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Radio Zapatista is an alternative radio collective reporting on zapatismo and struggles inspired by zapatismo in Mexico, the US, and the world.

You can listen to all of our audios here, or by theme on the menu on the left. We also invite you to visit our Radio Zapatista Blog, with announcements, urgent actions, denunciations, reflections, analysis and other news. See also our section of articles and essays.

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Registration to the Seminar “Critical Thought before the Capitalist Hydra”


The Storm, the Sentinel, and the Night Watch Syndrome

First World Festival of Resistances and Rebellions against Capitalism
From 21 December 2014 to 3 January 2015

Exchange between the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico and the Zapatistas
3 – 9 August 2014 – La Realidad

Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center Annual Report
(Jan 2013 – Jul 2014)

Report on Aggressions against Zapatista Bases of Support (2006-2012)



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Report on Registration for the Seminar “The Critical Thought versus the Capitalist Hydra” SupGaleano

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radioRadio Pozol | Radio Zapatista

“The people from CIOAC-H stole everything from us and burned what didn´t serve them”: displaced indigenous families

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radioAmigxs de Mumia

Let’s Celebrate Mumia’s 61st Birthday

Celebremos el cumpleaños 61 de Mumia Abu-Jamal, preso político desde hace más de 3 décadas, periodista y activista incansable que denuncia la injusticia a nivel global. Mumia está muy enfermo debido a la negligencia médica en al prisión. Estuvo al borde de un coma diabético. Gracias a su fortaleza espiritual y a la solidaridad de quienes sabemos de su injusto encarcelamiento, ha comenzado a escribir de nuevo, pero hasta la fecha no recibe la atención médica que le hace falta por parte de doctores independientes. Estaremos como cada cumpleaños de Mumia, afuera de la embajada gringa en el DF, Reforma casi con la Glorieta del Ángel, viernes 24 de abril, 18 hs., con música, lecturas y proyección de cine documental. Es importante nuestra presencia, gracias al apoyo que Mumia recibió a través de visitas y llamadas telefónicas al penal de SCI Mahonoy en Filadelfia, donde se encuentra recluído, estamos evitando su ejecución por negligencia médica. Nos sumamos a las demandas internacionales para atención médica de calidad, una dieta adecuada, las visitas que le hacen falta, y sobre todo ¡su libertad! No a la ejecución médica de Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Escribe una carta a Mumia a:

Mumia Abu-Jamal #AM8335
SCI Mahanoy
301 Morea Road
Frackville, PA 17932

“No voy a decirle a la gente qué hacer o cómo organizarse. Ya sabe hacerlo. Creo en la gente. La gente nunca te falla. Hace lo correcto porque sabe en su corazón lo que es correcto. Mis respetos.” –MAJ

radio Grupo de Educação Popular

Call to support the 23 activists politically persecuted in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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radioRadio Pozol | Radio Zapatista

“I want to return to my home as soon as possible, because I want a good birth for my baby”: indigenous woman displaced in Chiapas



Las Margaritas Chiapas. 13 de abril. “Quiero regresar lo más pronto posible a mi casa, porque quiero que mi bebé nazca bien. Me da mucho miedo y tristeza dar a luz en este lugar”, comenta Elvira Méndez Pérez, indígena tojolabal de la comunidad Primero de Agosto, quien tiene siete meses de embarazo y fue desalojada junto con su esposo y otras familias, por parte de integrantes de la Central Independiente de Obreros Agrícolas y Campesinos Histórica (CIOAC-H), hace ya casi dos meses, sin que el gobierno haya hecho algo para solucionar su situación.

Elvira tiene 19 años de edad y junto con su esposo esperan a su primer hij@ para dentro de dos meses. “Aquí no tengo comida, aguanto hambre, no hay agua para beber más la que buscamos en los charquitos, pero ya se están secando. Estoy durmiendo bajo un plástico roto y cuando llueve entra agua. Duermo en tierra húmeda donde ya encontramos culebra de color rojo llamado coral, también hemos encontrado alacranes”, expone la originaria del municipio de Las Margaritas.

