Radio Zapatista is a free, autonomous, alternative media collective made up of independent communicators who believe in the possibility of building a Mexico outside of the capitalist logic of profit and competition, and many worlds with justice, freedom, and dignity. Our perspective is from below and to the left, inspired by the example of struggle and construction of the zapatista peoples and the EZLN, as well as struggles and rebellions from many other geographies.

The collective was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2006, in the context of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle and the Other Campaign. Before that, Radio Zapatista was a monthly program broadcast on Pacifica Radio, organized by a committee in solidarity with the zapatista communities in Chiapas. With the challenges, hopes, and provocations posed by the Sixth Declaration, a group of adherentes, mostly migrants and chicanos, decided to create the collective. With time, some members migrated to Mexico, others left, others joined, and today we are in several geographies of that country, from where we produce reports, audios, news, and programs on the struggles inspired by the zapatistas in Mexico and the world.