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Words by the Autonomous Council of the Coast of Chiapas

During the Encounter “With Memory Peoples Build Justice and Truth,” compañeros from the Autonomous Council of the Coast of Chiapas explained their situation.(Descarga aquí)  

Radio Pozol

Palabra de Nataniel Hernández desde el penal del Amate

Nataniel Hernández, director of the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center, speaks from the prison of El Amate, Chiapas.

Nataniel Hernández narrates the violations he suffered together with the lawyers Eduardo Martínez Silvas and José Martínez Cruz from the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center in Tonalá, Chiapas.(Descarga aquí)


Noticias de la Otra

Repression in Chiapas: Report with testimonies from Bachajón, Mitzitón, and the coast of Chiapas

In the last weeks, violence against organized communities that defend their territories against multinational projects in Chiapas and against human rights defenders have increased dramatically. In this program, we interview adherents to the Other Campaign in Bachajón and Mitzitón and a lawyer from the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center. (Subscribe to the podcast of Noticias de la Otra here.)(Descarga aquí)  

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Radio Zapatista

Interviews: Bachajón, Mitzitón, Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center

Given the alarming increase in repression and violence in Chiapas and the political prisoners, we interviewed today:

Representative from the community of San Sebastián Bachajón, who spoke about the events on Feb 2 and 3 and the current situation of political prisoners.(Descarga aquí)  

Lawyer from the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center, who spoke on the events on the coast of Chiapas and the situation of the three prisoners from that center.(Descarga aquí)  

Member of the community of Mitzitón, who spoke on the situation currently lived by the community after the new attack by members of the paramlitary organization Army of God. For more than two weeks, 219 men, 302 women, and many children are living in the church and the community building, fearing new attacks.(Descarga aquí)  

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