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Discover the Urgency of Food Sovereignty in our New Podcast!

Join Morgan Ody from France and Beatrice Katzigazi from Uganda as they explore the concept of Food Sovereignty from their unique perspective rooted in their daily lives as peasant farmers. This concept, introduced into international policy-making spaces by social movements like La Via Campesina in the late ’90s, has evolved into a critical response to the crises that impact our planet and humanity today.

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At its core, Food Sovereignty defends the right to healthy and culturally appropriate food, produced sustainably and ecologically. It empowers people to define their own food and agriculture systems, ensuring small-scale food producers’ control over essential resources such as land, water, seeds and biodiversity.

Morgan and Beatrice discuss how Food Sovereignty offers a pathway to overcome the crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and environmental threats. It’s not just about agriculture; it’s about shaping a society that addresses the major crises of our time. It opposes the “solutions” of the global elite, which place greater emphasis on food security and often lead to land grabbing, thus threatening small-scale farmers.

If you’re curious about how a return to localized food production, traditional knowledge, and community empowerment can help address the world’s most pressing issues, this podcast is a must-listen.

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