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Reporte Frayba

Reporte Frayba: San Sebastián Bachajón y la lucha por los recursos naturales

Monthly report by the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center (in Spanish). In this report the Frayba shares with its listeners the worrisome situation of conflict between Tzeltal indigenous peoples from the ejido of San Sebastián Bachajón in the northern zone of the state of Chiapas, Mexico, the underlying economic interests, and the struggle for control of the tourism resort of Agua Azul and natural resources. We listen to a communiqué by the adherents to the Other Campaign from Bachajón.

Frayba, Indymedia Chiapas

(Español) Parte de la plalabra de las mujeres de Chiapas en solidaridad con Bachajón

Noticias de la Otra

Political prisoners in Chiapas – report and testimonies from relatives

On Feb 2, prisoners in solidarity with the organization La Voz del Amate began a hunger strike to demand their freedom. The next day, prisoners in Cereso 5, members and supporters of La Voz del Amate and adherents to the Other Campaign began a fast and prayer for 36 hours, renewed on Feb 9. On Feb 3, 117 adherents to the other campaign from San Sebastián Bachajón were detained; two days later 107 were freed, remaining 10 prisoners of conscience.

In this program we interviewed relatives of political prisoners from Voz del Amate and in solidarity and adherents to the Other Campaign, in addition to interviews to compañeros from Bachajón and from Mitzitón during the road blocks to demand freedom for political prisoners. (More info below.)(Descarga aquí)  

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Ke Huelga

News report by Ke Huelga

Radio Zapatista

Conferencia de prensa del pueblo Ch’ol de Tila, Chiapas

Representatives from Ejido Tila and members of Frayba gave a press conference on 8 Feb 2011 to share the current situtation on the defense of their land and territory. The dispossession of 130 hectares of ejido Tila, by the Chiapas state governor, the Congress of the State, Registro público de la propiedad y del comercio and the municipal government of Tila, will be analyzed by the Mexican Supreme Court. Because of this, the authorities of Tila will have an audience with the Minister Olga María del Carmen Sánchez Cordero on 8 Feb 2011 to argue on the importance of protecting the indigenous Ch’ol territory of Tila.

Communique: (Descarga aquí)  

Words  by a compañero: (Descarga aquí)  

Questions: (Descarga aquí)  

Interview with one of the authorities from Ejido Tila (by Frecuencia Libre 99.1):(Descarga aquí)  

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Part of a testimony of the people detained from San Sebastián Bachajón

(Descarga aquí)  
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Relatos Zapatista

“In Memory” / February Program

Today’s show is a difficult one. This past month—actually, within the course of a single week—Zapatistas, Other Campaign adherents and sympathizers around the world lost two extraordinary compañeros. John Ross, who passed away on January 17, was an author, poet, journalist, and activist who left his home in New York in 1957, following the Beat Trail to Mexico City.  John wrote extensively about the Zapatista struggle and Mexican politics, dividing his time mostly between Mexico City and San Francisco.  John personifies the kind of physical and mental migrations we hope to make in the best of worlds in our own attempts to define and practice a solidarity that goes beyond its conventional, privileged form. It moves beyond the global as something that’s always “over there,” to a way of imagining a politics that actively resists and undoes borders, creating community and encounter in all that we do…

Full intro is available on

Radio Zapatista

ESPECIAL: Homenaje a Don Samuel Ruiz

A special homage to Emeritus Bishop of San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Samuel Ruiz García, who died on January 24, 2011, after more than 50 years as a great defender of the rights of indigenous peoples and the poor in Mexico. A liberation theologist, Tatik Samuel was mediator in the dialogs between the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) and the Mexican government, and was President of the Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas Human Rights Center (Frayba) since its foundation in 1989. In this homage, we bring together autios from his funeral in Chiapas, voices from some of his many admirers, the communique by the EZLN on his death, and interviews with Don Samuel on his work in Chiapas.(Descarga aquí)   (Continuar leyendo…)

Radio Zapatista en La Onda Bajita

La Onda Bajita: January program

  • Special homage to Don Samuel Ruiz García
  • Road block by the community of Mitzitón and agression against the community of Molino de los Arcos
  • Frayba: human rights violations in prisons in Chiapas

Presentation of the collective audio-book Sjalel Kibeltik – Tejiendo Nuestras Raíces

At Cideci, Universidad de la Tierra, en San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, the mutlilingual audio-book Sjalel Kibeltik – Tejiendo Nuestras Raíces was presented. The authors are members of communities, organizations, and collectives, who through their roots and by telling their own collective-individual storeis, open a window to look at the knowledge/doing of the originary Mayan-Chiapan peoples and the work of those who, Mayanized, have walked/learned with them since times past.

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