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Capitán Insurgente Marcos

EZLN | Seventh Part: A Streaming Beatle

Seventh part: A Streaming Beetle

November 2023

Durito forwarded me this that reached one of his millions (so he said) of fans:


And he adds the following:

Although it is a nice touch that they have changed the black color to blue, which protects my secret identity, the reason might be that they want to avoid paying copyright. Above all, for my discreet participation in the SAG-AFTRA strike, alongside my admired Susan. In any case, I appreciate HBO’s humble tribute to the greatest superhero that planet Earth has ever given birth to: myself.»

Almost at the same time, I received this from the HBO Community Manager:

«In relation to the announcement of the programming of the aforementioned film, HBO clarifies that it does not refer to Don Durito (DD for legal issues) nor is it a reference to the next anniversary of the EZLN. It’s a mere coincidence. HBO reiterates its commitment to the system and is already taking steps to reprimand those responsible for our programming for this regrettable misunderstanding. HBO does not make films, nor does it schedule the exhibition of films, of real superheroes, only fictional ones. And, anticipating demands from the aforementioned DD, we want to warn that all the documentation that protects our innocence is already in our legal department. We will not accept demands greater than 10 million USD, although we would be willing to redirect the compensation to Guerrero, as long as it is a reasonable amount that does not exceed the amount referred to and is discussed by the Union Congress of the cemetery called Mexico. We are at your disposal to reach a reasonable arrangement. Sincerely. The CEO of HBO»

I think this has already gotten out of control.

Now Durito will be unbearable. Well, that was it, but more (or is it Max?).

From the office of the DD Artistic Representative (for legal issues).

The Captain.
November 2023.

Capitán Insurgente Marcos

EZLN | Sixth Part: Postscript Who Seeks Hoping to Find


November 2023.

P.S. THAT SAYS WHAT IT SAYS. – As one of the late Sups said: “history repeats itself twice: once as a tragedy and the other time as well.” And this axiom of life comes to the point, because I received a package with a small note. No, it is not from SEGALMEX (those export, they do not import). The package has a postmark from “a distant geography”, in distant Europe. The date is blurred, but on the return address appears: “I am not Don Durito de La Lacandona, do not confuse. I’m just an AI entity.” That sentence should have been enough to put me on alert, but anyway I read the note and opened the package. The note is brief and says:

My dear and never missed Cyrano: I will be brief and precise. I’m going over there to help you. Don’t wait for me because I’m going incognito. I still haven’t decided whether I’m dressing up as a cloud or as Bad Bunny or as Luis Miguel or as Al Pacino. In any case, something that allows me to go unnoticed, if you know what I mean. For now, and since it’s stormy, I’m sending you my latest book. That’s all. From a corner in… Slovenia?… hey, what’s the name of this place? Cyprus? Hey? I think I’m going to put “Eastern Europe”… Huh? It’s not that either? Ok, then to hell with the geography up there: “from Fuck The Cardinal Points” Known Address. Zip Code… Hey, what’s the zip code? Huh? 666? Nah, just kidding, right? Right? Can anyone out there confirm that this is a joke? Hello? Hello? Signature: Durito disguised as an AI.

Yes I know. But believe me, when it comes to Durito, this is a brief and precise message. The book has on the cover, does anyone doubt it?, a beetle… in a tuxedo?!, and the very reassuring title «Survival Manual in the Case of World Collapse.» And, further down, “Everything you wanted to know to face the end of the world with style and elegance. Design the ideal outfit for the end of time. Be the sensation in the Apocalypse. Yessss!”

The book in question only has a blank page and a postscript lost in a corner: “LOOK FOR THE ONE WHO ALREADY LIVES THE HELL THAT AWAITS YOU ALL. SEEK THOSE WHO ARE SEEKING”.

P.S. FOR THE SEEKERS. – Before them, we only knew, for example, about the FNCR ladies. But later others appeared, it seems to me that since the six-year term of Vicente Fox. First a few and scattered throughout the geography. Then more. Then in groups. Now, in this entire clandestine graveyard called “Mexico,” they go from one place to another, looking for who they need. There is no one to help or support them. They are alone in the sense that they only have themselves. Yes, there are men too, but the majority are women. No, they are not fashionable. The disappeared do not vote, and that is what it is about. The entire electoral political spectrum, all the electoral flags, all the party acronyms, have already passed through the governments, and the profession of “SEEKER” is growing.

Years ago, in the written procedures, there was a line where “occupation” was written. Typically, women wrote “housewife,” “office worker,” “employee,” “professionist,” “student,” and so on.

