Justice for Galeano; Stop the war against the Zapatista communities

Week of action: May 18th-24th

(Day of remembrance May 24th)

Summary of recent events:

On May 2, 2014, in the Zapatista territory of La Realidad, Chiapas, Mexico, the group CIOAC-Histórica [with the participation of the Green Ecological Party and the National Action Party (PAN)], planned and executed a paramilitary attack on unarmed Zapatista civilians. An autonomous Zapatista school and clinic was destroyed, 15 people were ambushed and injured and Jose Luis Solis Lopez (Galeano), teacher at the Zapatista Little School, was murdered. The mainstream media is falsely reporting this attack on the Zapatistas as an intra-community confrontation, but in fact this attack is the result of a long-term counterinsurgency strategy promoted by the Mexican government.

Given the experience of the 1997 massacre at Acteal, we are concerned about the mounting paramilitary activity against Zapatista bases of support. It is clear that if we do not take action now, the current situation in Chiapas may also lead to an even more tragic end.

Why this matters to us:

Since 1994, the Zapatistas have shown us the bankruptcy of the world that dominates us and, most importantly, the ability to organize ourselves into self-determining communities autonomous from the political class and capitalism. It is this capacity to show that another world is possible in the here and now, one not rooted in exploitation, dispossession, repression and de-valorization, but rather in liberty, democracy and justice, that has inspired us all. An attack on the Zapatistas is an attack on the other world that we have all tried to build along with them for the past 20 years.

What we should do:

We strongly denounce the murder of Compañero Galeano and the attacks against our Zapatista brothers and sisters. We denounce the deliberate destruction of the Zapatista clinic and school. We denounce the disinformation from the press regarding these attacks.

To denounce these aggressions and in support of our Zapatista brothers and sisters, the signatories below call on all Zapatista supporters, students, anti-prison activists, artists, workers, intellectuals, teachers, academics, LGBTQ groups, anarchists, communities of faith, prisoners, communities and organizations of color, indigenous peoples, Chicanos, migrants and all those seeking a more just, non-capitalist world, to pronounce themselves against these attacks by the Mexican government on the Zapatistas and to hold events starting Sunday May 18th (e.g. demonstrations at Mexican consulates and Embassies, corporate subsidiaries, and banks supporting the Mexican government, teach-ins, discussion groups, concerts, informational sessions, or other civil actions that people deem appropriate for their city) and culminating with a day of remembrance on May 24th called by the Zapatistas in honor of the late Compañero Galeano.

Let’s make our dignified pain and rage another building block towards a movement that will directly participate, along with the Zapatistas, in creating this new world.



Mumia Abu Jamal
Noam Chomsky
Angela Davis
Junot Díaz
Alice Walker
Cornel West
Mike Davis, professor, creative writing – UC Riverside
Emory Douglas
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW-ISC)
Rosa Clemente
Chris Hedges
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
The US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (USACBI)
David Harvey
Prison Radio
Robin D. G. Kelley
Tom Hayden
Rebel Diaz
Michael Albert
A.R.M.A. Collective – Los Angeles CA
Iris Morales, educator and social justice activist
David Graeber
Karla Quiñonez
El Kilombo Intergaláctico – Durham NC
James and Grace Lee Boggs Center To Nurture Community Leadership – Detroit, MI
Glen Ford, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report
Schools for Chiapas / Escuelas para Chiapas
Mexico Solidarity Network
Rick Rowley – Big Noise Films
Peter Brown
Fred Moten, Professor of English – UC Riverside
Michael Hardt, Professor of Literature – Duke University
Henry A. Giroux
Michael Taussig, Professor of Anthropology – Columbia University, New York NY
Greg Ruggiero
Midnight Notes Collective
George Caffentzis
Laura Gottesdiener
Catherine Walsh
Arturo Escobar, Professor of Anthropology – UNC-Chapel Hill
Rebecca Solnit
Harry Cleaver – Austin TX
Angel Luis Lara, Professor – State University of New York
Andrej Grubacic
Alvaro Reyes
Zuccotti Park Press
Marco Amador
Brian Holmes
J. Kehaulani Kauanui
Bill Mullen
Peter Linebaugh
Antonia Darder
Richard Stahler-Sholk, Professor – Department of Political Science, Eastern Michigan University
Peter McLaren, Distinguished Professor in Critical Studies – College of Educational Studies, Chapman University, Emeritus Professor, UCLA
Take Back the Land – Washington DC
Hans Widmer
Joseph Nevins
Annemarie Jacir, Palestinian filmmaker and poet
Johanna Fernandez
Jeff Perlstein
Steven Salaita
David Riker
Michel Khleifi, Palestinian film writer, director, and producer
Samia Halaby, Palestinian artist and scholar
RJ Maccani – The Foundry Theatre
Bikesan@s del Valle – Pacoima, CA
Bay Area Intifada – California
Alumn@s de la Escuelita – California
Alumn@s de la Escuelita – The ancestral lands of the Duwamish & Suquamish
Adherentes a la Sexta – The ancestral lands of the Duwamish & Suquamish
Decolonial Food For Thought – Seattle WA
Shades of Silence – Seattle WA
Los Angeles Palestine Labor Solidarity Committee
Mujeres De Maiz – Los Angeles CA
Acción Zapatista de Humboldt – California
Acción Zapatista South Bay – California
Universidad de la Tierra Califas
Inside-Outside Alliance
3Cs Counter-Cartographies Collective – Chapel Hill NC
Steven Colatrella
Cynthia Franklin
David Shorter
Dean Saranillio
Judy Rohrer
Stanley Heller
Internationalist Prison Books Collective – Chapel Hill NC
Just Coffee Cooperative – Madison WI
Puente Arizona – Phoenix AZ
Qilombo – Oakland CA
Corazon del Pueblo – Oakland CA
Neferti Tadiar
Maria Elena Garcia
Tony Lucero
Donald Monty Neill – Jamaica Plain MA
Shelley Neill – Jamaica Plain MA
Upside Down World
Ben Dangl
Workers Solidarity Movement
Colectivo Zapatista de San Diego
Eastside Café Collective – El Sereno CA
Young Communist League
Cafe Intifada – Los Angeles CA
Dragonflyhill Urban Farm – Los Angeles CA
The We Project – Los Angeles CA
Project Allende
Coyote Radio
Wayne Au
Adam Sanchez
Jesse Hagopian
Kathy M. Xiong
Solidarity Farm – Pauma Valley CA
Mujeres en Resistencia
Dr. Dennis Hong – Dreams Foundation
Chivis Martinez – Borderland Beat
Periclean Scholars at Elon University – Elon NC
Tom Arcaro – Professor of Sociology and Director of Project Pericles, Elon University
Kevin A. Trapani
Gabriela Kovats-Murillo
Stan Karp
Zapatista Solidarity Coalition – Sacramento CA
Grass Roots Events, INC
Lindsay Naylor – PhD Candidate, University of Oregon
Chandan Reddy
Dan Coughlin
Worcester Roots – Worcester, MA
Stone Soup – Worcester, MA
Emilio del Valle Escalante
Adelante Alliance
Beth Baker Cristales
Revolutionary Autonomous Communities
El Hormiguero
Manolo Callahan – Center for Convivial Research and Autonomy, San Jose Califas
Squiggy Rubio
brieanne buttner – BICAS Tucson, Tucson AZ
Amin Husain – Occupy Wall Street, TIDAL Magazine, New York NY
César Pérez Sánchez – Alumnx de la Escuelita Zapatista, Los Angeles CA
Marina Sitrin – City University of New York, New York NY
Susan Klimczak – South End Technology Center @ Tent City, Boston MA
Sina Brown-Davis – Ngati Whatua ki Kaipara, Melbourne Victoria (Canada)
Jerome Roos – ROAR Magazine, Athens (Greece)
Carolina Cositore Sitrin – Sarasota FL
James Perkinson – Ecumenical Theological Seminary, Detroit MI
Max Haiven – Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax (Canada)
Women of Color Liberation Army
TIDAL Magazine – New York New York
ROAR Collective – Athens (Greece)
Gale Courey Toensing, Journalist – Falls Village, CT
Andrew Ross – New York University
Cecilia Wendt – (Sweden)
Aykut Örküp
Sotiris Mouselimis – Thessaloniki (Greece)
Samantha Grassi – Omegna (Vb), Italy
Jeni Jeleva – Sweden
Leonidas Oikonomakis – European University Institute, ROARMAG
Michal Osterweil – UNC Chapel Hill/Carrboro Greenspace, Carrboro NC
Pauline Coste – Aix en Provence (France)
Alyosha Goldstein
Shannon Speed – UT Austin, Austin TX
Myrto Tsilimpounidi – University of East London (England)
Kristina Cates – Jonesboro GA
Carinna Tarvin, Teacher – Seattle WA
Alex Aviña
Prokopios Nikas – Fili (Greece)
Tamara van der Putten – ROAR Magazine
Brendan Balint
Daniel Madsen – vanløse
David Palumbo-Liu, Professor – Stanford University
Leo Palmestål – Gothenburg (Sweden)
Birdie Gutierrez, Human Rights Defender – Chula Vista CA
Zoe Lawlor – Limerick (Ireland)
Peter Rosset – Centro de Estudios para el Cambio en el Campo Mexicano, San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico)
Vetle Bjørnstad – Oslo (Norway)
James Crombie – Coventry CT
Nicholas Copeland – Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA
Vladimir Perisic
Manca Gaspersic, freelancer – Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Korinta Maldonado – Urbana IL
Eugene Merton – Brethren
Carlos Marentes – Border Agricultural Workers Project, El Paso TX
Julie Métais
Thalia Tade – Athens (Greece)
Michelle Raygada – Las Milpitas Urban Community Farm, Tucson AZ
sari galin
Sandy Smith-Nonini, Anthropologist – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Durham NC
Julie Dinnerstein – New York NY
Vijay Prashad
Kaue Carvalho, Brazilian – Joinville SC
Emilia García, Artist – Santa Fe Springs CA
Seamus OSullivan – Albuquerque NM
Emma Cervone – Baltimore MD
Magalí Rabasa – Oakland CA
Robin DeLugan – Merced CA
Samantha Fox
Leisa Kauffmann – Ferndale MI
Emilia García – Santa Fe Springs CA
Patricia Webber – Oceanside CA
Nancy Egan – UBA, Tilcara Jujuy (Argentina)
Randy Weaver – Eureka CA
Liam Bradshaw
Sarah Warhol – Glasgow, Lanarkshire (Scotland)
Mary Scully – IUE-CWA Local 201 (Retired), Mission TX
Lissette Miller
Robert Wilson – New York NY
Adam Reid – Tallahassee FL
Shane OCurry– ENAR Dublin (Ireland)
Jonathan Rodrik – Marseille (France)
Luis Urrieta
Philip Sanderson – Edinburgh (Scotland)
Roxana Zavala Marroquin
Matthew Jernigan – Columbia Farmers Market/Crop Mob, Columbia MO
Susan Beattie – Schools for Chiapas/Escuelas para Chiapas
Michal Gauza – Krytyka Polityczna, Lodz (Poland)
Ian Alan Paul – Barcelona (Spain)
Colette Johnston – Valladolid (Spain)
Magdalena Olszanowski – Concordia University, Montreal (Canada)
Ericka Melo – Marin Grassroots, San Rafael CA
Joshua Clover – Oakland CA
Jaime Finn Friend – Cork (Ireland)
Colectivo Radio Autonomía – Oakland CA
Avaye Zan – Stockholm (Sweden)
Electronic Disturbance Theater – San Diego CA
Larisa Tchernyshova – Moscow (Russia)
Ashley Barnes – Seattle WA
Ricardo Dominguez – Electonic Disturbance Theater/UCSD, San Diego CA
Alessandro Zagato – GIAP
Araceli Sanchez – Pomona CA
nadja massun, photographer – (Mexico)
Luis Cárcamo-Huechante – Comunidad de Historia Mapuche and The University of Texas at Austin, Austin TX
Nicolas Eilbaum – Duke University, Durham NC
Fan fan Viner – Hastings
Lourdes Gutierrez Najera – Dartmouth College, Hanover NH
Sarah Radcliffe
Rafael Raposo – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Karar Al-Mafraje – Kristiansand (Norway)
Maria Hart – CUNY, New York NY
MEChA del Chuco – El Paso TX
ronald d jones – Parker CO
Hans-Henrik Nordstroem, Composer – Ringsted (Denmark)
Patricia Richards
Miguel Kirby – AK Student Union, Palmer AK
Anthony Paul, Farley Matthews Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence at Albany Law School – Albany NY
Bret Gustafson
Courtney Parker – Gainesville GA
Pablo Gonzalez, Urban zapatista – San Pablo CA
Eric Sippert
Stoner Jim – Arroyo Seco NM
Nicholas Ross-Rhudy – El Portal CA
Ana Vilenica, editor of journal uz)bu))na))) – Pančevo (Serbia)
Mikey Velarde
Monica Hoth – San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato (Mexico)
Marisol de la Cadena
christiaan verweij
Ming Chun Tang
Cinthya Santos – Brooklyn NY
Joe Bryan
Angela Parker – Dartmouth College, Hanover NH
Nicole Pacino – Huntsville AL
Daniel Lopez Cuende, Student – London Metropolitan University, London (England)
Gilles Coste, Proffesseur d’ Education Physique et Sportive – Riorges (France)
Sabine Meyer-Haenel – Lübeck (Germany)
Rolf Vaardal – Bergen (Norway)
Michael Martin – FIU, Miami FL
Karen Thomas – Stone Mountain GA
Rolando Vazquez
László Kupi – Budapest (Hungary)
Hypatia Vourloumis
Anitra Grisales – Berkeley CA
Christy Petropoulou – University of the Aegean, Mytilene (Greece)
Isabel Lopez – Santa Rosa CA
Chris Farmer – Schools For Chiapas, Berkeley CA
Daniel Olmos – CSU Channel Islands, Los Angeles CA
Nigora Erkaeva, Student – EMU, Ypsilanti MI
Héctor Agredano Rivera – City University of New York, NY
Alex Rogowsky
Gina Athena Ulysse – Haiti Illumination Project Middletown CT
Emre Sahin – SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton NY
giorgos gasgo – αθηνα (Greece)
Andrea Avena Koenigsberger – Community Commons Working Group, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)
Zoltan Gluck – CUNY Graduate Center, Department of Anthropology, New York NY
Lydia Nikolaou – Hermoupolis Cyclades (Greece)
David Krzesni – Western Washington University, Bellingham WA
Antonio Sarmiento Galán – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Cuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)
Cristina Guzman – Los Angeles CA
Frossyni Charitopoulou
Jeffrey St. Clair, editor CounterPunch and author Born Under a Bad Sky
Michelle Lenoue – Colectivo Zapatista Tzajalek 32, San Diego CA
Carolina Castellanos – Garland TX
Grassroots Projects – Utrecht (The Netherlands)
Latin America Society – Budapest (Hungary)
Prairie Struggle Organization – Brandon, Manitoba (Canada)
Peggy James – University of Wisconsin
Shari Stone – Mediatore, Ohio Wesylan University
Simone Museth – Sydney (Australia)
Dr. Deb Palmer – Associate Professor, Bilingual/Bicultural Education, University of Texas, Austin
Moe Yonamine
David Levine
Adriana Barraza
Bruno Baronnet – Universidad Veracruzana
Mariana Mora – Assistant Professor, Center Research and Advanced Studies in Social Anthropology (CIESAS)
Jason Tockman – Vancouver BC (Canada)
Joseph Reinhart – New York NY
Victoria Carranza-Ramirez – Austin TX
Maylei Blackwell – Los Angeles CA
Kamil Julis – Hamont
Miroslav Tomas – Vranov nad Toplou (Slovak Republic)
Derrick Hindery – Departments of International Studies and Geography, University of Oregon, Eugene OR
Michelle Lenoue
Thomas Becker – Kansas City MO
Cristina Guzman – Los Angeles CA
Maureen Shea – Tulane University, New Orleans LA
Nilo Pereira – Lima (Peru)
Johnny Ramirez – Austin TX
Rayco Cano-Cortes – (Sweden)
Ariel Taylor – University of Victoria, Victoria BC (Canada)
Niall Twohig – Students Against Mass Incarceration (SAMI), UC San Diego, San Diego CA
II Nygma
Malamas Sotiriou – Thessaloniki (Greece)
Cindy Milstein
Tycho Boender, Friend – Udenhout (The Netherlands)
Georgia Kourtoglou – Argos (Greece)
Steven Ayala – Fresno CA
Brittany Chávez – San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico)
Cruz Bonlarron Martínez – Columbus OH
Josefina Saldaña, Professor – NYU, Brooklyn NY
Jennifer Fish – Santa Rosa CA
Ingrid Chavez – Moshi (Tanzania)
Madisen Obiedo – New York NY
Linda Green – Center for Latin American Studies, U of Arizona, Tucson AZ
arnoldo garcia – Chiapas Support Committee, Oakland CA
Silvia Rivera-Cusicanqui – Colectiva Ch’ixi, La Paz (Bolivia)
Rocío Servín – Guanajuato (Mexico)
Eleni Dalamara
Jurgis Valiukevicius – Kaunas (Lithuania)
Cesar Rodriguez – West Hartford CT
Sylvia Romo – Sacramento CA
Pranav Jani – International Socialist Organization, Columbus OH
Ozan Aybar – Paris (France)
Toivo Asheek – Binghamton University
Lorelei Miller – Schools for Chiapas, Los Angeles CA
amina lette, human rights activist – Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
Bob Peterson – Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, Milwaukee WI
Aristotelis Nikolaidis, Associate Lecturer – Goldsmiths College, University of London (England)
Anaid Campos Nájera – Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Mexico)
Errieta Chaideftour – Bergen (Norway)
claudia aravena – San Jose CA
Guus Geurts – Working Group Food justice, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Larry Mahannah – Kalamazoo MI
David Langstaff – International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (member), Catalyst Project (volunteer), Berkeley CA
Ty Tengan – University of Hawai’i, Honolulu HI
Alkaios Nikolaou – Hermoupolis, Cyclades (Greece)
kim reilly – Dublin (Ireland)
allan clifford – Leeds, West Yorkshire (England)
Biosphere Kolektiv – Kosice (Slovak Republic)
Latin American Studies Association – Pittsburgh PA
Autonoom Centrum “Pakan Kamai” – Hamont-Achel (Belgium)
Seven Stories Press – New York NY
AMAE Fuego Nuevo Center – Long Beach CA
Arte Acción – San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico)
Puente Arizona – Phoenix AZ
Chiapas Support Committee – Oakland CA
Colectiva Guanajuato – Guanajuato (Mexico)
The Confronting Racism Coordinating Committee – Binghamton NY
Afrodith Tsiara – Veria (Greece)
Conor Tomas Reed – City University of New York, Free University of New York City, Brooklyn NY
Colleen Eren – City University of New York
Lucian Gomoll
Daniel Barber – ICI Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry (Germany)
David Lloyd – University of California Riverside, Los Angeles CA
Dean Spade – Seattle WA
Marian Larsen – Odense (Denmark)
Marina Papadimitriou – Athens (Greece)
Melissa Beadle – Jupiter FL
Ovarian Psycos Bicycle Brigade – Boyle Heights CA
Jeff Biggers
Claribel Valdovinos – UCLA, Los Angeles CA
Siobhan Lozada – University of California San Diego; Universidad National Autonoma de Mexico; University of Montana, San Diego CA
Kym Hammond – (Australia)
Cihuatl Ce – Los Angeles CA
Arnoldo Meléndez-Rubio – México D.F. (Mexico)
Elsa Treviño Ramírez – University of Cambridge (England)
William Pillow
Kenneth Surin – Duke University, Durham NC
Laura Legge – Toronto (Canada)
Dahlia Grossman-Heinze – Chicago IL
Tara Trudell – Las Vegas NM
Mary Ann Tenuto-Sanchez – Chiapas Support Committee, Oakland/San Francisco CA
Alyssa Bowen
Deborah Poole – Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore MD
Marianne Maeckelbergh – Leiden University (The Netherlands)
Oscar Marquez – A.R.M.A., Brooklyn NY
Tim Dean
Jackson Trudell-Mills – Las Vegas NM
Trevor Joyce – Cork (Ireland)
Fe Evaone – East Los Angeles CA
brenda alvarez – Los Angeles CA
Karina Perez, Student – University of Oregon, Eugene OR
Joshua Mahurin – Eugene OR
Leah Furumo – Oakland (planeta tierra!!)
