CIDECI-Unitierra. San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

From December 26, 2014, through January 4, 2017.

December 26

10:00 – 11:00. Inauguration. Words of Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés on behalf of the Zapatista women, men, children, and elders.

General Sessions. Participation by:

Biologist Adriana Raquel Aguilar Melo: “The Academy May Be Exclusionary, But Can Science Be A Common Good?”

Dr. Marco Antonio Sánchez Ramos: “Sisyphus and Science”

Dr. Tonatiuh Matos Chassin: “A Fundamental Law for the Progress of a Nation”

Physicist Eduardo Vizcaya Xilotl: “(Meta)Sciences, Utopias and Dystopias”

Professors Luis Malaret and Diane Rocheleau: “Ecology From Below”

Dr. Iván Alejandro Velasco-Dávalos: “Who Does Science Serve? A Collective Vision Regarding the Importance of the Joint Popularization of the Arts and the Sciences”

Alchemist SupGaleano: “Some Questions for the Sciences”

December 27

General Sessions. Participation by:

Physicist Alejo Stark: “The Role of the Sciences in the Transformation of the World”

Dr. Claudio Martínez Debat: “Biology and Biotechnology: Who Do They Serve?”

Doctoral Candidate Dr. Luis Fernando Santis Espinosa: “The Slavery of Science: The National Market for Natural Resources and Their Privatization”

Dr. Kristen Vogeler: “Thoughts on the Relation Between Science and Customs”

Dr. Mariana Benítez Keinrad: “Some Reflections on Science from the Cubicle of a Development Biologist”

Dr. Tatiana Fiordelisio: “The Sciences: A Raft For the Storm?”

Alchemist SupGaleano: “The Flower is to Blame”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

Dr. Jerome Leboeuf: “The Potential and Applications of Artificial Intelligence”

Dr. Marco Antonio Sánchez Ramos: “What Are the Stars Made Of?”

Dr. Patricia Ramos Morales: “What Are Mutagens and Where Are They Located?”

Dr. María Alejandra Jiménez Zúñiga: “Our Place In the Cosmos: What Astrophysics Tells Us”

Mathematician Florencia Cubría: “Connectivity In Graphs”

Master of Science, Verónica López Delgado: “Gravity and Magnetism: Determinate Forces In Our World.”

Biologist Felipe Gómez Noguez: “Pteridium, A Capitalist Fern”

Workshops. Participation by:

Atenea Martínez Dolores and Manuel Alejandro Lara, Engineers. Robotics Workshop for The Masked, I (only for Zapatista students)

December 28

General Sessions. Participation by:

Elfego Ruiz Gutiérrez, Master of Science: “Critical Reflections and Practices On the Scientific Endeavor For Life”

Dr. Gabriela Piccinelli Bocchi: “Science…and ConScience, What For?”

Dr. Igor Valencia Sánchez: “Bloodsucker Science: Free Access to Knowledge and Biohackers”

Dr. Jaime del Sagrado Corazón Morales Hernández: “Agroecology and the Sciences For Sustainability”

Dr. Carlos Román Zúñiga: “Astronomy: the Poetry of the Exact Sciences”

Dr. Yuri Nahmad Molinari: “Flaws and Benefits of Mexican Energy Reform”

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés and Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano: “The Arts and the Sciences in the History of (neo) Zapatismo”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

Dr. Natalia Ismene Pavón Martínez: “Estrogen and Its Influence On the Heart”

Mathematician Eric López González: “Emotional Mathematics”

Biologist Adriana Raquel Aguilar Melo: “Come Together, Separate, and Come Together Again for ‘Buen Vivir’: The Case of Non-Human Primates”

Mathematician Elisa Rocha Cardozo: “How are Living Beings Distributed Spatially?”

Dr. Gabriel Ramos Fernández: “Complexity, Resilience, and Uncertainty: Socioecosystems and Biodiversity”

Dr. Lev Jardón Barbolla.

Workshops. Participation by:

Atenea Martínez Dolores and Manuel Alejandro Lara, Engineers. “Robotics Workshop for The Masked II” (only for Zapatista students)

December 29

General Sessions. Participation by:

Dr. Adolfo Olea Franco: “The Social Function of Science”

Engineer Fayez Mubarqui Guevara: “Feeling-thinking the Energy Crisis”

Dr. Octavio Valadez Blanco: “Scientists and Humanists as Participants in Social Struggle: Challenges in the Mexican Capitalocene”

Dr. Eva Jablonka: “Epigenetics: The Science that Connects”

Dr. Melina Gómez Bock: “The Obscurity of a Theoretical Physics”

Dr. Lev Jardón Borbolla: “The Storm in the Sciences and the Sciences in the Face of the Storm: It is Possible to Change the Relations of Production”

Alchemist SupGaleano: “The Cat-Dog and the Apocalypse”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

Dr. John Vandermeeer: “Ecological factors in Controlling Coffee Blight”

Dr. Carlos Román Zúñiga: “Gestation and Life of the Stars”

Engineers Iván Domenzain del Castillo Cerecer. “Frankensteins Also Sow Seeds”

Dr. Alejandro Vásquez Arzola: “Light and Its Enemies”

Dr. Claudio Martínez Debat: “Genetically Modified Vegetable Organisms in Uruguay”

Dr. Grodecz Alfredo Ramírez Ovando: “Geometry: A World Where Many Worlds Fit”

Workshops. Participation by:

Dr. Patricia Ramos Morales. Workshop: How Does a Scientist Work? (only for students)

December 30

General Sessions. Participation by:

Dr. Pablo González Casanova: “Capitalism and Ecology”

Dr. John Vandermeer: “Ecology As a Science and As a Component of Cosmovisions”

