30th Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising

30 Dec 2023 to 2 Jan 2024
Caracol VIII, “Resistencia y Rebeldía: Un Nuevo Horizonte”
Village of Dolores Hidalgo, Chiapas

30 Aniversario del Levantamiento Zapatista: Lo común y el autogobierno
Report by Radio Zapatista (text, photo, video, audio)


Invitation to the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Beginning of the War Against Oblivion
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés (Dec 2023)

Twentieth and Last Part: The Common and Non-Property
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ and Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés (Dec 2023)

Nineteenth Part: To whom it may concern:
Tercios Compas (Dec 2023)

Eighteenth Part: THE RAGE
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Dec 2023)

Seventeentht Part: Never Again…
Tercios Compas and ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Dec 2023)

Sixteenth Part: Bertold Brecht, Cumbias and Non-Existence
Tercios Compas (Dec 2023)

Fifteenth Part: At Night and In Plain Light…
Tercios Compas (Dec 2023)

Fourteenth Part and Second Approach Alert:
The (other) Rule of the Excluded Third

ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Thirteenth Part: Two soccer games and the same rebelliousness.
“Soccer is the continuation of politics through other means”

ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Twelfth Part: Fragments
Fragments of a letter written by Subcommander Insurgent Moises, sent a few months ago, to a geography distant in space but close in thought

EZLN (Nov 2023)

Eleventh Part: In the Meantime, in the Mountains of the Mexican Southeast…
Tercios Compas (Nov 2023)

Tenth Part: About the Pyramids and theiir Uses and Traditions.
Conclusions of the Critical Analysis of the MAREZ and JBG.

(Fragment of the interview to SubComandante Insurente Moisés in August-September 2023,
in the mountains of the Mexican Southeast)

EZLN (Nov 2023)

Ninth Part: The New Structure of Zapatista Autonomy.
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés (Nov 2023)

Eighth Part: PS. That Must be Read to Know What It’s About
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Seventh Part: A Beatle in Streaming
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Sixth Part: Postscript that searches hoping to find
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Fifth Part: “Sorry for the blow, lad”
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Fourth Part and First Approximation Alert. Several Necessary Deaths
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés (Nov 2023)

Third Part: Dení
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Nov 2023)

Second Part: Do the dead sneeze?
ͶÀTIꟼAƆ ⅃Ǝ (Oct 2023)

First Part: The Motives of the Wolf
EZLN (Oct 2023)