Sarah Jane Rhee – Chicago IL
Piya Chatterjee – Riverside CA
Todd Davies – Stanford University, Stanford CA
Concepción Martinez – Ensenada CA
Sadie Rain – Chicago IL
Robert Fuentes – Dignidad Rebelde, Oakland CA
Tomás Madrigal, Adjerente de la Sexta – Bellingham WA
Karen Salomé Caballero Mora – CINVESTAV-México D.F. (Mexico)
brandon king – Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Jackson MS
Erick Heroux – Portland OR
Gregorio Reck – Appalachian State University, Boone NC
Patricia D. López
Lynn Stephen – University of Oregon, Eugene OR
Mexico Lindo Mercado y Galeria de Artesanias – Pittsburgh PA
Mujeres en Resistencia – San Diego CA
Hilarie Heath – Universidad Autónoma de Baja California Ensenada, Baja California (Mexico)
Pancho Savery, Professor of English & Humanities – Reed College, Portland OR
Patricia Gutierréz
Robert Warrior – Osage Nation and University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Champaign IL
stephanie de la torre, educator – Los Angeles CA
Flor Bermudez – New York NY
Eric Macias, Educator – Washington DC
Nicole Bellott – Oakland CA
Victor Silva – Colectivo A.R.M.A, Occuipied Los Angeles, Occupied Cali
Ivonne del Valle
Taylor True – Bloomington, IN
Grace Sesma – Curanderismo, the Healing Art of Mexico, Nederland, CO
Fabian E. Oppermann – Füssen (Germany)
Anne Ryan, retired teacher – Susquehanna, PA
Susy Zepeda – UC Davis, Davis CA
Athanasia Barakiti
Robin Perry – Phoenix AZ
Susy Zepeda – UC Davis, Davis CA
Silvia Villanueva, educator, student, mother – Baldwin Park CA
Fernando Leiva – University at Albany, Albany NY
Alejandro Reyes – Chula Vista CA
Jarle Øyasæter – Bergen
gnaomi siemens – Columbia University New York NY
Jennifer Haley – Santa Fe NM
Jasmine Salters – Philadelphia PA
Ofelia Cuevas – UCLA, Los Angeles CA
Luis Paredes – University at Albany, Dept. of Latin American, Caribbean and US Latino Studies, Albany NY
Laura Lyons – University of Hawaii – English, Honolulu HI
Fariba Keramati – Linköping (Sweden)
The City Heights Remedy Garden – San Diego CA
Nayana Fernandez – Latin America Bureau London (England)
Claudio Garcia, Doctoral Student – KCL London (England)
Luis Miguel Andueza
Rand Scott – Toronto ON (Canada)
Sasha Davis – University of Hawaii, Hilo HI
Alexander Toutant – Oberlin OH
Raymond Deane, Composer, author, political activist – Dublin (Ireland)
Josh Schott – Stanford CA
Emily LaDue, Student – Philadelphia PA
tiokasin ghosthorse
Maria Ramos Bracamontes – UCSF, Santa Cruz CA
Remi Kanazi, Poet and writer – Brooklyn NY
Dave Lordan
Charlotte Saenz – World Savvy and California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco CA
Brunno Geffroy Aguilar – Ensenada, Baja California (México)
Hayley Allen – Eugene OR
Centro Autónomo-Albany Park
Mneesha Gellman – Centre for Global Cooperation Research
Martha Rodriguez, artista – San Francisco CA
Mike Gonzalez, Emeritus Professor – University of Glasgow (Scotland)
Pablo Dominguez – Bioregión del Comahue, Patagonia (Argentina)
Conor Mc Loughlin – SIPTU, Dublin (Ireland)
Liz Fitting – Dalhousie University Halifax (Canada)
Jeppe Graugaard – University of East Anglia, Norwich Norfolk (England)
Zenaida Gabriel – IXCHEL Midwifery, Klamath Falls OR
Graeme Chesters – Department of Peace Studies, Bradford University, Lancashire (England)
Mercedes Romero – San Francisco CA
Lucía Hinojosa – San Agustín Tlaxiaca, Hidalgo (Mexico)
Leah Watt – London (England)
Beth Fowler – Wayne State University, Ferndale MI
Patricia Gutiérrez – Santa Maria CA
Josh Klein-Kuhn
Dan Fischer – New Haven CT
Carl Spartz
David Spataro – CUNY Seattle WA
Derek Ball – Glasgow (Scotland)
Nela Canela – (United Kingdom)
John Varga – IWW, Santa Ana CA
David Barkin – Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Morelia (Mexico)
Gabriel Gipe – Daly City California
Geese Fly -Van Nuys CA
Aldo Cerutti – Omegna (Italia)
Raluca Igret – (Romania)
G. Sue Kasunm, Assistant Professor – Logan UT
Mounia El Kotni – Albany NY
The Larson Legacy – Portland OR
Tonantzin Society – Topeka Kansas
olly alcock – Bristol (England)
Priyanka Hutschenreiter
Emily Chen – United rank and file, Oakland CA
Chase Kelley – Decatur AL
Shruti Purkayastha – LACE Center, Los Angeles CA
Patrick Davies – London (England)
Tracy Garcia – South Gate CA
Emiliano Diego-Franceskides – London (England)
Hannah Shaughnessy-Mogill
Waleila Carey – Tsalagi, Tahlequah OK
Dewey Tafoya – Boyle Heights Califas
Barbara Murray
Sumita Dutta – New Orleans LA
Zerena Diaz, Student – Alhambra CA
Karla Galaviz, Adherente a La Sexta – Casa de la Cultura Obrera, Tijuana, Baja California (Mexico)
Maria Ortega – CA
marina perez de mendiola – Scripps College, Claremont CA
Bob Mertens – Pinehurst, Nova Scotia (Canada)
Betsy Barnum – Minneapolis MN
Deb Vargas – University of California Riverside, Riverside CA
Odilka Santiago, Graduate Student – SUNY Binghamton University, Binghamton NY
Frank Webb
Freda Guttman – Montreal, Quebec (Canada)
Justin Helepololei – University of Massachusetts Amherst, Amherst MA
Colin Stuart – Ottawa Ontario (Canada)
Otávio Rangel – Belo Horizonte-MG (Brasil)
Sonia Valdivia – Los Angeles CA
Hannah Howard – Los Angeles, CA
Jeramy DeCristo – San Francisco, CA
Debra Erikson – Urbana, IL
Jessica Mahathy – Decatur, Alabama
Roisin Duffy-Gideon – New York, NY
Marco Zafra – Portland, Oregon
kiemke van innis – KawaZ-Brussel (Belgium)
Brent Metz – Lawrence KS
Ivan Zenteno
Duef uno – Portland OR
Damien-Adia Marassa – Durham NC
Jodi Kim
Timoteio Padilla
lewis winstanley – Winter Haven FL
Alejandra Ojeda – Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Nancy Gwin
Matthias Grasnek – University Of Life Science, Vienna (Austria)
Gordon Asher – Glasgow (Scotland)
Miles Ilieski
Joshua Trost – Wauconda IL
Marvin Guymon – Littleton CO
Steve McFarland – CUNY Graduate Center, Brooklyn NY
John Furphy – Allentown PA
Herson Hunica Piutrin – Comunidad de Historia Mapuche, Temuco (Chile)
Ysela Galindo – Baldwin Park CA
shane kearney – Dublin (Ireland)
Roberto Salvatore – Rome (Italy)
Ioanna Tagara, Adult Educator – Athens (Greece)
Willie Lopez – Teatro Cucaracha, Del Rey CA
UNIDOS – Tucson AZ
Linda Finch – Bellingham WA
Brenna Bhandar
Internationalist Books and Community Center – Chapel Hill, NC
Erica Knox – Chicago IL
Sylvia Casillas
Daniel Gregory – Gloucester (UK)
Leslie Mendez – (Belize)
Luna Dizon – London (England)
Earlham College Border Studies Program – Tucson AZ
Mauricio Zegarra – Lima (Peru)
Charlotte Brown – Brighton and Hove Libraries, East Sussex (England)
Vincent Paviglianiti – Clinton Township MI
Jeff McWhorter – Tucson AZ
Isabel Castillo – Rruuc, Bethesda MD
Vicente Diaz
Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval – UC Santa Barbara, Chicana/o Studies, Santa Barbara CA
Mary Graybeal, human being – New Castle DE
C. McKay – Ontario (Canada)
Brad Laird – IWW, South Bend IN
Carol Brouillet – Northern California 9/11 Truth Allianc, Palo Alto CA
Ekim Caglar, Journalist – Stockholm (Sweden)
Donni Wang
Helen Kallis – Chicago IL
Dylan Zeitlyn – Diggers’ Mirth Collective Farm, Burlington VT
Claire Solomon – Oberlin College, Oberlin OH
Serena Serrano
Soledad Blanco
Lani Hanna – NYU
Donal Lunny
Alma Perez – Los Angeles CA
Stephen Slater
Ana Elisa Moreira
Edie Pistolesi
Suzanne Brighton – San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico)
Panagiotis Argyris
roberto leni – ArtPeople, Los Angeles CA
Katerina Tsantila – Sparta
Maureen Moore – Los Angeles CA
Tim Russo – FSRN
Mykie Ozoa – Kaulua HI
Mick McMahon – Glasgow (Scotland)
christine guthry
Miriam Arcona Avila – Tiffin IA
Sallyann Stoddard
Nancy Withington
Madeline Spencer – Occupy Santa Ana, Santa Ana CA
Elefante Collective
Kabataang maka-Bayan – Pro-People Youth, Honolulu HI
Jim Newnan
Amanda Matles – New York NY
viviana greco – (Italia)
Emma Gonzalez
Shotah Cooli – Baltimore MD
Alex Khasnabish, Professor – Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax (Canada)
Diana Marcela Gómez Correal – University of North Carolina , Chapel Hill NC
Jenny Morales – Texas
Ixa Emi – Portland OR
mike duncan – Brooklyn NY
Ray Johnson – Huntington IN
Marcia Parrino – Patzcuaro, Michoacan (Mexico)
Hijos e Hijas por la Memoria y Contra la Impunidad – Colombia
Rash Gdl – Guadalajara (Mexico)
El Sereno Bungalows Collective – East Los Angeles, California del Norte
Mexican American Political Association – Fresno CA
Roxanne Rivas – San Leandro CA
Rev. Colin Bossen – Medford MA
Briana Meier, doctoral student – Oregon
Debra White Plume, Lakota Ally – Manderson SD
Jose Prado, Associate Professor, Sociology, California State University, Dominguez Hills – Carson CA
Edward Rico – Watsonville CA
Yao Ruiz – Sydney (New South Wales)
Garry Somers, IOPS – Florianópolis (Brazil)
Owe Aku – Manderson SD
Magid Shihade – Birzeit University, Ramallah (Palestine)
Fatima Faid – Den Haag (Nederland)
Adam Coon
Yoshihide Kitahata, ATTAC – Osaka (Japan)
Claudia Vidal – DF (Mexico)
Z Communications
Erin Kole – San Diego CA
Dr. Xylem Galadhon – UC Berkeley, Hayward CA
Brian Kundinger – Long Beach CA
Mavi’ Marino – Milano (Italia)
Amanda Herrera – New York NY
Greg Nasmith – Toronto (Canada)
Shelby Mack – Providence RI
Azamblea de Pueblo – San José (Costa Rica)
Rev Geoff Browning, Peacemaking Advocate – Presbytery of San Jose, Palo Alto CA
Jose R Rodriguez – Aztatlan-Anahuac
Melissa Forbis – Stony Brook University, New York
Alicia Estrada, Associate Professor – Chicana/o Studies Department, California State University Northridge, Northridge CA
John Sharkey – Toronto Ontario (Canada)
Bela Wood
Maria Ramos – Richmond IN
Angelique V. Nixon
Michael Benton – Lexington KY
Alyssia Osorio – New York Students Rising, Monroe NY
Claudette Tarbell – Akwesasne NY
Padraig O’Coineagain – UAM-Xochimilco, Mexico City (Mexico)
Matthew Wyatt – Chicago IL
Michael Gould-Wartofsky, Member – Graduate Student Organizing Committee – UAW Local 2110, New York NY
Marc J. Mancini – South Park PA
Paul Messersmith-Glavin – IAS, Portland
stefanie flores – Tuxtla (Mexico)
Friedrich Wilhelm – Höper
Andrew Flood – WSM, Dublin (Ireland)
Chris Courtheyn – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill NC
Mick McCaughan – Dublin (Ireland)
Marina Kaplan – Northampton MA
Gerardo Aldana – Goleta CA
lida Shao – Brooklyn NY
Contacto Ancestral – North Hollywood CA
Students for Educational Rights – New York NY
Colectivo Auka
The Institute for Anarchist Studies (IAS) – New York NY
Colectivo Anticarcelario Ojo e Perro – Santiago (Chile)
R. Ryan
Juan Ibarra Flores – Wheeling IL
Margaret Cerullo – Hampshire College, Amherst MA New York NY
Zachary Zucker – Colectivo Relampago, Turners Falls MA
Jeremy Grainger – Brooklyn NY
Julie Banuelos – CO
Mark Medellin – San Antonio TX
Eloisa Berman-Arevalo
David Wells – West Linn OR
Robin Reichhardt
Mieko Hawkes
Jerry Slepack – Portland OR
Tariq Khan – University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Champaign IL
Brian Lesser – New York
Ellie Siegel – Cranston RI
Paz Carvalho – Radical left, Brussels (Belgium)
George Feldman M.D. – Portland OR
Mansoor Shah – North Charleston SC
Jim Alba – Los Angeles CA
Soren Warburg
Raghupathy Ramalingam – Socialist Alliance, Brisbane (Australia)
Daniel Grossnickle – Santa Monica CA
Lacy Pepperman, Master’s Degree Student – Sustainable Development, Harrisburg PA
Connie Rubiano – San Francisco CA
Joshua McDermott – Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Kerstin Kill – Siegen (Germany)
Keith Johnson – IWW, Atlanta GA
Brady Heiner
Flavio Paniagua – Los Angeles CA
Susan Shaw – Graton CA
Rocío Luiss, Social Psychologist – Munich Bayern (Germany)
Tobias Wadin – Eskilstuna (Sweden)
Hanne Cottyn – Gent (België)
Lasse Baek-Soerensen – ActionAid, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Sarthak Tomar, Musician, Anarchist Activist – Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India)
