A documentary on Cuba’s agroecological movement, from the everyday life of its protagonists.

This video portrays the everyday work of peasants in the hills of Escambray, province of Villa Clara, Cuba. In these hills, agroecology arose as a solution to the food crisis in the special period after the fall of the socialist block in the late 20th century.

Organic work with the land and the search for sustainability soon became an option for life, an alternative that has been florishing and is today bearing fruit. Vital seeds that germinate under the sun of a new paradigm for life, expanding from a new awareness and florishing as alternatives and hope.

By Colectivo Koman ilel
Chiapas, 2014
Cuban Spanish with English, French, and Portuguese subtitles.

If you would like to organize a projection, write to koman.ilel@gmail.com.

More info: http://komanilel.org/cuba