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Nuit Debout resists violent attack by the French police

Unsuccessful attempt by the French police to evict the Nuit Debout demonstrators from the Capitole plaza in Toulouse.

Les trois passants y otros colectivos de Francia

France: Pronouncement for Freedom, April 2014

Varios colectivos de Francia

Francia: Mitin ante la visita de Enrique Peña Nieto

La Pirata

La Otra Europa Info 9.0 (winter/spring 2012)

In this program

– Useless mega-projects in Europe and the world
– Notres Dames de Landes (France): Pressure increases around the airport project
– No to the High-Speed Train (TAV) in Italy: no more pillage to our territories
– Struggle against the great project of the capitalist elite: Stuttgard 21 (Germany)
– Rebelion of the Black Sea (Turkey)
– Day of Land in Palestine
– Anti-fascist action in Rome (Italy)
– Moving to Gaza, life in the Gaza Strip (Palestine)
– Torture in Greece and the birth of a rebelious man: Dionisis Gorgoyiannis

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Colectivo Zapatista “Marisol” de Lugano (Switzerland) –
Nodo Solidale (Italy and Mexico) –
Nomads de XM24 (Italy) –

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