Shani Casella
Targol Mesbah
Alejandra Marchevsky, Professor – Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at CSULA, Los Angeles CA
Sherry Klein – Schools For Chiapas, Los Angeles CA
Samuel Day Fassbinder – Claremont CA
Georgina Cuauhtenco – Los Angeles CA
Muireann De Barra – Dublin (Ireland)
dan walls – Philadelphia PA
Emily Keppler – Hampshire College, Amherst MA
John R Bell – Victoria BC (Canada)
Dimitrios Gimperis – Thessaloniki (Macedonia, Greece)
Karina Velazquez, Undergraduate – UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA
Antonio Zamora – Portland OR
Fergus Johnston – Dublin (Ireland)
Brenda Biddle – City University New York, New York NY
Ida Raselli – Copenhagen (Denmark)
angela Delli Sante – AKLA, Berlin (Germany)
Aske Holm – Copenhagen (Denmark)
Elias Serna – Xican@ Pop-Up Book Movement, Santa Monica CA
Allison Laskey – California
Reema Rajbanshi – University of California-San Diego
Giuseppe Maria Greco – Milano (Italia)
Heather Browning
Michael Charlton – Dundee (Scotland)
Mateusz Trzeciak – Polish Socialist Party, Kraków (Poland)
Anthony Faramelli – London (England)
Dominique Radanyi – Paris (France)
bruno lagoutte – (France)
Nathan Marché – Socialism, Deventer (The Netherlands)
Nika Dubrovsky, artist, journalist – Berlin (Germany)
Shane O’Curry
Joseph Reid
Marie-Agnès Barbarin – Riorges (France)
Radio Zapatista
Chicano Secret Service – Los Angeles, Califas
European Network Against Racism – Dublin (Ireland)
Roqayah Chamseddine, columnist – Al Akhbar, New South Wales (Australia)
Benita Sampedro – New York
Hilary Darcy – Department of Sociology, National University of Ireland, Maynooth Dublin Kildare
Daniel Boseley – Gloucestershire (England)
David Scheller – GCSC, Justus-Liebig-Universitaet Giessen, Germany
Tom Kirkpatrick, private citizen – Brooklyn NY
Bruna Bernacchio – SP
Craig Proulx – St. Thomas University, Fredericton, New Brunswick (Canada)
Juan Carlos Aguilar – Northampton MA
Cory Cochrane, escuelita alum – Ithaca, NY
Miyow Ogawa Hokkaidow – Non GM RICE Network, Sappolo (Japan)
Fady Joudah – Bellaire TX
Lily Stravopodi – Thessaloniki (Greece)
Rui Braga – Lisbon (Portugal)
Wei Teng, Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar – Boston MA
Miah Arnold – Houston Texas
Kaveh Akbar
Robert Navan
Deniz Kellecioglu – Kista (Sweden)
Marilia Iniestas – Santo André, São Paulo (Brazil)
-iris-/ caracol mundo-eco de latido en solidaridad – Viena (Autriche)
Células de Transformação
Miyow Ogawa (小川未陽)– Sappolo (Japan)
MUR – Montreal Quebec (Canada)
Otonom Magazine – Istanbul (Turkey)
Fluir Revista de Danza Contemporánea – Coyoacán DF (Mexico)
Ana Morales-Cortez – Duluth GA
Patrick Toole
Christinia Eala – Sicangu Lakota, Fort Collins CO
Karyna Lemus – Green Party of the United States, Colorado Springs CO
Arif Dirlik – Retired Knight Professor of Social Science UO, Eugene OR
Delia Rizpah Hollowell
Ravi Palat – Binghamton University, Binghamton NY
Marilynn Rashid
Michele Eggers – Hartford CT
Dorset Chiapas Solidarity Group– UK
Monica Gonzales – San Jose CA
Karen Ames
Gordon Kingston – Florida Student Union, Miami FL
Andrés Gómez – Uppsala (Sweden)
Zé Garcia Puga – Moratorium on Deportations, Chicago IL
Rubi Rodriguez – London (England)
Dr. Bill Breidenstein – Citrus Heights CA
Dr. Karen Anijar – CA
Dr. Robert Appleton – Pediatric cardiology, CA
Roberto Lima – Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiania Goiás (Brazil)
Dahlia Wasfi, MD – Dover DE
Megan Pennings – Undergrad Chican@ Studies student, California State University Los Angeles, MEChA de CSULA, MALCS de CSULA, Los Angeles CA
Shelley Connor – Gateshead Tyne and Wear (England)
Fabio Altamirano – ciudadano, Guadalajara Jalisco (Mexico)
Emilia Yang – Penn State University PA
Piotr Hanslik
Katherine Wells – West Linn OR
Holly Spaulding – Hatfield MA
Poonam Whabi – Design Action Collective / designaction.org
Yanina Guevara
Sara Jasmin Diaz – Inglewood CA
April Scheller – Middletown CT
Eduardo Castro – Brown Berets, Fresno CA
Barry Scott
Susana Draper – New York NY
Yara Abbas – Ramallah (Palestine)
Afroditi Hontzea – Nafplio (Greece)
Escuela Pública Comunitaria (EPC) – Santiago de Chile (Chile)
Boikutt مقاطعة, Musician, MC. – Ramallah (Palestine)
Karen Dougherty – Desert Wind Global, Phoenix AZ
Kristine Smith – Ny Musik i Suså, Ringsted (Denmark)
Pilar Redondo
Ghada Mourad – Irvine CA
Shane Capra – Worcester MA
Jennifer Collins – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Stevens Point WI
Emma McCumber – Machias ME
Joshua Eichen
Heather Sweeney – San Diego CA
Ana Medina – Student, San Diego CA
Rolando Hidalgo – Kealakekua HI
Kevin Swanson – Chicago IL
Eshkie Zachai – Eugene OR
Julia Donahue – Queens NY
John Gibler – Mexico City (Mexico)
Jamie Kim – Los Angeles CA
Kaci Elder – O’Brien OR
Shari Stone-Mediatore – Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH
John Stone-Mediatore – Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware OH
Gabe Konrad
Richard Kahn – Antioch University Los Angeles, Culver City CA
Francesca Pandolfi – Rome (Italy)
Victoria McNally – Milwaukee WI
Itziri Moreno Villamar – London Ontario (Canada)
Rick Peyser – Underhill VT
Margaret Breslau – Blacksburg VA
Pete Moore – Duke University, Durham NC
Plataforma de Solidaridad con Chiapas y Guatemala de Madrid – Madrid (Spain)
Clara Redal – Plataforma de Solidaridad con Chiapas y Guatemala de Madrid, Madrid (Spain)
Mary Kay Ryan – Ballymacowan Clonakilty Cork County (Ireland)
Sara Golden – UC Berkeley Undergraduate, Berkeley CA
Mariana Perez Garcia – Student Berlin (Germany)
Adrianna Abarca – Denver CO
Joanne Castronovo – Zapatista Support Committee, Sacramento CA
Sean Orr – London UK
Rogelio Dominguez
Indian Voices – San Diego CA
Chiapas Support Committee/Comité de Apoyo a Chiapas – Oakland CA
London Mexico Solidarity Group – London (United Kingdom)
Centro Latinoamericano de Educación para el Desarrollo – Monterrey Nuevo León (México)
Raul Alvarado Navarro – Monterrey Nuevo León Citlalli Morelos (Mexico)
Bangladesh Krishok Federation – Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Asm Badrul Alam – Bangladesh Krishok Federation, Dhaka (Bangladesh)
Teatro Pachuco/Payasos sin Fronteras USA – Blue Lake CA
Consult Hardesty – Portland OR
Peter Hoffman – Salem OR
Ulla Rudander – Malmö (Sweden)
David A. Smith – Professor of Sociology, University of California Irvine CA
Peter Ralph – Los Angeles CA
Cindi Fisher – M.O.M.S., Vancouver WA
Susanna Rajala – Hampshire College
Marta Fabregat – Gort, Galway (Ireland)
Theresa Ortega – Spring Valley CA
maria pilar lopez martin – London (United Kingdom)
Ryan Haggins – San Diego CA
felipe ferreira Portland OR
Denise Drake – London (United Kingdom)
Pablo Kala
Mark E. Smith – San Diego CA
Caitlin Williams
Brad Werner – UC San Diego, San Diego CA
Michael Bird – Past President American Public Health Association, Albuquerque NM
T.R. McKenzie
Mel Gunasena
Brian Nienhaus – Elon University, Elon NC
Larry Brunton – UC San Diego, San Diego CA
Olga Karaseva – Research Associate in Eastern Philosopy, Moscow (Russia)
Mariana del Valle – México D.F. (Mexico)
Masami Kawai – Santa Monica CA
Alex Grove – Vancouver BC (Canada)
Erik Limón – México D.F. (Mexico)
Brian Hicks – NC
Fern Bast – Nutclough & Soup Dragon
International Centre of the Roerichs (ICR) – Moscow (Russia)
Elizabeth Karan – Oakland CA
Yvonne Yen Liu – Research Justice Collective, Los Angeles CA
Rebeca Lee – Teacher, San Diego CA
Barbara Peterson – Saint Paul MN
Eva Tsentemidou
David Haynes – Pearland TX
Bruce Little – Vancouver BC (Canada)
Jesús Barrios – UAM, México D.F. (Mexico)
José Turriza – IPN, México D.F. (Mexico)
Todd Miller – Border Activist, Journalist, Author of Border Patrol Nation
amda zion – Shawinigan Quebec (Canada)
Enzo Nania
Brittany Anderson – CUNY Murphy Institute, New York NY
Cristhian Teofilo da Silva – Universidade de Brasília, Brasília DF
Martin Landeros – Nipomo CA
Louise Power – Waterford
Kris Simonson – Duluth MN
Augusta Boiani – Eckert CO
Francois Perez
Kalliopi Meramveliotaki – Bern (Switzerland)
Eleanor Levin – Lancaster (England)
Clare Long-Summers – Morecambe UK
Monica Molina – México DF (Mexico)
Kurtis Dengler – Seattle Solidarity Network, Seattle WA
Scott Crawford – Statistician, UAB School of Public Health, Birmingham AL
Zahed Wahhaj
Marlene Brito – Millan San Diego CA
Erik Schnabel – San Francisco CA
Rick Mercier – Raleigh NC
Alexander Gershunov
Yadira Diaz
Darij Zadnikar
Othon Leonardos – University of Brasilia and Brazilian Academy of Science – Brasilia DF
Eric Carino – Brooklyn NY
Jiro Yano – Fujisawa (Japan)
Pilar Rodriguez – Santa Fe NM
Melissa Hellerud-Storie – Superior WI
Noemi Gil – Los Angeles CA
Raul Sanchez – San Francisco CA
Susy Chavez
Maria Penn – Al-Quds University, Jerusalem (Palestine)
Guillermo Ceballos
Marina Papadimitriou– ertopen, Athens (Greece)
Lorena Rodas – New York NY
Rosa del Cano – Laurenburg (Germany)
TrondMarius Jarsve – Norwegian Leftist Marxist-Leninist party, Rødt Tofte (Norge)
Dondu Sahin – Oxford OH
Shirley Nelson
Petra Taucher – Graz (Austria)
virginia feldman – Portland OR
Lara Perry – Clayton NC
Kevin Hayes – Philadelphia PA
Beth Bruch – Durham NC
Barbara Riverwoman – Santa Cruz CA
Jo Anna Mixpe Ley – Las Ramonas, Los Angeles Califaztlan
Francisco Estrada – UAW Local 179, Lancaster CA
María José González Madrid, profesora – Universidad de Barcelona, Barcelona (España)
Marc Becker, Professor – Latin American History, Truman State University, Kirksville MO
Kency Cornejo
Owen Fagundes, Student – Exeter, Devon (England)
Evans Chan, Independent filmmaker – New York NY
Lorraine Jericevic – (UK)
Anja Lenkeit – (Germany)
Fenix kulturförening – Stockholm (Sweden)
El Movimiento – Boston MA
Judy Vars – Wasilla AK
Fergal Scully – Dublin (Republic of Ireland)
Dimitrios Mourelatos – Thessaloniki (Greece)
Freja Pallesen – BA Political Science, Aarhus (Denmark)
Luis H. Sarellano – Danza Azteca Omecoatl, El Paso TX
Ronda Harman – Perth (Western Australia)
Alicia Conte – Non-profit Program Coordinator, Boulder CO
Gerry Milliken – Clarkdale AZ
Lucila Conde – San Diego CA
lydia garvey, public health nurse – Clinton OK
Diane Piedmont – Montreal QC (Canada)
Elianys Luna – Astorac Blancas MIZ, Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Bertram Wynne, Artist – Nederland CO
Josefina Padilla
Carie McGregor – North Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada)
Lorena Ojeda – Universidad Michoacana, Morelia, Michoacan (Mexico)
MEChXA de CCSF – San Francisco CA
JhonJuan Adam – San Fernando CA
Kathleen Rentenbach – Ann Arbor MI
George Ciccariello-Maher – Drexel University, Philadelphia PA
Sandra Price – Dallas TX
Hyung Nam – Portland Social Equality Educators, Portland OR
Paul O’Connell – SOAS, University of London (England)
Francisco Javier Jimenez – Dallas TX
Sarah Jane Brennan – Russia Today TV London (England)
Elizabeth Sáenz-Ackermann – Stanford University, Palo Alto CA
Lowell Waxman – San Diego
Luz Calvo – Ethnic Studies, Cal State East Bay, Oakland CA
Dylan Rodriguez – Professor, Dept of Ethnic Studies UCR Riverside CA
Angelica Pickels-Camacho – Graduate Student, UC Riverside Moreno Valley CA
Brooke Terpstra – Intercommunal Solidarity Committee – Bay Area, Oakland CA
Pádraig Madden – Irish Republican Socialist Party, Cork (Ireland)
WeCopwatch – Oakland CA
simone swan – adobe alliance, inc., Tucson AZ
Rafael Mutis – New York NY
Pink Edge – Bay Area CA
Soheil Asefi – Journalist, Berlin (Germany)
Jonathan Smith – Teacher, Hong Kong
Don Kingsbury – University of Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Thomas Csordas -Professor of Anthropology, UCSD, La Jolla CA
Megan Fountain – New Haven CT
Carmen Castillo – Rocha Mérida (México)
Jessica Riley – Grand Rapids MI
