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Invitation from the Women of Abejas to the march on March 8

Invitation by the Women’s Group and the Direction of the Civil Sllciety  Las Abejas de Acteal  to join them in the Women’sMarch Abejas on March 8. We hope you would come join us in the morning of March 8 to celebrate and demand. (Continuar leyendo…)

Radio Zapatista

Feminicides in Chiapas

Although much has been said about feminicides in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, almost nothing is known about the violence against women in the state of Chiapas. However, according to data obtained by the Women’s Collective of San Cristóbal de Las Casas (Colem), Chiapas is the state with the most feminicides in Mexico. In interview with Radio Zapatista, Martha Figueroa from Colem and Alma from the Center for Women’s Rights of Chiapas speak about the situation of women in this state.

Aunque mucho se ha dicho sobre los feminicidios en Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, casi nada se sabe sobre la violencia contra la mujer en el estado de Chiapas. Sin embargo, según datos obtenidos por el Colectivo de Mujeres de San Cristóbal de Las Casas (Colem), Chiapas es el estado con mayor número de feminicidios en México. En entrevista a Radio Zapatista, Martha Figueroa del Colem y la compañera Alma del Centro de Derechos de la Mujer de Chiapas hablan sobre la situación de la mujer en este estado.

Taller de Medios Libres

Invitation: March 8, Jornada Tierra, Justicia y Libertad

Frayba, Indymedia Chiapas

(Español) Parte de la plalabra de las mujeres de Chiapas en solidaridad con Bachajón

Ke Huelga

News report by Ke Huelga

Relatos Zapatistas

Interview with Vivian Newdick, Comité Hermanas González

Interview with Vivian Newdick of the Comité Hermanas González, regarding the case of three tzeltal women who were gang-raped by mexican soldiers at a military checkpoint in 1994, just months after the zapatista uprising. Discussion covers the difficult history of the sisters’ legal battle against the mexican military as well as recent developments in which the current governor of chiapas has attempted to settle the case with an offer of money — but without any acknowledgment of wrongdoing on the part of the soldiers.

Radio Zapatista

Feminicidio de Tatiana Trujillo

Feminicide of Tatiana Trujillo by husband and former federal deputy for the PRI Elmar Darinel Díaz Solórzano (Ocosingo, Chiapas). Testimonies by her parents during press conference at Frayba:

Radio Zapatista

Encuentro de Mujeres contra la violencia, la militarización y la impunidad

March 7 2010

Cideci-Unitierra, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas

Womens’ struggles:

Work Groups – Synthesis or summary of proposals:

Additional testimonies/denunciations:

Summary of the day (Xóchitl Leyva):

Interviews (realizadas por Hora Sexta, 99.1FM, San Cristóbal de las Casas)

Noticias de la Otra

Repression in Guerrero

Attempted murder against Margarita de las Nieves and Santiago Ponce, widow and brother of Manuel Ponce Rosas, kidnapped, tortured and murdered in Guerrero, in the context of a growin militarization and repression in that state. Interview with Vidulfo Rosales from the Human Rights Center of the Mountain Tlachinollan and words by Javier Monroy of the Taller de Desarrollo Comunitario in Guerrero, in the Encounter against impunity and for autonomous justice

Radio Zapatista

Program in English

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