Dr. Ivette Perfecto: “Ecology As a Science and As a Component of Cosmovisions, II”

Jesús Vergara Huerta, Master of Science: “The Eruption of Free and Communitarian Science In the 21st Century”

Gibran Mubarqui Guevara, Engineer: “From Imposition to Communitarian: Remaking the Sciences”

Dr. Stuart Newman: “Social Uses of Science”

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés: “Originary Peoples and the Sciences in the Service of Life”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

Dr. Carlos Rodrigo Martínez Prieto: “Theory of the Origin of the Universe and Other Speculations”

Dr. Ivette Perfecto. “Ecological Complexity in the Coffee Farms of Chiapas”

Dr. Yuri Nahmad Molinari: “Harvesting the Sun”

David Franco Martínez, Master of Engineering: “Use of Renewable Energy Resources”

Physicist Alejo Stark: “Cosmos Without Borders: the Poetic Relational Logic of Physical Cosmology”

Medical Doctor Lilia Piélago García: “Palliative Cities: A Universal Right”

Dr. Emilio Molinari. “Another World is Possible, and We Are Looking for It”

Workshops. Participation by:

Karla María Castillo Espinoza, Master of Science: “What Do Fossils Tell Us About the Earth’s Past?” (only for Zapatista students)

January 2

General Sessions. Participation by:

Dr. Kristin Mercer: “The Effect of Money in Academic Research”

Dr. Gabriel Ramos Fernández: “Complexity and Uncertainty: Scientists and Decision Making”

Dr. Gertrudis Hortensia González Gómez: “Some Promises of Science, Or, How To Care For Our Health”

Alejandro Muñoz: “García in Nuevo León and the Free-Scientific-Technology Vision for the 21st Century”

Dr. Jérôme Leboeuf: “The Risks That Arise With Artificial Intelligence”

Dr. Valeria Souza Saldívar and Dr. Luis Eguiarte Fruns: “The Water Paradigm”

Alchemist SupGaleano: “Zapatista Alchemy”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

Dr. Ramón Carrillo Bastos: “Quantum Mechanics and Causality”

Dr. Mariana Peimbert:“Color Inheritance in Dogs”

Dr. Adolfo Olea: “Corn seed: From Indigenous Varieties to Hybrids and Genetically Modified Versions”

Dr. María Magdalena Tatter: “Application of Knowledges and Values in Pediatrics”

Physicist Alejandro Muñoz: “Nuclear Fusion in General as a Source of Clean Energy”

Dr. Luis Concha Loyola: “Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Understand the Human Brain”

Dr. Azucena de León Murillo: “Pearls of Neurological Disease”

Practicum. Participation by:

Dr. Gertrudis Hortensia González Gómez and Dr. Tatiana Fiordelisio C: “How We Study the Brain, the Muscles, and the Heart: Our Senses and Learning”

January 3

General Sessions. Participation by:

Dr. Alejandra Arafat Angulo Perkins: “The Path and the Practice of Science in Mexico”

Teacher Ernesto Hernández Daumas: “Food Production and Public Health”

Dr. Fabiola Méndez Arriaga: “The Destruction of the Environment in the Name of Capitalist-Health: Pharmaceuticals Contaminating the World”

Dr. Juan Manuel Malda Barrera: “Science and Dialogue Between Cultures”

Christian Abraham Enríquez Olguín, Engineer: “The Transitions Between Points of Epistemic Equilibrium”

Dr. Carlos Rodrigo Martínez Prieto: “Are Physics and the Natural Sciences a True Tool of Liberation for Communities and People?”

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés and Subcomandante Insurgente Galeano: “What’s Next?”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

Biologist Jani Azucena Olvera Maldonado: “Pathogenic Bacterial Causes of Gastrointestinal Illness and Their Relation to Water Purification”

Karla Aguilar Lara, Master of Science: “There Is No Hope For Those Who Wait (Food Technology)”

Dr. Luis David Alcaraz: “Microorganisms, Their Genes, and Health”

Dr. Manuel Fernández Guasti: “Tlayohualchieliztli and Indigenous Knowledge”

Jesús Vergara Huerta, Master of Science: “Don’t Look Into Its Eyes: New, Non-invasive Techniques for Ecophysiological Study ”

Physicist Gustavo Magallanes Guijón: “Of Whales, Jaguars, and Microbes: Geocomputational Visualization of Biological Species from the Roof of the House the Size of the World”

Dr. Juan Manuel Malda Barrera: “Empathy and Evolution”

January 4

General Sessions. Participation by:

Dr. Celia Oliver and Dr. César Abarca: “Bioethical Reflections on the Inversion of Specialized Resources In Science, Art and Humanities, Employment, and Educational Spaces”

Hugo I. Cruz Rosas, Master of Science: “A Possible Place for Basic Science In the Process of Social Transformation”

Maria del Pilar Martínez Téllez, Master of Science: “The Sciences and the Capitalist Hydra”

Dr. Martha Patricia Mora Flores: “Two Ways to see Nature: The Capitalist Lens of Patriarchy and the Very Other Gaze Of the Communities”

Physicist Nelson Ravelo: “How Can Social Movements Appropriate the Construction of a Science and Technology In Line with Social Transformation?”

Dr. Steven Rose: “Science for Oppression or Science for Liberation?”

Informational Talks. Participation by:

José Manuel Serrano Serrano, Master of Science: “What Do Females Sing In Environments Where Males Predominate? The Case of Frogs and Toads”

Mariana Patricia Jácome Paz, Master of Science: “Social Effects of the Eruption of El Chichón Volcano, Chiapas”

Biologist Nolasca Valdés Navarrete: “The Monopolization of the Ocean… The Illusion Of Fishing?”

Closing: Zapatista students and Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés.