CNI/CIG/EZLN Denunciation of the Murder of Samir Flores Soberanes
February 20, 2019

To the people of Mexico and of the world:
To the CIG Support Networks:
To the Networks of Resistance and Rebellion:
To the National and International Sixth:
To the media:

With pain and rage we denounce the cowardly murder of our compañero Samir Flores Soberanes, community leader in Amilcingo, Morelos, and key figure in the opposition to the “Integral Project for Morelos”. Soberanes was a long-time delegate to the National Indigenous Congress.

On February 20th at approximately 5:40 am, armed individuals in two vehicles showed up at Soberanes’ house and knocked on the door. When he answered they shot him four times, including two bullets to the head that would end his life within minutes.

Just the day before, Samir had presented arguments against the “Integral Project for Morelos” at an event in the Jonacatepec municipality organized by Hugo Erick Flores, representative of the bad government at the federal level. The event was connected to the supposed “referendum” that the government intends to use in order to justify building a thermoelectric plant and associated industrial projects in Huexca, Morelos, which will require territorial dispossession and pose a risk to all life in the region.

We hold the bad government and its bosses—corporations and armed groups that operate both legally and illegally—responsible for this crime, through which they intend to rob us blind, kill us off, and extinguish the glimmers of light that give us hope, which is what our compañero Samir was to us.

February 2019

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Never Again a Mexico Without Us

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