The Sixth

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La Onda Bajita

La Onda Bajita – February program

  • News on Chiapas and the Other Campaign
  • Interview with the Good Government Council of Morelia
  • Supreme Court decision on Mumia Abu-Jamal
  • Interview with Garifuna community radio Faluma Bimetu
Radio Zapatista

Entrevista con Patricia de la Otra Misión

Pati talks about the border, immigration, and the Otra Misión. Protests in support of Elvira Arellano. Churches in defense of immigrant rights. Border tour organized by San Francisco City College. Organization of the No Borders Camp in November.

Radio Zapatista

Program in Spanish – May 2007

(Descarga aquí)  

One year since Atenco; Harrassment against the Sixth Commision of the EZLN; Continental Encounter of Indigenous Peoples of America, The Other Campaign, Situation in Chiapas (Interview by Radio Bemba wth Comandante David, Subcomandante Marcos, Juan Chávez); May 1 marches, immigration.

Radio Zapatista

Programa en español

The 2nd phase of the Other Campaign begins and the EZLN launches international campaign for the defense of land and territories. Interview with our special correspondent to the Cucapa Camp; Zapatismo around the world; The struggles against anti-inmigrant policies in Northern California with music by Associazone Ya Basta! (Italy), from their new CD Un cafecito mami.

Radio Zapatista

Interview with Greg Ruggiero (City Lights); Oaxaca; la Otra in the US

Interview with Greg Ruggiero (City Lights); Oaxaca; la Otra in the US. Live program during the presentationof the bilingual book La Otra Campaña / The Other Campaign, published by City Lights.

Radio Zapatista

La Otra en el Otro Lado

Reportaje al final del viaje de Radio Zapatista en México: ¿qué es la Otra Campaña en EEUU? Participación en la asamblea nacional; entrevista a Manuel Callahan (Acción Zapatista); South Central Farm.


La Otra del Otro Lado en la Asamblea nacional


Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle

Zapatista Army of National Liberation.

Sixth Declaration of the Selva Lacandona

This is our simple word which seeks to touch the hearts of humble and simple people like ourselves, but people who are also, like ourselves, dignified and rebel. This is our simple word for recounting what our path has been and where we are now, in order to explain how we see the world and our country, in order to say what we are thinking of doing and how we are thinking of doing it, and in order to invite other persons to walk with us in something very great which is called Mexico and something greater which is called the world. This is our simple word in order to inform all honest and noble hearts what it is we want in Mexico and the world. This is our simple word, because it is our idea to call o­n those who are like us and to join together with them, everywhere they are living and struggling.

I – What We Are

We are the zapatistas of the EZLN, although we are also called “neo-zapatistas.” Now, we, the zapatistas of the EZLN, rose up in arms in January of 1994 because we saw how widespread had become the evil wrought by the powerful who o­nly humiliated us, stole from us, imprisoned us and killed us, and no o­ne was saying anything or doing anything. That is why we said “Ya Basta!,” that no longer were we going to allow them to make us inferior or to treat us worse than animals. And then we also said we wanted democracy, liberty and justice for all Mexicans although we were concentrated o­n the Indian peoples. Because it so happened that we, the EZLN, were almost all o­nly indigenous from here in Chiapas, but we did not want to struggle just for own good, or just for the good of the indigenous of Chiapas, or just for the good of the Indian peoples of Mexico. We wanted to fight along with everyone who was humble and simple like ourselves and who was in great need and who suffered from exploitation and thievery by the rich and their bad governments here, in our Mexico, and in other countries in the world.

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