Jason Adams – Co-Founder & Co-Director, The Global Center for Advanced Studies, Grand Rapids MI
Cetin Gurer – Philadelphia PA
Itzel Díaz – UNAM-LGBTQAI-LATINX Toluca (México)
Antonia Carcelen-Estrada
Eduardo Díaz – México
Keven Grondin – Université Laval Québec, Québec (Canada)
Hugh McDonnell
Aaron Manson – Hastings-on-Hudson NY
Dan Wolff – Dayton OH
Juana Ponce de Leon, editor of Our Word is Our Weapon
Indigenous Defense & Resistance Unity Movement – CA
Paula Meyer – San Diego CA
Omnia Hamdan – Hampshire College, Amherst MA
Danica Brown – Portland OR
Brian “Max” Snyder – Nevada City CA
Ormsby Ford
Wendy Ortega – Los Angeles CA
Ramon Gonzalez-Ponciano – Visiting Scholar, CLAS, Stanford University/UNAM, Stanford CA
Alexis Kargl – Santa Cruz CA
Edgar Noriega – Fondo Oaxaqueño para la Conservación de la Naturaleza, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca (México)
Rhea Dunn – Cambridge MA
Karen Neko – Toronto Ontario (Canada)
Paulo Santilli – Universidade Estadual Paulista São Paulo, São Paulo (Brazil)
Nadine Brennan – Santa Cruz CA
Francesco D’Alessandro – WA
jose alfaro – Community Activist Bronx NY
Jose Rabasa – Harvard University and UC Berkeley, Cambridge MA
Drea Howenstein – Chicago IL
Sopita Ropita – CABA (Argentina)
Pacific Green Party – Eugene OR
Jeff Barrow – Flagstaff AZ
Andrew Higgins – UC Davis / UAW 2865, Davis CA
Pilar Alvarez-Rubio – Professor, California State University, Chico CA
Derek Johnson – District Heights MD
Sabrina Johnson – Toronto Forum on Cuba, Toronto Ontario (Canada)
Melanie Bush – Brooklyn NY
Deborah Roszak – Shorewood WI
Evan Apodaca – San Diego CA
George Sheridan – Garden Valley CA
Eriq Felix
George Hutchinson – Pacific Green Party, Newport OR
Allegra Padilla – Revolutionary Autonomous Community – Los Angeles CA
Takeo Rivera
Catriona Esquibel – Oakland CA
Cheryl Harlan Lopez – Island WA
Ankush Ganapathy San Jose, CA and Kolkata (India)
Hortencia Colorado – New York NY
Shasta Bacon – MT
Jennifer Alejo – LIBRE, Los Angeles CA
Leticia Alanis – La Union, Brooklyn NY
Monica Wise
Al Osorio – Oakland CA
Sergio Cira-Reyes – Grand Rapids MI
Jonathan Weinstock
Francesca Pandolfi – Rome (Italy)
Capitalism vs. the Climate – Middletown CT
John Satter – National Education Association Member, Boulder CO
vittorio lancia – Middletown CT
saeed jalalifar – Tehran (Iran)
Centzi Millia – Guerrilla Queenz – Los Angeles CA
Linette Mora
Robert Lee Milgrom
Helia Rasti
pati zapatita
Ervin Lopez – Chicago IL
Mariangela Della Picca – Monfalcone (Italy)
Francisco Diaz – San Rafael CA
Fernando Saldain – Montessori Guide, Ensenada BC (Mexico)
Cathie DeWeese-Parkinson – Ollin Calli, Tijuana BC (Mexico)
Oscar Arturo Rojas Hernández – Zapopan Jalisco (Mexico)
Maria Nikolakaki – University of Peloponnese, Corinth (Greece)
mar arroyo – San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas (Mexico)
Elliott Housman-Turrubiate – Fort Collins CO
ian bleadingheiser – Clarksville TN
Consuelo Connie Sandoval – Sylmar CA
Kelly Gallagher – Iowa City IA
Ute Kelly – Peace Studies, University of Bradford
Brandon Jourdan – Globaluprisings.org Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Andrea Giudiceandrea – (Italy)
Jason Beckett – American University – Cairo (Egypt)
Alexa Staffler – Alexa, Paris (France)
Ruben Reveles – Sacramento CA
Theodor Saras – veria (Greece)
David Feldmann – Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Minneapolis MN
Khris Spann – Hartselle AL
Alexander Mirchev – Sofia (Bulgaria)
Victor Viesca
Caribay Reyes – Universidad de los Andes, ULA Venezuela, Merida (Venezuela)
MEChXA de CCSF – San Francisco CA
GREEK Supporters of Zapatistas – (Greece)
Lacandona Collective – Athens (Greece)
Afghans United for justice – Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Women Against Occupation and War – Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Roberto Pelonzi – Roma (Italia)
Paulina Rivera Garnier – Köln (Deutschland)
Stella Papamihail
Christina Schiavoni – International Institute for Social Studies, The Hague (Netherlands)
Afsaneh Lotfizadeh – London (UK)
Nicolas Volders – (Belgium)
Stefano Claudio Sartorello
Jasmine Wallace– Philadelphia PA
Johanna Bergstrom – Leamington Spa (UK)
Dalia Collevecchio – Roseto degli abruzzi (Italia)
Carlos Pacheco Cacheux – Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Jennifer Roach – Hartford CT
Dragon Dance Theatre
Dominic LeFave – Portland OR
Maria Bustos – Missoula MT
Clery Pantoula
Alex McDonough – Santa Fe NM
Alina Dollat – Amnesty International, Gouvieux france oise
Dounia Ternier – un autre monde est possible, Saint Jean de Paracol (France)
Alexis Murphy – SONG, Birmingham AL
Victor Figueroa – Detroit MI
Brown Beret National Organization (BBNO)
Salvador Montoya – Distrito Federal (Mexico)
Dan Grace – University of Sheffield (UK)
Nancy Giuliani – Port Townsend WA
Beth Geglia– Washington DC
Zakk Flash – Deputy Secretary, Oklahoma IWW, Norman OK
George Vasiliou – Loutraki (Greece)
Ali Malik – York University, Toronto ON (Canada)
Central Oklahoma Black/Red Alliance (COBRA) – Norman OK
Latin American Solidarity Network – Melbourne Victoria (Australia)
Sodertorn University, Dep. of Philosophy – Huddinge, Stockholm (Sweden)
Latin America Bureau – London
Ana del Río Guzmán – DF (México)
Giannis Xenogiannis – Loutraki (Hellas/Greece)
Lewanne Jones – Autonomedia, Brooklyn NY
Zwh Peppa
Rafael Vizcaino – Northwestern University
Niamh Dunne – London
Bryan Welton – War Resisters League
Alex Johnson – IWW, Sydney (Australia)
Claudia Chávez
Evi Liggou – Naousa, Imathias (Greece)
Emilia García – Los Angeles CA
Maria de Lourdes Urbina – DF México City (Mexico)
Adra Raine – Durham NC
Ashley MacLean – Houston TX
Vivian Newdick
Anderson Barbosa, photojournalist
Romane Coste – Lycéenne, Saint-Etienne (France)
Gilles Coste, Professeur d’ Education Physique et Sportive, Riorges (France)

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