This past May 19th, as part of the “Spring Celebrations” of Ateneu l’ Harmonia de Sant Andreu de Palomar, and organized as part of the “Week of Worldwide Struggle for the Liberation of Patishtán and Sántiz López: bringing down the prison walls‏”. Several collectives joined forces and our work to create a solidarity video.

The people of Sant Andreu, are in solidarity and send all of our support to the political prisoners Alberto Patishtán y Francisco Sántiz and we demand their immediate liberation. We also send our support and solidarity to the Zapatista communities in resistance and the bases of support of the EZLN.

The video was made possible thanks to the solidarity work and coordination of:

La Batonera de Sant Andreu
Els Diables de Sant Andreu
Assamblea Sant Andreu Indigna’t
Edpac. Educació per a l’Acció Crítica
L’ Adhesiva, Espai de Trobada i Acció.

We appreciate the initiative of Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York.

We take this opportunity to also send solidarity embraces to all groups, from below and to the left, that organize, fight and resist everyday to construct a better world that we hold in our hearts. The solidarity amongst all dignified peoples will always be our strength.

Solidarity embraces,

Espai de Trobada i Acció.
Maig de 2012.