare has become a reality.

They have never been, nor are, nor will be our guests.

Rather, they have been, are, and will be our persecutors, those who search for a way to destroy us, to break us, to buy us, to force us to surrender.

They will always be spying on us, watching us, and cursing us, as they are now, as they were yesterday, and as they have been for 10, 20, 30, 500 years.

We are not inviting them not only because curriculum doesn’t include groups with no learning capacity, or so as not to encourage the ‘bullying’ to which they would be subjected by the other students (I know, what a shame), or because we have better ways to waste our time.

We are not inviting them because, just as we will not stop resisting and struggling, neither will they stop despising us, trying to exploit us, repress us, to strip us of what is ours, and to make us disappear.

And just as we will never learn the language of money, they will never learn to respect that which is different.

Above all, we are not inviting them because they, and he who commands them, will never understand why, instead of dying, we live.


And so, oh well, you can’t count among your classmates such ‘illustrious’ people. And therefore you won’t appear in the written media, or on the radio, or on television, and there won’t be roundtables, debate, or brainy analysis. That is, as they say, the air will be clean. And the land, which birthed us and nurtured our growth, will appreciate the dignified step that walks upon it: yours.

Vale. Health and freedom, the step of those below is welcome here, as is their heart.

From the mountains of the Mexican Southeast.


Mexico June 2013


Watch and listen to the videos that accompany this text:

Oscar Chávez and los Morales pointing to the chupacabras, which, as you see, are the same as ever.

A brief explanation of the Mexican government’s counter-insurgent strategies and the use of paramilitary groups.

Guillermo Velázquez and los Leones de la Sierra de Xichú, accompanying Oscar Chávez in this long “Pleito entre el peso y el dólar” (dispute between the peso and the dollar).



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Faltan l@s:


Junio del 2013.

A l@s adherentes a la Sexta en México y el Mundo:

A l@s estudiantes de la Escuelita Zapatista:

Compañeras, compañeros, compañeroas:

Además de l@s caídos en la lucha y l@s desaparecid@s, no estarán y sí, acompañándonos en la Escuelita Zapatista, l@s pres@s polític@s que, bajo distintas artimañas jurídicas, se encuentran en las cárceles del mundo o en situación de asilo político.

Son miles en todo el mundo, y lo pequeño de nuestra palabra no alcanza a llegar a todas, a todos.  Aunque estamos acudiendo a nuestr@s compañer@s de la Red Nacional Contra la Represión y por la Solidaridad, para tratar de llegar a l@s más posibles, siempre faltarán.

Por eso hemos mandado invitación, entre much@s, a algunas, algunos, que simbolizan no sólo lo absurdo de pretender encerrar la libertad, también, y sobre todo, la digna resistencia y la perseverancia de quienes no son vencidos por guardias, paredes y rejas.

Entre ell@s se encuentran:

Alberto Patishtán Gómez.- Condenado a 60 años de cárcel, este 19 de junio cumple 13 años tras las rejas.  Su delito: ser mexicano, chiapaneco, indígena, profesor y simpatizante zapatista.  A pesar de que se ha demostrado lo injusto de su encarcelamiento, las autoridades judiciales demoran su liberación.  En palabras de un funcionario gubernamental: “si liberamos a Patishtán sería una mala señal por partida doble: evidenciaríamos que el sistema judicial es una mierda, y alentaríamos la lucha por la libertad de otros presos.  Es algo que no nos conviene desde ningún punto de vista.  Mejor esperar a que se cansen quienes están haciendo ruido con eso.”  Pero acá sabemos que sí, que el sistema judicial en México es una mierda, y que quienes luchan por la libertad de l@s pres@s polític@s no se van a cansar… nunca.

Leonard Peltier.- Lleva 37 años en prisión.  Su delito: pertenecer al pueblo originario Sioux Chippewa (Anishinabe-Lakota) y luchar por los derechos de los pueblos originarios en la Unión Americana.  Fue tomado preso en 1976 y condenado a dos cadenas perpetuas consecutivas (tal vez porque sus verdugos querían asegurarse de que no saldría vivo ni muerto).  Se le acusó de matar a 2 agentes de la Oficina Federal de Inteligencia norteamericana (FBI por sus siglas en inglés).  El hecho ocurrió en Pine Ridge, territorio sagrado del pueblo Sioux, en Dakota del Sur, USA, donde se encontraron yacimientos de uranio y carbón.

