After years of a process full of irregularities and impunity, despite extensive evidence, the voice of the community radio comunitaria Ñomndaa continues being stepped on; a radio station that for years has been giving voice to the voiceless, the Nnanncue indigenous peoples.

Program by Radio Ñomndaa on the case of Don Silverio Matías Domínguez, who for 10 years has demanded justice for the agression that made him lose an eye, and the impunity that declared innocent the aggressor, the current municipal secretary of Xochislahuaca and brother of the cacique Aceadeth Rocha Ramírez, José Luis Rocha Ramírez. Part 1:(Descarga aquí)  

Part 2:(Descarga aquí)  

Radio segment in solidarity with the compañer@s from Guerrero from the Other Europe (Nodo Solidale / Colectivo Zapatista de Lugano / Nomads de Xm24).(Descarga aquí)  

More information on the case.