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Relatos Zapatistas

Relatos Zapatistas in Octuber: Interviews on Prison Hunger Strike and Gang Injunctions

In this show we interview a members of Stop the Injunction Coalition and Critical Resistance to discuss the current Prisoner Hunger Strike that is taking place across California as well as the proposed expansion of gang injunction in Oakland. We also have updates to the decision of the civil case between Martin Cotton the 2nd and Eureka Police Department. Also included is an announcement/interview from a member of CAD (Community Action Defense) who are mobilizing against the lobby group ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) who are responsible for creating such xenophobic laws as Arizona’s SB1070

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En huelga de hambre adherentes a la Otra Campaña presos en la cárcel No. 5 San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas.

Political Prisoners Voice of Amate adherents to the EZLN’s Other Campaign and the Solidarity of the Voice of Amate, and prisoners adherents to the Other Campaign Mitzitón and political prisoner Innocent Voices, held in prison No. 5 San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas.

After enduring the injustices that caused us great harm to our families with these unjust imprisonments and prefabrication of the crimes have deprived us of our freedoms for the only cause and reason for some to defend the right and others as being devoid of any resource and illiterate, that our rights have been violated and continue to violate as many times we have been ignored in demanding justice from incompetent institutions.

That is why today we advertise that we take a joint decision to demonstrate our innocence through this that will start being 10.30 am this day September 29 this year where we declare 7 people on hunger strike are as follows:

1 .- Méndez Rosario Diaz: Political Prisoner “La Voz del Amate”
2 .- Pedro Lopez Jimenez Solidarity “La Voz del Amate”
3 .- José Diaz López: Solidarity “La Voz del Amate”
4 .- Alfredo López Jiménez: Solidarity “La Voz del Amate”
5 .- Alejandro Diaz Santis: Solidarity “La Voz del Amate”
6 .- Manuel Heredia Jiménez: Prisoner adherent to the Other Campaign Mitzitón
7 .- Juan Diaz Lopez: Political Prisoner Innocent Voices

And four people in plants and fasting from 12:00 hours on the grounds of illness and are:

1 .- Patishtán Alberto Gómez: Political Prisoner “La Voz del Amate”
2 .- Andres Nuñez Hernandez Solidarity “La Voz del Amate”
3 .- Rosa Lopez Diaz: Solidarity “La Voz del Amate”
4 .- Juan Jiménez Pérez: Prisoner adherent to the Other Campaign Mitzitón

Indefinite time as an end bearing demand true justice.
Therefore we demand that the C. Lic Juan Sabines Guerrero state governor to intervene immediately by our unconditional freedom belongs to us.

Finally invite colleagues and independent national and international organizations and centers of human rights NGOs to ensure our causes to demand justice and our freedoms and all political prisoners in the country.

Radio Zapatista

(Español) AUDIOS: “A 10 años del 2001: ¿Qué opinan ahora las organizaciones sociales que salieron a la luz en medio de la crisis?” (Argentina)

Radio Pozol

Words by compañero Patishtán and relatives of prisoners in hunger strike in Chiapas

Radio Zapatista

Harassment in the Coast of Chiapas – Interview to Nataniel Hernandez from the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Center

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Radio Pozol / Frecuencia Libre

Hunger strike, prisoners from CERSS 5, San Cristóbal de Las Casas

This September 29, 2011, at 10:30 AM, seven prisoners at CERSS 5 in San Cristóbal de Las Casas began a hunger strike, and another four people a 12 hour/day fast, for indefinite time, to demand justice.

Words by Alberto Patishtán Gómez at the beginning of the hunger strike:

Audio Radio Pozol:(Descarga aquí)  

Audio Frecuencia Libre:(Descarga aquí)  

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Radio Zapatista

Report from Bolivia: Repression against the Indigenous March in Defense of the TIPNIS


Denuncian agresiones la comunidad la Candelaria por parte de la OCEZ-RC

The people of the community of Candelaria, municipality of Venustiano Carranza, adherents to the Other Campaign, report the harassment and attacks suffered at the hands of members of the OCEZ Carranza Region, who have stripped them of their land.


End the harrassment of Zapatista communities and the construction of their autonomy

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Es necesario que todas y todos nos solidaricemos ante  la campaña actual de los tres niveles de gobierno contra las comunidades zapatistas.

En esta cápsula se ejemplifican los hostigamientos contra las comunidades a travès de organizaciones y campesinos organizados por el mal gobierno.(Descarga aquí)  

Con audios provenientes de la Caravana de apoyo y solidaridad con las comunidades zapatistas que concluyò el 13 de Septiembre de 2011.

Frayba y Koman Ilel

Bees are the Carvana Acteal South

Acteal Bees with a committee of the South Caravan give another shout into the community of Acteal September 15, 2011.

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