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Radio Zapatista

Radio Zapatista is an alternative radio collective reporting on zapatismo and struggles inspired by zapatismo in Mexico, the US, and the world.

You can listen to all of our audios here, or by theme on the menu on the left. We also invite you to visit our Radio Zapatista Blog, with announcements, urgent actions, denunciations, reflections, analysis and other news. See also our section of articles and essays.

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First World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism

From 21 December 2014 to 3 January 2015

Exchange between the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico and the Zapatistas

3 – 9 August 2014 – La Realidad

Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center Annual Report

(Jan 2013 – Jul 2014)

Report on Aggressions against Zapatista Bases of Support (2006-2012)



Most recent programs and audios

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radio Asamblea Comunitaria de Amilcingo y FDTAMPT

Asamblea Comunitara de Amilcingo, Morelos denuncia amenazas de muerte y toma de su Ayudantía municipal

radioRadio Zapatista

Ayotzinapa: la rabia y la esperanza



radioAgencia Subversiones

Con todo y contra todos. Los pasos en Guerrero rumbo a una Convención Nacional Popular

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After Ayotzinapa’s Disappeared, Locals Are Taking Power in Tecoanapa, Guerrero

On Sept. 26, 2014, municipal police attacked a group of students from Ayotzinapa school in Mexico’s Guerrero state. Of the 43 disappeared students, eight came from Tecoanapa. Now their fellow citizens have shut down the local government buildings and set up a people’s council. It’s a movement that is gathering momentum across Guerrero.

radioKoman Ilel

Interview to Omar García, from Ayotzinapa #FestivalRyR

radioRadio Zapatista

Misión civil de observación presenta informe actualizado sobre proceso de consulta a la tribu yaqui frente al acueducto independencia.

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radioRadio Zapatista

Movilización de 72 horas de la CNTE.

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radioAgencia Subversiones

Cherán K´eri: de la autodefensa a la autonomía

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radioRostros del Despojo

Displaced families from Banavil invite to participate in the campaign “The Faces of Dispossession”

As part of the Faces of Dispossession campaign, which focuses on forced displacement in indigenous communities in Chiapas, the displaced families of Banavil are asking people to organize screenings of this new video made by Koman Ilel and Promedios. It is mainly in Tseltal, and is available with good clear Spanish or English subtitles. It is 27 minutes long.

In a context of counterinsurgency war, the López Girón families, EZLN supporters, were attacked on December 4, 2011 in the hamlet of Banavil, Tenejapa Municipality, Chiapas. Alonso López Luna was kidnapped and disappeared, and the rest of his family were forcibly displaced. They are currently living in San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, without access to their rights to land, health, education and food. This video portrays, through moving interviews, their experiences during and after the forced displacement.

To organize a screening, please contact:

*The Faces of Dispossession Campaign enables the indigenous peoples of Chiapas to speak out against the different Faces of Dispossession they experience on a daily basis. It also identifies and makes visible those responsible for human rights violations in order to demand that the Mexican state comply with its human rights obligations. For more information, please look at the campaign site:

radioRadio Zapatista

43 Hidden Truths about Iguala that Jesús Murillo Karam Will Never Present in Multimedia

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