The focus of this month’s show is war. War is everywhere, it surrounds us and permeates every aspect of society; war is strikingly apparent, captivating our eyes and ears with gunfire and explosions, but it is also silent, subtle, seemingly innocuous, difficult and at times even impossible to see. War is also everyday life under capitalism. War therefore takes many different forms simultaneously. What we want to do today is not simply report about sites of war but examine some of war’s different modes, the forms that war takes across space and time. We will look at three formations: Mexico and the narco-state, North Africa and the repressive state apparatus, and the Bay Area and the police state. Despite their differences, all of these geopolitical sites have experienced the varying but devastating effects of war and, furthermore, they all recognize that the enemy is the state in some form or another, state agents or institutions like the police or the military tied to bureaucracies of power and the reins of capital.

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