The monstrosity of a system has created another occupation: that of “seeker.” Perhaps the most terrible, distressing, painful and anachronistic of all occupations.

Few things are a greater sign of the failure of a political proposal in power than the existence and growth of the SEEKER occupation.

Imagine someone interviews you: “Hey, what do you do?” She answers “I seek.” “And how much do you earn for that job?” «Nothing». “And how do you do it?” “I don’t know, but I know I have to do it. And I have to do it because she/he knows that I will not rest until I find him/her.” “Is there anything you want to tell other people?” “Yes, look at me, I am you in the future if we do nothing.” The reporter starts crying. She is still crying. What about them? Well, they keep seeking.

Meanwhile, someone in the mountains of Southeast Mexico writes:

“To the Seekers:

We had thought of organizing a meeting with you that would not be one of pain, but of joy. You know: dances, songs, poems, movies, plays, children’s drawings, things like that. Not something that relieves you or heals that wound that does not close, but just a celebration, which your fight deserves.

But a nefarious being, one of those that is never absent, wanted to turn that meeting into an electoral lever for the ill-called opposition. Calling for a “critical vote” for Bertha and that nonsense that only serves to get an opportunist into office. That’s why we haven’t done it… yet. We were not going to allow your noble efforts to be tarnished.

But we tell you here what we were going to tell you there: Don’t stop seeking. Those absent people are valuable because of the blood they inherited, which is your own. We do not know those whom you are missing, but we know you and the nobility of your struggle. Don’t give up, don’t sell out, don’t claudicate. Although the horror you face is unfashionable, your cause is just and noble. And no politician can say the same thing. Your stubborn dignity teaches and shows the way. We wish more people would look at you the way we Zapatista people see you: with admiration and respect.

P.S.- In Gaza. – The murdered Palestinian children are not collateral victims, they are Netanyahu’s main objective, they always were. This war is not to eliminate Hamas. It’s to kill the future. Hamas will only be the collateral victim. The government of Israel has already lost the media battle, because it turns out that the genocide, although disguised as revenge, does not have as many followers as they believed. Now it is capable of the most unimaginable cruelty. The one who perhaps could stop the massacre is… the people of Israel.

Cheers and may he who seeks find.

From the mountains of the mexican southeast.

The Captain
November 2023
40, 30, 20, 10 years after.


(Español) Jornada de Acción Global por Manuel Gómez, Base de Apoyo Zapatista | 13 y 14 de noviembre

Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Convocamos a movilizarse el 13 y 14 de noviembre por la libertad de Manuel Gómez Vázquez, Base de Apoyo del EZLN privado arbitrariamente de su libertad desde hace 2 años y 11 meses por ser zapatista, acusado de un delito que no cometió a través de falsificación de pruebas.

El 14 de noviembre dará inicio la audiencia de juicio oral que derivará en próximas fechas en una sentencia, por lo que es un momento importante para hacer ver al Estado que Manuel no está sólo y seguir exigiendo su libertad.

Les invitamos a hacer visibles sus movilizaciones en redes sociales para mostrar nuestra indignación y a etiquetar las cuentas del #Frayba para poder replicar y concentrar sus acciones.



Capitán Insurgente Marcos

EZLN | Fifth Part: “Sorry for the blow, lad”

Fifth Part: “Sorry for the blow, lad”

November 2023

P.S. THAT WARNS. – We were already going to tell you what this whole thing is about, but reading, seeing and listening to the string of atrocities that the «specialists» in everything and knowledgeable in nothing say and write (about supposed withdrawals, dismantlements, advances of organized crime and «returns to the past” – Coletos had to be the majority -), we decided rather to let them continue burping.

With their deep analysis and well-founded research, the zapatologists state: “an example of the Zapatista defeat is the loss of indigenous identity: young indigenous people already wear cowboy boots, instead of walking barefoot or in huaraches. And they get ready to flirt, new pants and shirt – or ironed! -, instead of wearing blanket pants and buying their wives according to indigenous uses and customs. And they ride motorcycles, instead of carrying their women coletas bosses on their backs. The only thing left is for young indigenous women to wear pants or, what a horror!, play soccer and drive vehicles, instead of serving the coleta ladies. They even dare to dance cumbias and ska instead of Bolonchon, and sing rap and hiphop instead of psalms and odes to the landowners. And, as another sign of the loss of their indigenous identity, they even pretend the absurdity of being subcommanders, commanders, and women commanders! And pretend to govern themselves. And they don’t ask permission to be however they want to be. And they travel and get to know other lands. And they work and earn their pay without a ‘tienda de raya’. And they do not have them in concentration camps, like in Gaza, so that they do not pick up “Sinaloa” ideas, that is, foreign ones – because the mayo-yoreme in Sinaloa, are all about narcocorridos, my man –. Because of Zapatismo, we anthropologists will no longer have any jobs. What a shame. And all because they did not follow the revolutionary vanguard of the proletariat or MORENA, same thing. A serious mistake of Zapatismo not to obey us. Because today, the indigenous people no longer look down when you bump into them. They look at you with irreverence, with defiance, with rage, as if we were the intruders and not them, as if we were the criminals and not them. Before, only the Zapatistas did that, now any ‘Chamulita’ stands up to you. And, as Marxism-Leninism-Stalinism-Maoism-Trotskyism-all-isms say, any indigenous person who is not like the anthropology manual says is a narco.

