To the originary peoples of Mexico:
To the civil society of Mexico and the world:
To the National and International Sixth:
To the free media:

Sisters and brothers:

The originary peoples, families, barrios, tribes, and nations that make up the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) denounce the raid and robbery perpetrated at the home of Guadalupe Núñez Salaza, councilwoman from the Coast of Chiapas for the Indigenous Governing Council (CIG).

On October 2 at 4:00am, unknown individuals entered the home of the compañera Guadalupe Núñez Salaza (located at #73 1º de Mayo Street, Evolución district in the city of Tonalá, Chiapas), where they stole money, electronics, and official documents. This took place while CIG council members had gone to the communities affected by the earthquake of September 7, 2017, to provide humanitarian aid, reconstruct housing, and carry out the organizational process of the Indigenous Governing Council.

Given this context, we originary peoples of the CNI demand an in-depth investigation in order that the direct perpetrators of these acts be found, and also to show how these mechanisms seek to intimidate individuals, peoples, and struggles in resistance. This is how we as peoples demand truth and justice. We also call attention to the fact that these events represent a threat against the compañera Guadalupe Núñez Salaza and her family, as well as against the members of the Tonalteco Civic Front and the Autonomous Regional Council of the Coastal Zone of Chiapas. Given this, we call on human rights organizations to be alert to further acts of intimidation.

We demand respect for the organizational process that the Indigenous Governing Council is developing across diverse regions of Mexico. We remind all that the hour for the flourishing of our peoples has arrived, and that therefore we will continue building resistance, rebellion, and autonomy from below and to the left, together with the exploited peoples of Mexico and the world.

Never Again a Mexico Without Us

National Indigenous Congress
Indigenous Governing Council