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radioRadio Pozol y Radio Zapatista

“We decided to resist to the end”: displaced indigenous children in Chiapas

Testimonies, first part – Displaced children from Primero de Agosto, Las Margaritas, Chiapas:


Las Margaritas Chiapas. April 10. “Recordamos aquel día tan terrible donde nos quisieron matar a todos. Nosotros nos corrimos y vimos como el señor Reynaldo López Pérez, que le dicen el Tambo, nos apuntó con su pistola, y el señor Carmelino López Pérez, que le dicen Morlaco, nos apuntó con un rifle grande. Vimos como le caían los tiros y corrimos, nos siguieron como a venados pero no nos alcanzaron”, recuerdan niños indígenas tojolabales, desplazados junto con sus familias de la comunidad Primero de Agosto, por parte de integrantes de la Central Independiente de Obreros Agrícolas y Campesinos Histórica (CIOAC-H), el pasado 23 de febrero.

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Why So Serious? SupGaleano

Why so serious?

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April 2015.

We didn’t know anything about this kind of thing. We learned. They explained it to us. We understood even less. But later on, “we grasped the concept holistically,” as they say. That is, not at all. But they were saying something about how we had been victims of a “high level” cyber attack. We of course put on our “no problem” face, the one that says “the proper measures will be taken” and “we will pursue this case to its logical conclusion.” But really, we were asking ourselves if it happened because of all the times we ourselves go to the page in order to increase the number of visitors. “Some over-enthusiastic clicker” we thought. But that part is confidential, so we’d appreciate it if you didn’t make it public.

Later on they told us that calculations show that in the United States alone, the average annual cost of cyberattacks was 12.7 million dollars in 2014. We didn’t understand, I mean about the quantity. When they explained it to us, we panicked and ran to see if our pozol reserves had diminished. Nope. “Stable levels,” the guard said (this means there is enough for the homages and the seminar). At that point, all was still well. The problem was that in order to celebrate the fact that the cyberattack had not penetrated the solid vaults where we store the “gold of the LXIX century,” we had a party and a dance with the community DJs’ electronic music. The result? The strategic reserves were substantially reduced and now we have to replace them.

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radioRadio Zapatista

Registration for the Seminar “Critical Thought before the Capitalist Hydra”

On April 7, the Enlace Zapatista website suffered a service denial attack and it is currently unavailable. The attack, few weeks before the Seminar “Critical Thought before the Capitalist Hydra” and shortly after the registration procedures were published, demonstrates how much power fears critical thought. (Update 9 Apr 2015: the Enlace Zapatista webpage is back up.)

We share here the registration forms for the Seminar “Critical Thought before the Capitalist Hydra”:

To register, please download the appropriate form, fill it, and send it to the following email address:

More info:

The Storm, the Sentinel, and the Night Watch Syndrome

About the Homage and Seminar


Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Life is in Danger: ICFFMAJ and MOVE

This government has been trying to murder Mumia for 34 years. The power of this movement stopped his execution in 1995 and 1999, and got him off of death row. Now they’re deliberately trying to murder him through medical neglect and intentional torture. This situation is urgent and couldn’t be more serious. Mumia is currently in a wheelchair, two days ago he couldn’t stand up, his speech is slurred, and he can barely hold a bottle of water. This isn’t just medical neglect, this is a continuation of the premeditated murder that was set in place when Mumia was shot in the chest, was rammed headfirst into a steel pole, and was then railroaded through the courts and onto deathrow. Just two months ago Phil Africa died under similar suspicious circumstances. We have absolutely no time to waste.

People must treat this as if Mumia’s death warrant has been signed and the execution date is tomorrow, because that’s their intention. They have absolutely no intention of freeing Mumia, and they have no interest in letting him live a long life in prison continuing to be an example of resistance for the world. They want Mumia dead, and if they can do it by medical neglect they will. The only reason Mumia wasn’t executed in 1995, the only reason he was moved off of death row is because the pressure for justice for Mumia was too strong. The only way Mumia is going to live through this attack on his life is if all people step up and immediately demand healthier diet for Mumia and the ability to have outside medical care. We aren’t asking for anything here that hasn’t been done in Pennsylvania prisons before. There are diets in place for people dealing with health problems and they aren’t even giving him that. Since he was prematurely taken from the hospital and put back in the prison where these problems started his blood sugar levels have been rising because they are only giving him foods like pasta that are dangerous with diabetes.

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radioRadio Zapatista

Relatives of missing students from Ayotzinapa explain their position on the coming elections

During the 10th World Day of Actions for Ayotzinapa, the student’s relatives express their proposal for the comming elections in Guerrero.