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The student movement in Chile: Report from the mega-march in Santiago on July 14, 2011

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En este reportaje, salimos a la mega-marcha de estudiantes y trabajadores en Santiago de Chile el 14 de julio 2011, para escuchar las voces de los manifestantes en su lucha contra el neoliberalismo y por la democracia y la educación pública. También hablamos con un activista de Santiago sobre la historia de la privatización de la educación para entender mejor el cómo y porqué de la lucha actual en Chile.

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Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas in July: Interviews on Austerity and the “Drug War”

On this month’s show we bring you three in-depth interviews: 1) Oakland librarian “Agnes” on public libraries in a time of austerity, when 14 of 18 libraries were threatened with closure; 2) reporter and author John Gibler on his new book, To Die in Mexico, which analyzes the so-called “drug war” in Mexico; and 3) two compañerxs from UA in the Bay announce the Anarchist General Assembly that will take place on July 16, along with an update on the continuing occupation of Glen Cove. (2 hrs, mp3)

Four audio files are available here: 1) the full show; 2) interview on libraries and austerity (28 min); 3) interview with John Gibler (42 min); 4) interview on Anarchist General Assembly (14 min).

Relatos Zapatistas

Autonomía y Austeridad / Relatos Zapatistas en junio

This month’s program, broadcast on June 5, tries to think through the relationship between two concepts: autonomy and austerity. Here we’ve uploaded two interviews as separate segments/files that can be easily downloaded and listened to. The first (both in Spanish and translated into English) deals with the so-called “Spanish Revolution,” the massive popular mobilizations against the electoral system that have been taking place in Spain since May. The second focuses on a series of actions organized against austerity politics and their local manifestations. The two interviews also reflect on the question of how best to articulate an anti-austerity politics that’s at the same time anti-state.

The audios are also available on the Indybay website: 15-M Español, 15-M English, and austerity.

Nomads XM24 / Nodo Solidale / Colectivo Zapatista "Marisol"

La Otra Europa Info 6.0 – radio news

  • Vittorio lives, a message for the murder of a compañero
  • Greece: Demonstration and combats for protest against the government.
  • Italy: 16 March 2001 – Eight years without you, eight years with you
  • Croacia: Libertarian block protests against the country’s government
  • Italy: Repression against anarchist groups
  • Greece: Movement “I don’t pay.” A Greek initiative to “stop paying for other people’s crisis”
  • Greece: Rebel briefs
  • The Arab rebelion and strategic thought. Extract from an article by Raul Zibechi
  • Italy: Fascists won’t pass!
  • UK: The battle Stokes Croft and the anti-anarchist attacks
  • UK: Anti-anarchist attacks in London
  • Hungry: Self-organized Rom face fascit groups.
Radio Zapatista

II International Seminar: Global Crisis and ‘Other’ Social Movements

II International Seminar
(Tanzania, Turkey, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, USA)
12 May 2011 / CIDECI-Unitierra Chiapas

Global Crisis and “Other” Social Movements

In Memoriam:
Don Samuel Ruiz García
Felipe de J. Toussaint Loera

First Part

In Memoriam: Resemblances

Estela Barco / Jorge Santiago / Guillermo Villaseñor(Descarga aquí)  

General Introduction: Gustavo Esteva

Moderator: Oliver Fröhling (México)

Derek Shaw (Canada)(Descarga aquí)  

Sonal Mehta (India) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Sonal Mehta (India) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Horsley (New Zealand) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Horsley (New Zealand) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Alice Brooks Wilson (USA) – Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Second Part

Moderator: Gustavo Esteva (México)

Jennifer Jones (USA) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Jennifer Jones (USA) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Fatma Alloo (Tanzania) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Fatma Alloo (Tanzania) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Sibel Ozbudun (Turkey) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Sibel Ozbudun (Turkey) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Final words: Gustavo Esteva(Descarga aquí)   (Continuar leyendo…)

Movimiento de Resistencia al pago de las altas tarifas de la luz

CIVIL RESISTANCE to the payment of high electric power rates

The movement of resistance to the payment of high electric power rates in Mexico, made up of community and neighborhood organizations, was born over 20 years ago. The increasing privatization of the public service by the Federal Electric Commission (CFE) in the hands of transnational companies, especially Spanish, and the continuous and arbitrary increase in rates, has led to a greater coordination of struggles on a regional and national level.

In the state of Chiapas 45% of the country’s hydroelectric energy is generated, which is exported even to Central America. The communities in resistance of Chiapas, independently from the state, have their own electric tecnicians, purchase and install transformers and light posts and send a clear message: “We will not pay for electricity until the San Andres Accords are met”, which were signed between the federal government and the EZLN in 1996, and which deal, among other things, with the control of natural resources.


Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas April Show

On today’s show, we examine the new geography of war in the context of the “old” geography of Chiapas. We talk with a compa of ours on the ground in Chiapas, who reports on some of the most recent clashes of the low-intensity war in Mitzitón, Bachajón, and Tila. We use these events, and the bigger picture in which they take place, to help us frame the conversation about the new letter from Subcomandante Marcos: “Notes on War.”

Read the full introduction on Indybay.


Debate: Resistance and Territory – Palestine, MST (Brazil), Oaxaca, Mitzitón (Chiapas)

Debate Resistence and Territory at Cideci/Universidad de la Tierra, Chiapas (13 Jan 2001): Reflections, images and exchange of experiences in the struggle for the defense of territory.

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relatos zapatistas

special report: anti-COP16 mobilizations in mexico city


Repression and resistance in Mexico / Resistance in Brazil (MST)

(Descarga aquí)