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Votán IV. Día Menos 7.

Votán IV.

D-Day Minus 7.

Revelations of what the Zapatista heart admires in others, announcement of some exemptions to the Zapatista Little School, and some pointless advice that no one is going to follow.

August of 2013.

Okay so, there’s not much left now. I mean that there are not many days left until the Little School starts, not that we don’t have much more to do and say.

If anyone out there can find a school that assigns each individual their own teacher, 24 hours a day, a school that is laicized [secular] and free of cost, that provides lodging and meals during the teaching and learning, well good luck.

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Votán III.

IAQ Section (Infrequently Asked Questions).

What you always wanted to know (or be warned) about the Zapatistas, their renowned Little School, and the potential consequences of attending.

July 2013.

So, it seems it is becoming more or less clear what the hell the Zapatistas are thinking when we talk about the little school.

But it is as expected that you would now have more questions than answers. Perhaps you are no longer worried about your footwear, but now you have other questions. It occurs to you that perhaps it is true what they say about Zapatismo being a 21st century rebellion, that they are skilled in all things cybernetic (they even have a graffiti artist for virtual walls). So you go to the nearest internet café, turn on the computer, and search “Zapatista little school, doubts, common questions, FAQ, etc.”

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The Guardians.

July of 2013.

Now we want to explain to you how the little school will work (the list of school items you’ll need, the methodology, the teachers, the course subjects, the schedules, etc.), so the first thing is…

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Votán I. UN ESCARABAJO EN LA RED (Durito versión freeware).

Votán I.

A Beetle in the Network

(Durito version freeware).

July of 2013.

Before we explain how the Little School is going to work (at which point we’ll send a kind of “route manual” or “manual of bad manners” or “survival manual”), let’s take a look at what they’re up to “above.” Not because we’re a little scattered (which we are, no doubt), but because we look at their calendars and geographies above, that is, we try to understand.

So, please be kind and patient and accompany us in this gaze from here below to there above.

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Nelson Maca - Coletivo Blackitude

Against the Reduction of Legal Age in Brazil

Poema y video realizado por el poeta y compañero Nelson Maca, en apoyo a la campaña “Contra la reducción de la mayoría de edad penal” en Brasil, articulada por el poeta Akins Kinté.

Mayoría de Edad – Nelson Maca

No vio el blanco del arroz ni sabe lo que es frijol
En la calle la cama es periódico y la cobija, cartón
El juguete no llegó, con el lápiz se decepcionó
Primero agua de la fuente, fuego en la piedra después
Padre y madre nunca vio, mamó en las tetas del terror
Creció en los brazos de la soledad, abrazado al desamor

Tú que nunca pisaste la espina de la negación
Piensas que el crimen se escoge, opción por la perversión
Tú que crías a tu perro en la lógica de la humanidad
Y pregonas justicia humana con clase, color y edad
Aguzas tu sadismo viendo jóvenes en el penal
Financias proyectos racistas para limpiar la ciudad

Apoyo la minoría de edad del frijol con arroz y verdura
Y la cama hecha por manos de madre con calor de ternura
Emancipación de la infancia, mayoría de edad de la educación
Por el derecho a un padre, libertad en vez de prisión
Contra el juicio racista que personifica el mal
Estoy en contra de la reducción de la mayoría de edad penal

Radio Zapatista

Presenting the novel La Reina del Cine Roma

Invitación: (Descarga aquí)

Koman Ilel y Movimiento del Pueblo de El Bosque por la Libertad de Alberto Patishtán

Documentary: Alberto Patishtán

The death of 7 policement in an ambush perpetrated by an armed group in the municipality of El Bosque in 2000 was the motive for which Alberto Patishtán Gómez was sent to jail, sentenced to 60 years for a crime he did not commit, and of which he was accused as political revenge for his struggle in support of his people and against the abuses of the local government. A social activist of the Tsotsil people.

Based on interviews and testimonies, this documentary recreates the real motives that led Alberto Patishtán to jail. We see how his people have struggled to liberate him and the injustices committed by the very institutions in charge of ensuring Justice, against him an, as a consequence, against all organized peoples in Chiapas.


Asesinan a ejidatario de la Otra Campaña (Sexta) en Bachajón

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas

April 25, 2013

Frayba Urgent Information Note

Ejidatario from The Other Campaign in Bachajón Chiapas is Murdered

The Centre for Human Rights condemns the assassination of Juan Vázquez Guzmán, former Secretary General of the adherents to the Other Campaign (La Sexta) in the ejido of San Sebastián Bachajón, who was noted for his active participation in the defense of Land and Territory against the government plunder of the Agua Azul Waterfalls and the imposition of the Toll Booth at the entrance.

According to information given to this Centre, on Wednesday April 24 at 23:00 pm persons unknown shot Juan Vázquez five times, killing him instantly.

Neighbors say that Juan was attacked just as he was arriving home, the attackers immediately fled in a red van, with a double cab, taking the road to the municipal headquarters of Sitalá, thus also having access to the roads to the municipalities of Ocosingo, Cancúc and Chilón.

Since 2007, Juan Vázquez had been active in the defense of the Land and Territory of San Sebastian Bachajónone, a situation for which they held an order for legal protection (amparo) which is currently being reviewed in the Third Collegiate Court, based in Tuxtla Gutiérrez, under case number 118/2013.

On April 17th the ejidatarios of San Sebastian Bachajón, adherents to the Other Campaign of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, publicly denounced two that their Territory is being threatened by the official policy of territorial dispossession which is continuing under the current  state government.

1 Video of the struggle for the defense of the Territory, available at: #!

2 See note and statement available at:

RedGeneración - Grillonautas

Zetas throw migrants off the train if they refuse to pay their fee: Fray Tomás González

In this video, Fray Tomás González, from La 72 Casa del Migrante in Tenosique, Tabasco, narrates the inhumane conditions that migrants live on their way through Mexico.

Bataclán Cinematográfica

ATENCO: The wound remains open

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