We know for sure that, later, when the full meaning of this stage is known, they will have the minimum of honesty to say and publish: “We do not have the slightest idea of ​​what they did, what they do or what they will do. The best thing would have been to ask the Zapatistas and not the anti-Zapatistas.” Or are they not honest?

Tell those “journalists” that it is always better, although more uncomfortable and not profitable, to interview the actors, not the spectators, ‘villa melones’ and lazy paramilitaries. Investigative journalism is a professional job that often requires risks and discomfort. But, don’t worry, we understand that everyone looks for a living the best way they can.

So, as a greeting to the “zapatologists”, we continue with these P.S. made with love:

P.S. OF THE CAPTAINTY OF PUERTO DE MONTAÑA. – We had prepared a series of clever phrases to make fun of the political class as a whole (government and opposition), but now we think that there is no point, since each flock has its shepherd or each shepherd has its flock. Or does someone naively believe that the matter is between two shepherdesses?

Our silence in these years was not, nor is, a sign of respect or endorsement of anything, but rather that we strive to see further and seek what everyone, men, women and ‘otroas’, is looking for: a way out of the nightmare. While you learn, from subsequent writings, what we have been doing, perhaps you will understand that our attention has been elsewhere.

But we understand that more than one suffers from what we Zapatistas call a “theoretical torticollis” which is caused by looking up, too much, and affects good judgment, common sense, decency and honesty – in addition to being addictive and creating chronic dependency. We understand the limitations of your horizons of analysis. One thing is the desk, the academy, the journalistic column, the commissioned report, the government position, the revolutionary coffee gossip or social networks, and another thing is reality.

The latter not only does not pay, but it also charges very expensively. Shakira has already said it: ‘la realidad factura’ (reality costs), and it does not include VAT. Sorry.

We will not make firewood out of the fallen trees up there. Reality, that implacable fool, will do its thing and the last splinters will be those that organized crime takes from the “cobro de piso” in the proposals of each of them.

Some masturbate with the ‘mañanera’ (morning presidential conference). Others with destruction, deaths, murders, rapes, disappearances, hunger, war, diseases, pain and sorrow. None of them have a viable and serious political proposal, they just entertain… until they don’t anymore.

And, since we are talking about autoeroticism: given the choice between Bertha and Claudia, well, Wendy.


Okay, cheers and now what am I going to do with my costume to dance corridos tumbados? “Compa, que le parece esa gorra?”… What? That’s not the way it goes? Don’t I tell you? It is the loss of indigenous identity. I hope anthropologists arrive soon to save us.

From the mountains of the Mexican southeast.

The Captain

(Looking very handsome with his cowboy hat, not for bragging. Ajúa my people!)

Mexico 40, 30, 20, 10 years after

P.S. «CONTEXTUAL». – Televisa being Televisa and anthropologists being anthropologists:

Pie de Página

(Español) Mirar dentro de 120 años la libertad

Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

El Festival Resonancias del Caracol conmemora a través de la música la historia del Zapatismo de Chiapas. En noviembre, el EZLN cumple 40 años de Clandestinidad, 30 del levantamiento y 20 de la creación de los Caracoles. Lo organiza la Red Universitaria Anticapitalista junto con diversas colectividades. En un comunicado, hacen un llamado a “mirar lejos”, el futuro en 120 años

Por Daliri Oropeza Alvarez X: @Dal_air 

Foto por Daliri Oropeza Alvarez

Dení es el nombre con el que el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional titula el tercer comunicado que publicó el 2 de noviembre del 2023.

Pienso en Dení Prieto Stock, joven que decidió pasar a la vida clandestina por conciencia social. Antes de irse, dejó una carta a su familia en octubre de 1973 en la que reafirma que no es una decisión repentina, sino de muchos años: ser parte de la organización que después daría vida al Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN). Desde entonces la conocieron como Maria Luisa.

