Three organizations from the city of Wellington, New Zealand, presented a letter this past Wednesday, May 23 to the Mexican ambassador in that country

Read the letter below:

Sra. Licenciada Rosaura Leonora Rueda Gutierrez
Embassy of Mexico
Amp.Chambers Level 2/187 Featherston Street
Lambton 6011, Wellington New Zealand

Dear Ambassador,

We the undersigned, from Wellington New Zealand, view with deep concern and anger how people in Mexico who are organizing to struggle for and defend their rights are punished with imprisonment.
Governments lock them away trying to condemn them to oblivion, silence and submission. But their voices and their example reach us loudly and clearly from the prisons – through the voices of our brothers Alberto Patishtán and Francisco Sántiz Lopez.

We know that they are not guilty because they are committed social activists whose innocence has been documented by human rights centres and defenders.

Alberto Patishtan has been imprisoned since 2000. Prison has become his base of struggle, where he has not only borne his punishment with dignity, but also organized many other political prisoners to attain their freedom. As a result, he has been sent to different prisons. He was transferred to his current location, in Guasave, Sinaloa, as punishment for his participation in the latest hunger strike, which was undertaken in Chiapas in 2011. We know that Alberto Patishtan has become a symbolic figure for social movements in Chiapas, Mexico and the world. We also know that because of his dignified rebellion, the Mexican state affords him special brutality.

Francisco Lopez Sántiz has committed the crime of being a Base of Support for the EZLN. This is the reason that he is in prison, not for the crime he is alleged to have committed in December 2011 in Banavil, Tenejapa. This is proven by the fact that Francisco was not even at the scene of the crime, as has been amply demonstrated.

For these reasons we demand immediate and unconditional liberty for Alberto Patishtan, Francisco Sántiz and all political prisoners in Chiapas and Mexico. Prison, repression and impunity cannot and must not continue to rule in Mexico.

Yours faithfully

Wellington Zapatista Solidarity Committee
¡Oye Latino! on Wellington Access Radio
Latin American Solidarity Committee