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Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas – Programa de junio

  • News from México/Chiapas
  • Oakland gang injunction
  • Oscar Grant case
  • University of Puerto Rico strike
  • Hunger strike at UC Berkeley
  • SB 1070 & Arizona protests
  • One year anniversary of the massacre at Bagua, Perú
Relatos Zapatistas

A un año de la masacre de Bagua, Perú

Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas – March program

March program by Relatos Zapatistas


  • the month of march in zapatista history
  • durito storytime
  • entrevista con victor hugo lópez (Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de las Casas)
  • mitzitón – noticias de la otra
  • march 20 day of action announcement
  • discussion of la otra with gustavo esteva interview
  • discussion of march 4th day of action in defense of public education (berkeley, oakland, davis)
Noticias de la Otra

Encounter by the Movement for Justice in el Barrio, New York, and news from Chiapas and the Other Campaign

Interview with Oscar from the Movement for Justice in El Barrio, in East Harlem, New York, about their struggle and the Third Encounter for Dignity and against Gentrification. In addition, important news:

  • Paramilitary aggressions by Opddic against zapatista bases of support at Bolom Ajaw
  • Paramilitary threats by Ejército de Dios to Other Campaign adherents at Mitzitón
  • National and international solidarity with zapatista communities
  • Murder of sex worker in Mexico City
  • March by the Frente Plural Ciudadano in repudiation of the massacre of 16 youths in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua
  • Inform by adherents to the other campaign of Valle de Chalco about the floods and request for aid
  • Tlachinollan Human Rights Center in the mountains of Guerrero denounce violence against human rights activists
Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas – February program

Live program at Berkeley Liberation Radio.

  • News updates
  • Important dates of Zapatista history in the month of February
  • Analysis and commentary about the Junta de Buen Gobierno De Morelia
  • Speech by Supcomandante Marcos on the importance of alternative media
  • Interview with folks from pirate cat radio
  • Interview from Radio Zapatista with radio garifuna Faluma Bimetu Honduras
  • Interview with spoken word artists from the el kilombo collective from Mexico about Haiti
  • Update about the UC struggle around education
  • Durito Story hour- A communique by Marcos entitled “Apples and the Zapatistas”
Relatos Zapatistas

Interview with the founder of Pirate Cat Radio

Interview with Pirate Cat Radio founder Monkey on the history of Pirate Cat, the recent FCC fine of $10,000, and the unique importance of pirate/community radio. Originally aired on Berkeley Liberation Radio program Relatos Zapatistas.

La Onda Bajita

La Onda Bajita – February program

  • News on Chiapas and the Other Campaign
  • Interview with the Good Government Council of Morelia
  • Supreme Court decision on Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Interview with Garifuna community radio Faluma Bimetu
Noticias de la Otra

Mumia Abu-Jamal faces threat of execution

The US Supreme Court wil decide today on the petition of the Philadelphia court to execute the political prisoner, journalist and former militant of the Black Panther Party without a trial.

Radio Zapatista

Seminario internacional de reflexión y análisis – 4

2 Jan – morning:

2 Jan – afternoon:

Relatos Zapatistas

Movimiento estudiantil en la Universidad de California Berkeley

Report on the most recent actions of the student movement at the University of California Berkeley (and police repression)

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