Encaró las injusticias y fue consciente de las condiciones de la gente en el México atravesado por el movimiento estudiantil de 1968, la represión, masacre y persecución de jóvenes que se extendió hasta 1971 y la alcanzó. Esas realidades las escribía en sus cartas, “solo hay opción en los movimientos clandestinos”. Describía que para ello se requería organización y disciplina.

Firmaba algunas de sus notas con la frase «viva el Che», una clara influencia de la Revolución Cubana en su juventud. Se decía a sí misma comunista y atea. La describen siempre rebelde en el documental Flor en Otomí de Luisa Riley.

(Continuar leyendo…)

Red Universitaria Anticapitalista

(Español) Carta de la Red Universitaria Anticapitalista al director del periódico Milenio

Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Red Ajmaq

(Español) Pega de carteles en solidaridad con Manuel Gómez Vázquez, Base de Apoyo Zapatista preso.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Como sabemos, nuestro compañero Manuel Gómez ha sido rehen del gobierno estatal de Chiapas desde hace 2 años y 10 meses, excediendo el límite de prisión preventiva. Este 14 de noviembre de 2023 tiene programada su audiencia, misma que ya ha sido suspendida en 3 ocasiones.

Les invitamos a exigir su libertad desde sus geografías. Del 6 al 12 de noviembre llevaremos a cabo una pega de carteles en diversas ciudades y espacios, mismas que ponemos acá en buena resolución para su impresión:

Estaremos publicando fotos de los carteles pegados en todas las geografías, estas pueden ser enviadas a:

Más información sobre el compañero:

Basta de negar el acceso a la justicia
¡Libertad incondicional YA!


Noticias de Abajo ML


Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Rompiendo Fronteras

  • PALESTINA: Un mes de genocidio en Palestina por el Estado de Israel y más de 70 años de ocupación militar. Más de 10 mil víctimas mortales, de las cuales más de 4 mil son infancias.
  • PANAMÁ: Tercera de semana de movilizaciones masivas en el contexto del paro contra la minería. Exigen cancelación de contrato minero.

Desde el ombligo del monstruo::.

  • CDMX: Otomies en resistencia y rebeldía resisten ante intento de desalojo en su lucha por la vivienda digna y contra el olvido. Bloquean avenida por más de 20 días y doblegan al gobierno. Tercer aniversario de la TomaINPI, ahora la Casa de los Pueblos.
  • GUERRERO: Costa de Guerrero es destruida por huracán Otis categoría 5. Ante ineficiencia del gobierno y militarización, el pueblo se organiza. Más de 800 cientos mil personas.
  • CHIAPAS: Comunicados zapatistas anuncian cambios en la estructura de sus autonomías y llaman a actividad en zona rebelde por los 30 años del levantamiento.
  • OAXACA: Convocan a Faena por los presos de Eloxochitlan de Flores Magón el 18, 19 y 20 de noviembre.
  • JALISCO: ¿A dónde van los desaparecidos? Ante una grave crisis de desapariciones forzadas en el país. Madres buscadoras de Jalisco encuentran un crematorio clandestino, el tercero en el estado.

Avispa Midia

(Español) EZLN anuncia desaparición de municipios y autoridades autónomas

Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Fuente: Avispa Midia

Por Sare Frabes

En marzo del 2022, miles de zapatistas se movilizaron simultáneamente en cinco municipios de Chiapas para protestar contra todas las guerras. Foto: Tercios compas / Enlace Zapatista

El pasado domingo (5), el Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), a través del cuarto comunicado difundido durante el último mes, tras meses sin declaraciones oficiales, anunció la desaparición de los Municipios Autónomos Rebeldes Zapatistas (MAREZ), así como las Juntas de Buen Gobierno (JBG).

El documento, firmado por el Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés, afirma que la decisión de los pueblos zapatistas se “realiza después de un largo y profundo análisis crítico y autocrítico”, así como tras consultar a las comunidades autónomas de Chiapas.

En consecuencia, el EZLN comunicó la invalidez de todos los sellos, membretes, cargos, representaciones y futuros acuerdos con cualquier MAREZ o JBG; los acuerdos sostenidos antes de esta fecha se mantendrán hasta el final de su vigencia . También compartieron que los Caracoles permanecerán cerrados al exterior hasta nuevo aviso.

