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The Mexican government does not respect or protect, or guarantee, at the national level, human rights ratified by the international community.

In Chiapas, during the height of the internal armed conflict, forced disappearance of persons was a common practice in the period 1995 to 2001, the Human Rights Center has documented.

Las abejas de Acteal

Communiqué by Las Abejas de Acteal

We continue denouncing the wrongful actions by the government, which has no interest in respecting the rights of peoples.(Descarga aquí)  

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Comunidad de Cruztón

Denunciation: dispossession against the community of Cruztón, Chiapas, Mexico

(Descarga aquí)  

Read the denunciation blow (in Spanish): (Continuar leyendo…)


World Declaration on political prisoners Bachajón, Government deaf ears.

Although hundreds of groups, organizations and individuals in many parts of the world calling for their freedom, the Government of Chiapas refuses to listen.


The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation released six more involved in the masacre of Acteal

The first court decided yesterday to resume its original jurisdiction and determine the innocence of Juan Santis Vasquez, Lorenzo Gómez Jiménez, Mariano Pérez Jiménez, Agustín Pérez Gómez, José Ruiz Tzucut, and Bartolo Luna López Pérez or Bartolo Pérez, sentenced for the crimes of homicide and aggravated assault.

Radio Zapatista

II International Seminar: Global Crisis and ‘Other’ Social Movements

II International Seminar
(Tanzania, Turkey, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, USA)
12 May 2011 / CIDECI-Unitierra Chiapas

Global Crisis and “Other” Social Movements

In Memoriam:
Don Samuel Ruiz García
Felipe de J. Toussaint Loera

First Part

In Memoriam: Resemblances

Estela Barco / Jorge Santiago / Guillermo Villaseñor(Descarga aquí)  

General Introduction: Gustavo Esteva

Moderator: Oliver Fröhling (México)

Derek Shaw (Canada)(Descarga aquí)  

Sonal Mehta (India) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Sonal Mehta (India) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Horsley (New Zealand) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Peter Horsley (New Zealand) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Alice Brooks Wilson (USA) – Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Second Part

Moderator: Gustavo Esteva (México)

Jennifer Jones (USA) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Jennifer Jones (USA) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Fatma Alloo (Tanzania) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Fatma Alloo (Tanzania) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Sibel Ozbudun (Turkey) – English(Descarga aquí)  

Sibel Ozbudun (Turkey) – Translation to Spanish(Descarga aquí)  

Final words: Gustavo Esteva(Descarga aquí)   (Continuar leyendo…)

The Frayba Report

The Frayba Report: National March for Justice and Against Impunity

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Monthly report by the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center in Chiapas, Mexico.(Descarga aquí)  
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Reporte Frayba

Reporte Frayba: Marcha Nacional por la Justicia y contra la Impunidad

Reporte mensual del Centro de Derechos Humanos Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas, Chiapas. (Descarga aquí)  
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Radio Zapatista

Excerpt from the speech by the EZLN during the March for Justice and against Impunity (ENGLISH)

Excerpt from the speech by the EZLN in the voice of Comandante David: (Descarga aquí)  

Sounds of the march and words by the priest from Chenalhó and by Comandante David: (Descarga aquí)  


Audio denuncia de la Voz del Amate. 12 años de encarcelamiento injusto

Sorry, this entry is only available in Mexican Spanish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Alejandro Díaz Santiz solidario de la Voz del Amate, recluido en el penal 5 de San Cristóbal de Las Casas, denuncia su injusto encarcelamiento y anuncia que éste 11 de mayo cumple 12 años de estar injustamente encarcelado.

Alejandro Diaz Santiz solidarity of the Voice of Amate, held in prison five of San Cristobal de Las Casas, his unjust imprisonment reporting and announced May 11 it is 12 years of being wrongly imprisoned.

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