Playas de Catazaja, Chiapas
Mexico April 20 2011
Prison No. 17

Adherents to The Other Campaign
Movement for Justice in El Barrio
New York

Compañer@s, Movement for Justice in El Barrio: First and foremost, we want to send you a cordial greeting, hoping to be in better health. We want to thank you for the actions that you have done and, also, ask for more of your solidarity in the struggle, from your places and countries, to demand that the bad government of Juan Sabines Guerro release us immediately, as unjustly held political prisoners, [which he has done] because we are ejidatarios of San Sebastián Bachajón adherents to The Other Campaign of the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, and defending our lands.

For many years the bad governments have persecuted us as indigenous people who have organized to defend our rights: Enough discrimination already! No more paramilitary groups in our communities! Respect the rights of the organized women! We refuse to prostitute our lands for the bad governments, Juan Sabines Guerrero and Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, because the land belongs to whoever works it. It is not for the government officials, much less for those who are seated in their palaces. For this reason, though they may keep us as prisoners, our compañeros will continue to fight and we will struggle until our last moments.

From this prison, receive more greetings and embraces, luck and energy. Thank you



Juan Aguilar Guzmán
Jeronimo Guzmán Mendez
Domingo Garcia Gómez
Domingo Pérez Alvaro
Mariano Demeza Silvano (adolescent)

The Struggle Continues, Continues! Zapata Lives, Lives!
Until victory, always!
The Land is Not For Sale! It is Only To Be Defended!
The Land Belongs to Those Who Work it!