“Las razones y el proceso por el que se tomó esta decisión se las iremos platicando poco a poco en los escritos siguientes. Sólo les adelanto que esta valoración, en su fase final, se inició hace unos 3 años. También les iremos explicando cómo es y cómo se ha ido gestando la nueva estructura de la autonomía zapatista”, contextualiza el vocero zapatista.

Chiapas: completo caos

El vocero zapatista detalla que las principales ciudades de Chiapas viven “en un completo caos. Las presidencias municipales están ocupadas por lo que nosotros llamamos ‘sicarios legales’ o ‘Crimen Desorganizado’. Hay bloqueos, asaltos, secuestros, cobro de piso, reclutamiento forzado, balaceras. Esto es efecto del padrinazgo del gobierno del estado y la disputa por los cargos que está en proceso. No son propuestas políticas las que se enfrentan, sino sociedades criminales”, asevera el comunicado.

(Continuar leyendo…)

Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés

EZLN | Fourth Part and First Approach Alert. Several Necessary Deaths.

Fourth Part and First Approach Alert.
Several Necessary Deaths.
November 2023

To the people who subscribe the Declaration for Life:

We inform you of the following:

FIRST. – A few months ago, after a long and profound critical and self-critical analysis, and after consulting all the Zapatista towns, it was decided to disappear the Zapatista Rebel Autonomous Municipalities (MAREZ) and the Good Government Juntas.

SECOND. – All seals, letterheads, positions, representations and agreements with the name of any MAREZ or any of the Good Government Juntas are invalid from this moment on. No person can present themselves as a member, authority or representative of any MAREZ or Good Government Junta. The agreements held before this date, with Non-Governmental Organizations, social organizations, collectives, solidarity groups and instances in Mexico and the world are maintained until their expiration, but new agreements cannot be made with these bodies of Zapatista autonomy, for the simple reason that they no longer exist.

THIRD. – The Caracoles remain, but they will remain closed to the outside world until further notice.

FOURTH. – We will tell you the reasons and process by which this decision was made little by little in the following texts. I can only tell you that this evaluation, in its final phase, began about 3 years ago. We will also explain to you what the new structure of Zapatista autonomy is like and how it has been developing.

All that, and more things, will appear at the right time.

FIFTH. – We inform you that we will hold a celebration to mark the 30th anniversary of the beginning of the war against oblivion. This, in the months of December 2023 and January 2024. All people who signed the “Declaration for Life” are invited.

However, it is our duty, while inviting you, to discourage you. Contrary to what the official press, self-proclaimed cool-progre-chill, reports and misinforms, the main cities of the southeastern Mexican state of Chiapas are in complete chaos. The municipal presidencies are occupied by what we call “legal hitmen” or “Disorganized Crime.” There are blockades, assaults, kidnappings, “cobro de piso”, forced recruitment, shootings. This is the effect of the protection of the state government and the dispute over the political charges that is in process. What is being confronted are not political proposals, but rather criminal societies.

So, of course we tell you that, unlike other years, it is not safe.

San Cristóbal de las Casas, Comitán, Las Margaritas and Palenque, to mention some municipal seats, are in the hands of one of the disorganized crime cartels and in dispute with another. This is confirmed by the so-called hotel, tourism, restaurant and service industries. Those who work in these places know this and have not reported it because they are threatened and, furthermore, because they know that any request is useless, because the state and municipal authorities are the ones who commit crimes and know no limit in the robbery they are doing.

In rural communities the problem is even more serious. This is what is being shouted by those who live in all the regions of Chiapas, particularly in the entire border strip with Guatemala.

What is read, heard and seen in the majority of local and national media is just a bad and shameless echo of the state government’s social networks. The truth is that the official authorities are the problem. Yes, like in the rest of the country.

Federal, state and local military and police forces are not in Chiapas to protect the civilian population. They have the sole purpose of stopping migration. That is the order that came from the North American government. As is their way, they have turned migration into a business. Human trafficking is a business of the authorities who, through extortion, kidnapping and buying and selling of migrants, shamelessly enrich themselves.

So, we do not advise you to come. Unless, of course, you organize yourselves very well to do so.

So, although we are not waiting for you, we are inviting you. The tentative dates of the commemorations are between December 23, 2023 and January 7, 2024, the central celebration being December 30-31 and January 1-2. We will tell you the place afterwards. That is to say, we do want you to come, although we don’t recommend it.

Even if you don’t arrive, don’t worry. We will still send you photos and videos.

Well, that is if there still is a world in those dates, anyway.

See it for yourselves.

From the Mountains of the Mexican Southeast
Subcomandante Insurgente Moisés
Mexico, November 2023.

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