Fue condenado sin prueba alguna y a pesar de que hay un expediente con más de 10 mil hojas con evidencias de su inocencia.  La acusación del FBI se puede resumir así: “Alguien tiene que pagarla”.  Por cierto, Robert Redford produjo una película sobre el caso, misma que no ha sido exhibida en cines norteamericanos.  Mientras tanto, los “chicos” y “chicas” del FBI, que tan bien pintan en las teleseries, han asesinado a 250 indígenas Lakotas.  No hay investigación alguna sobre esos crímenes.

Esto en un país levantado sobre el despojo de los territorios pertenecientes a los pueblos originarios en esa parte del continente americano.

Mumia Abu Jamal.- Estadunidense.  Prisionero desde hace más de 30 años.  Su delito, ser periodista y activista por los derechos de los discriminados por su color en la Unión Americana.  Inicialmente condenado a la pena de muerte, padece ahora cadena perpetua.  Lo acusaron los blancos de matar a un blanco, lo juzgaron los blancos, lo condenaron los blancos, lo iban a ejecutar los blancos, lo custodian los blancos.

Esto en un país levantado sobre la explotación del sudor y la sangre de los esclavos traídos de África… que, claro, no tenían la piel blanca.

Edward Poindexter y Mondo We Langa.Estadunidenses.  Su delito: luchar por los derechos de la población afroamericana en Estados Unidos.  Víctimas del Programa de Contra Inteligencia (CONTELPRO, por sus siglas en inglés) del FBI, fueron acusados de la muerte de un policía en 1970, al estallar un maletín con dinamita.  A pesar de tener la confesión del verdadero asesino, el FBI maniobró y sembró pruebas en contra de estos dos militantes de la organización Panteras Negras.  Numerosas pruebas jurídicas fundamentan la inocencia de ambos.

Siguen encarcelados en el país que se precia de la probidad e imparcialidad de su sistema jurídico.

Julian Paul Assange.- Originario de Australia y ciudadano del mundo. Actualmente refugiado político.  Su delito: divulgar mundialmente, entre otras cosas, la podredumbre de la política exterior norteamericana.

Assange es actualmente perseguido por los gobiernos británico y estadunidense, los dos países supuestos “paladines” de la justicia y la libertad.

Bradley Manning.- Soldado de primera clase del ejército norteamericano.  Su delito: divulgar un video donde, desde un helicóptero, soldados gringos matan a unos civiles en Irak.  Entre los asesinados están 2 periodistas.  También se le acusa de haber filtrado documentos sobre la barbarie norteamericana en Afganistán e Irak.  El cargo principal contra Bradley Manning, y que podría significarle la pena de muerte, es el de “ayudar al enemigo”, es decir, ayudar a que se conozca la verdad.

Esto en un país sostenido en la mentira de una constante amenaza externa (musulmanes, asiáticos, latinos, etc., es decir, el mundo entero) y, según la recién descubierta “maniobra de inteligencia” –en realidad se trata de espionaje-, también los estadunidenses son una amenaza.

Antonio Guerrero Rodríguez, Fernando González Llort, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino Salazar y René González Sehwerert.- La patria de estas cinco personas es Cuba, primer territorio libre en América.  También conocidos como “los 5 cubanos”.  Su delito: haber proporcionado información sobre los planes de grupos terroristas con base en territorio de la Unión Americana.  En junio de 1998, Cuba entregó al FBI norteamericano un informe recabado por los 5 cubanos.  El informe incluía cientos de páginas de reportes, videos y audios de las actividades de grupos terroristas en la Unión Americana.

En lugar de desmantelar las células terroristas, el FBI detiene a los 5 cubanos que, en los hechos, le habían salvado la vida a decenas de personas, turistas principalmente, que serían el blanco de los ataques.  Antonio es ingeniero, Fernando es diplomático, Gerardo es caricaturista, Ramón es economista y René piloto aviador.  Están presos por el delito de espionaje, siendo que, en el juicio en su contra, los mismos acusadores atestiguaron que el material que recopilaron no afectaba la seguridad nacional de la Unión Americana, y que Cuba no representaba una amenaza.

Todo esto en el territorio de quien dice combatir al terrorismo internacional.

Maria Alyójina, Yekaterina Stanislávovna Samutsévich y NadezhdaTolokónnikova.- Rusas, integrantes del grupo de rock punk “Pussy Riot”.  Su delito: denunciar la imposición de Vladimir Putin con la complicidad del alto clero de la Iglesia Ortodoxa rusa.  Fueron detenidas y tomadas prisioneras por tocar música punk en una iglesia.  La rola pedía a la madre de dios que echara a Putin del gobierno.  Fueron sentenciadas a dos años en prisión por haber “socavado el orden social”.

