Presentation of the book
Bajo la sombra del guamúchil:
Historias de vida de mujeres indígenas y campesinas en prisión

Cideci-Unitierra, San Cristóbal de Las Casas, 7 July 2011.

The book tells the stories of indigenous and mestizo women (almosta all of them of rural origin) prisoners at Cereso Morelos, where 206 women and 15 children have been isolated from society by a legal system that views punishment and imprisonment as a solution in the face of the failure of a social model, which through exclusion and poverty has contributed to produce criminality. These publications (book and video) attempt to aproximate us to such experiences of inequity through the voices and writings of nine prisoners, within the context of the “Life Stories” workshop.

Introduction – Rosalva Aída Hernández (co-author):(Descarga aquí)  

Commentaries – Gabriela Patishtán (Voces Inocentes), Mercedes Oliveira, Xóchtil Leyva:(Descarga aquí)  

Questions and answers:(Descarga aquí)  

Bajo la sombra del Guamúchil from Mediatika on Vimeo.

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Bajo la sombra del guamúchil was coordinated by Rosalva Aída Hernández Castillo and edited by the Center for Superior Research and Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS), the International Working Group on Indigenous Affairs (IWGIA), and Ore-media.