Testimony by Omar García, student from Ayotzinapa:
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Testimony of the confrontation at the site of the 27th Battalion by a student from Ayotzinapa:
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Ayotzinapa, Guerrero, 13 January 2015.- Omar García, member of the student committee of the Ayotzinapa teachers’ school remains hospitalized with the risk of losing his sight on the left eye due to the aggression committed by the military police during the eviction suffered by the students and the relatives of the 43 missing students while they held a demonstration at the 27th Infantry Battalion of the Mexican Army in the city of Iguala.

Omar was admitted today to the ISSSTE Hospital in Chilpancingo with a severe injury to the left cheekbone caused by a rock thrown by the military police. He was stitched without anesthesia (by his own decision) and remains in observation while he awaits examination by a specialist, who will determine whether or not he requires a surgical proceedure.

“The idea was to enter a few meters into the military headquarters and hold a demonstration there; the relatives were up front, we tried to limit the actions in order to avoid a serious confrontation, making sure we all arrived arrived where we had to arrive, telling them ‘we come in peace, we’re only going to hold a demonstration here, we want to speak with the person responsible’. But it was useless, they started to push us back and the confrontation broke out,” explained Omar, sitting on a hospital bed wrapped in a green gown.

“We want investigations to begin against the Army and against anyone that’s required. We will continue stating that we are the victims of what happened on September 26; what happened there has happened thousands of times and we don’t want it to happen again,” concluded the student.

After the student Omar was admitted to the hospital, ministerial and state police arrived and remained stationed in trucks outside the hospital. As a result, there is a permanent guard by the students, because of the fear that Omar could be detained by the police.