Esto en el país que se precia de haberse liberado de la “tiranía comunista”.

Gabriel Pombo da Silva.- Anarquista nacido en todas partes y en ninguna.  Lleva casi 30 años en más de 20 prisiones distintas de España y Alemania.  Su delito: ser consecuente.  A sus perseguidores les ha dicho:No hay nada más deplorable que un esclavo satisfecho… un individuo despojado de memoria y dignidad… es preferible ser conducido al cadalso por rebelarse que vivir cien años de «libertad condicional» y condicionada por los miedos y mentiras que nos han vendido, indoctrinado…”  Y, por su condición de preso político, ha sido claro: “Me consta que para mí (como para muchas otras) no existe la posibilidad de salir de la cárcel basándonos en sus leyes… porque su legalidad requiere de mi renuncia a mi identidad política… Y obviamente quien renuncia a su propia identidad política no sólo se traiciona a sí mismo, sino a todas las que nos han precedido con anterioridad en esta larga marcha por la dignidad y la libertad. No hay nada de heroico ni de «mártir» (de éstos está el cementerio lleno) en esta consideración. Lo creo sinceramente y con todo mi corazón y por ello estoy dispuesto a aceptar «pagar el tributo» por ser coherente conmigo mismo y cuanto pienso/siento…“


¿Por qué les hablo de est@s pres@s polític@s tan disímbolos y tan distantes entre sí?  Porque para las zapatistas, los zapatistas, la libertad no es patrimonio de un credo, una ideología, una posición política, una raza.  En los videos verán a qué nos referimos y les ayudarán a escuchar, que es como se empieza a entender.  Son como 15 minutos que ayudan a asomarse a los muchos mundos que en el mundo son.

Así como ellas y ellos, cientos de presas y presos políticos han sido invitados a la Escuelita Zapatista.  A tod@s ell@s les hemos mandado una carta como la que ahora les anexo.  Esperamos que la reciban, así como los libros y audios y videos donde contamos nuestra historia.  Esperamos que acepten la invitación, no porque pensemos que podamos enseñarles nada, sino para que conozcan cómo es que acá se nombra la libertad.

Aquí va:



Mayo del 2013.

Para: ___________________________

De: Las mujeres, hombres, niños y ancianos zapatistas.

Asunto: Invitación Especial para participar en la Escuelita Zapatista.


Reciba usted el saludo de los niños, niñas, ancianos, mujeres y hombres del Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional.

Le escribimos porque queremos invitarlo especialmente a participar en la escuelita zapatista “La Libertad según l@s Zapatistas”.

Sabemos que tal vez le sea imposible participar en esta ocasión personalmente.  Pero nosotros sabemos bien que llegará el día en que las puertas de las cárceles se abrirán para quienes, como usted, han sido tomados prisioneros por la injusticia hecha gobierno.  Y esas mismas puertas seguirán abiertas lo suficiente para que por ellas entren los banqueros y sus servidores.

Mientras tanto, veremos la forma de hacerle llegar los materiales.  Son textos con las palabras de nuestras compañeras y compañeros zapatistas, abrumadoramente indígenas mayas, y en ellos cuentan su historia propia de lucha.  Una historia, seguramente parecida a la de usted, llena de ese continuo sube y baja que es la lucha por la libertad, de los dolores que la llenan, de la esperanza que la rebosa, y de esa continua necedad de, como usted, no claudicar, no venderse, no rendirse.

Tal vez no le lleguen por el momento.  Es muy probable que sus carceleros y verdugos confisquen el material, alegando que el paquete contiene material peligroso.  Y es que la sola palabra “libertad”, cuando es vivida desde abajo y a la izquierda, es uno de los muchos horrores que pueblan las pesadillas de quienes arriba son a costa del dolor de los demás.

Como quiera acá esperamos, tarde o temprano, su asistencia.  Porque si nuestro empeño es la libertad, uno de nuestros distintivos es la paciencia.

Vale.  Salud y que la libertad sea lo que debe ser, es decir, patrimonio de la humanidad.

A nombre de tod@s l@s zapatistas del EZLN.

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.                          Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

México, mayo del 2013.

(fin de la carta-invitación para l@s pres@s polític@s)


Pues bien, así que ahora ya conocen a est@s otr@s invitad@s a participar en la Escuelita junto a usted.

No les tema.  No son ell@s l@s criminales, en cambio sí lo son quienes l@s mantienen prisioneros.

Vale.  Salud y que encontremos la libertad de la única forma posible, es decir, con tod@s ell@s.


Desde las montañas del Sureste Mexicano.

Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos.

México, Junio del 2013.